Lil Durk - Act Like That Lyrics

See people always remember
When you ain't do nothing for them, they forget
Forget the best thing you can do for them, you feel me
So I just tell'em please don't act like act, no

All my niggas we the same
Please don't act like that [3x]
I tell my family I won't change
Please don't act like that [3x]
These niggas ain't gone feel my pain
Please don't act like that [3x]
I told lil momma make'em pay
Please don't act like that [3x]

[Verse 1]
Remember I ain't have no money, remember I was a youngin'
Remember I told my momma that I was out here thuggin'
Just get kicks, you see
My daddy copped whip & I copped plead
And I can do what I want, take you on a shopping spree
Caught my first case, you remember a nigga shot at me
I'm out here night by night, ain't a real nigga in sight
So I picked up me a mic, $200 a night
Night by night, now that 10k got me right
Fuck who did me wrong, it's only right
I put it on my song, free my niggas lost alone
I still got 100 on my phone
I'ma real nigga til we on
See the streets a never break me
But I'm going crazy, I been feeling down lately
Shoutout to the Chi cause that's who raised me

All my niggas we the same
Please don't act like that [3x]
I tell my family I won't change
Please don't act like that [3x]
These niggas ain't gone feel my pain
Please don't act like that [3x]
I told lil momma make'em pay
Please don't act like that [3x]

[Verse 2]
I was robbing Jordan's, I was a juvenile so I ain't care
See life wasn't important, I lost a couple niggas this year
Auntie got cancer, granny gotta bad back
But she carry the family, like [?] don't know how to act
Niggas claimin' we guys, nigga we ain't no guys
Niggas leave you hanging, niggas snitch for lesser time
Flexin' on'em, exercise
Four chickens, extra fries
Got the trap spot turning up, tryna flip some extra cash
But my homie in a place, word got back
Ion't know if it's true but I'm on his ass
I live that life, my life is a blast
I keep my gun so I blow the pack
Future rappers, I'm the future
Please don't test me, I'll shoot ya
Yo life a blooper
Shoutout to the real, I salute ya

All my niggas we the same
Please don't act like that [3x]
I tell my family I won't change
Please don't act like that [3x]
These niggas ain't gone feel my pain
Please don't act like that [3x]
I told lil momma make'em pay
Please don't act like that [3x]

Please don't act like that [12x]

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