Lil Durk - 227k Lyrics

300 bulldogs, you know we run in packs
Don't need to ask for niggas, they tell us where they at
No hidin' and seek, sedentary where you at
Even the blind can lead y'all where we at
Why y'all sneak dissin' and hatin' on the guys
Nigga you bitch made, a pussy in disguise
You read the resume, you mustn't remind
The shit you do, your own guys say you're lyin'
Chillin' on 64th, don't smoke so I lean
Choppers and handguns, got dope for the fiends
I don't need everybody to tell me what I need
Fuck yo' guys, pussy, Lamron we the team
Word got back that y'all only wanna diss
Half of the niggas you roll with don't want this
I'm a hitta by myself, you can ask the bricks
2-4-14 the niggas I roll with

I'm not a hitta
Somebody lied, I got two 40s for them niggas
I got two 40s for them niggas
I got two 40s for them niggas
I am a monster like it's October 31st
Roll up with the 9 and hit the niggas where it hurt
If I die today, remember me like King Davie
Buried Lil Moe, and this to tell him that we made it, hah

Lil Durk, nigga
DD wanna get him
I tell bro just wait and that I'mma hit him
He think he king cause he got a couple pawns with him
He think he hot cause he keep a couple frauds with him
I think he need God with him
The Lam on him so I think he got some gods with him
Okay, okay, we drinkin' Rozay
Bullet holes and IVs with this gunplay
2011, everybody think they killas now
I call Murda, all them hittas down in D-town
Some boonie moe got locked up, he think he chief now
Until I call a couple drillas from the East Side, L's

I'm not a hitta
Somebody lied, I got two 40s for them niggas
I got two 40s for them niggas
I got two 40s for them niggas
I am a monster like it's October 31st
Roll up with the 9 and hit the niggas where it hurt
If I die today, remember me like King Davie
Buried Lil Moe, and this to tell him that we made it, hah

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Lil Durk 227k Comments
  1. Dread head cap g

    2k20 anyone i been listening

  2. Novall ™


  3. Dread head cap g

    Lamron 300 back wen oblock was wic city

  4. random guy

    only real lil durk fans know this

  5. go oo

    This started drill

  6. Sean MacGuire

    1:45 and 1:52 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Dread head cap g


  8. Specs Jigglypuff

    2019 💯

  9. Ninos Khouchaba

    04/20/2019 8 years later been here since 2011. You evolved way the f up..

  10. Mohamed Doumbouya-Camara

    Bring this durk back

  11. Jordy Morningstar

    Ayyyyyyyyyyy RIP Nuski #durkoverall

  12. pablo pessoa

    original Song : lil Wayne feat Rick ross : john

    Revo Plays

    What the song of intro? Please

  13. Odog

    dissin the dome ain't smart

  14. leo datur

    damn this was so long ago

    Kobe Bryant

    leo datur life go by fast boi

    Charger SPS

    @Kobe Bryant true that

  15. daniel la zombra

    Shit go hard

  16. Seb Anderson

    Who bumpin dis 2K18🔥🔥🔥

    Young Tru

    Seb Anderson 2K19 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Jamarcus Oveal

    "Even the blind can lead y'all where we at" 😎

  18. Jean-michel Sillier

    him still a savage😈💯💯💯💯

  19. Dinero Harry

    who still listening in 2017😤😤😤💯💯💯🔥🔥

  20. TNB LKD

    this nigga look like tay600 here

  21. TNB LKD

    this nigga look like tay600 here

  22. Elizabeth Lueloff

    Fuck u jojogang

  23. YC2

    look just like nuski

  24. A6E A6E

    what's the song at the start?

    Revo Plays

    bossin shid - edai

  25. BigFL0w345

    back when durk used to copy weezy so bad 😂😂


    Influenced? yes, copy? no. Dont confuse the two

  26. BigFL0w345

    what song its called in the beginning

    Claark Kent

    BigFL0w345 edai bossin shid

  27. Rassoul Diallo

    whats the song in the beginning

  28. Otto Savage

    He used to be Weezy so bad goddamn

  29. fearofsaturn

    Thugger and Durk wanted to be Wayne so bad back in the day. Lmao

    Kwe T.V


  30. William Isaacs

    lil durk is the best raper free rondo RIP LA CAPONE

    xo boom

    +William Isaacs rondo gettin out in a month

    edit: lol nvm he got fucked he's done. he was shit rapper anyway and a bitch.

    Members Only

    +Nicholas Sosa he won't

    Members Only

    @William Isaacs rondo#9 got setenced for 45 years

  31. Woodlin Casseus

    227k views now


    +Woody “wcasseus98” Casseus gang

  32. Rick Jones

    what's the song at the beginning/intro of the video?

    Lord Clutch

    Rick Jones no worries

  33. breanna hufford

    Damn durk use alot of auto tune, shit man. But he still good

  34. r Don

    300 bulldogs you know we run in packs

  35. Valid LikeSalad

    Damn Durk was a young bull in this shit

  36. Ike Royal

    danm durk used to suck...


    Till he found auto tune

    p o

    @Ike Royal have to listen to the track in the context of the whole mixtape. this is classic.


    I actually prefer this durk then the autotune durk Sometimes he sounds like a rnb Singer...

  37. Dinero Aron

    damn he was skinny as'f bak then

    Rod W.

    He's still skinny...

    Famous Quan

    Lean gave him a lil weight

  38. kf firzperson

    1:45-1:52 hardest part.

    TriState iNfluenza

    Verse was taken from lil Wayne song ft Rick Ross "John" aka if I die today...but slightly manipulated 👌
    Still I rock with it how its incorporated

  39. Steve Drive

    song at the start?


    up this 40 watch him breath like he got ashma 

  40. C smooth da beast

    son was beastin back then

  41. RasTafari


  42. Odb gates

    Yall heard about Ty2?? Go Search "Ty2 Love Dont Live Here"...everybody been talking about the youngin this year....

  43. TheRascal5678

    swear he said young money at the start? aint they his opps

    Cornelius L

    +Glo Gang Guap I'm not sure, not I'm sure

    R. Berhane

    there is ym051 which are mickey cobras and GDs aka lil marc zeko fathead etc. and theres tymb which are BDs aka obama moneyman cortez and ty


    he said young money because when he did this young money lil wayne and them was da best group at da time

    R. Berhane

    @Chris Valentine shut up nigga

  44. E Money

    this was when durk was a savage

    Almighty FBG

    he still isz. they looking for revenge! with Rondo.

    R.I.P LA Capone. life of a savage

    Steez Been Trapping

    @Almighty FBG you goofy talking bout rip la but yo name almighty FBG and got a pic of that bitch lil jojo know damn well they both was opps too la fuck outta here 

    Robert Pirrone

    Famous Steez it's not that serious I like lil jay and fuck with LA music like this the reason y this gang shit still happen cause yall bring this jawn up like leave that shit to the side and listen to they music for once 💯💯

    Langston Browne

    i admit i'm not from chicago or any of that gang life and i'm still young but i still hate all insanes and MCs

  45. PaidBoii Bwalk

    BBG Is Whr King Samson From Thats 227 !

  46. Mike Jaydean

    should of been called 69k

  47. _Jaydee_

    the numbers come out to BBG? are yall fucking retarted

  48. Mike Falvey

    i did and i have a picture of me on their block me and my boy and were white no1 was out they fake AF if u need pic ill gladly link to you shitboy gbe blows durk has skill unto he used auto tune.... killa kellz king samson up next

  49. Akim Smith

    What's the name of the song that comes on in the beginning?

  50. Shade

    Whats the song at the start?

  51. Josh Chamberlain

    whats the song at the end

  52. Charles N

    what dem numbers mean ? no jake shit

  53. hustleman4209

    He in AUR CITY... Maple Terrace building... 630 shit L'ss

  54. droburna219

    2-4-11 fuck lameron bdk

  55. yung check

    its street *normal spelled backwards

  56. Vitringur

    What's that clip in the end?

  57. Known Unknown

    Bruh look like Meek Mill a lil bit

  58. SxHxOxRxT

    Hahaha Kgd ѫ deuce deuce

  59. Scorpz071

    So where did GD Come from? like after they dropped the B in BDGN? Then after BGDN They kept GD I see

  60. Scorpz071


  61. lovedoh4life

    that'll get you damaged kid.

  62. Smile Aseven

    he's So...shit...fuck GBE #BDK NIGGA FUCK ALL U GOOY ASS NIGGAZ


    Smile Aseven GDK FYM


    Smile Aseven GDK FYM

  63. Young Montana

    wats the song at the end

  64. Jacobe Ross

    remember king david

  65. OBEASTful

    anyone know the name of the song that plays during the first 4sec of the vid? that shit sound like it go hard

  66. marc111335

    normal spelled backwards
    normal ave. is a street

  67. F L O RI DA gray

    whos lamron

  68. King Universal922

    They were both allias number one and actually,BPS ofered Hoover to click up with them but hoover recoginized his rank and power wouldn't be equal and he'd be lower then what he already was the King David offered the tht he click up with him and they both have the same title as Kings it don't matter who the messanger or what the meesage is but the meesage is All I s One but all is not well and anyone under the FOLK NATION believed the same thing

  69. Arnold Fitzgerald

    True It Was Called BGDN...But Hoover Was Never The Leader Of 2-4...Disciple Came From King David...Black Disciple Was And Always Will Be BLACK DISCIPLE...Which Was Ran And Organized By KING DAVID...Hoover Was The King Of SUPREME GANGSTERS...NOT OF THE DISCIPLES...UNTIL B.D And S.G Got Connected That's When Hoover Was Started Calling Shots FOR THE DISCIPLES Along With KING DAVID...But Hoover Was NEVER The Leader Of BLACK DISCIPLE NATION...On 2-4-14...Fraud Niggahs Need Ta Learn History About B.D

  70. chris martin

    Heat Squad Bitch Foster Park Crazy

  71. TezoG DaMacc

    you a fuckin cluck ass nigga bitch.!!

  72. ricky rodriguez


  73. King Universal922

    Lol it was once called BGDN which they were together,had the same leaders,when KING DAVID died Hoover took over both,well tried but KING SHORTY created a separate BD,but the Whole point is they all claim f.o.l.k and they forgot the meanin

  74. Jeremy Schopp

    shit theres blu fin BDs dat roll wit da 5

  75. King Universal922

    Yo he was GD'S leader just Like Hoover is BD's leader too,Get tht shit correct my nigga,ON KING DAVID&KING LARRY

  76. mc Wnde


  77. P Mula

    On Queen David dis shyt weak lmao

  78. Buffy Combs

    What is the song at the very beginning???

  79. WolfPack Lawson

    Whats the song @ the end with gucci?

  80. Lykesha Tye


  81. SawneekGaming

    all he does is wave his arms

  82. chris r

    BDK SDK GDK LKK Finball KKRazie

  83. Gregory patterson

    this shit go hard my nigga - O.T.F.

  84. Kush Marley


  85. Harlem Jvmvicvn

    it b better wit his lamron=normal voice

  86. parisA amor

    He look sooo much bettah wid.f his dreads off...

  87. 905

    john lil wayne, rick ross

  88. Jay Savage

    Both going hard!

  89. Drillaboy31RACK$

    lil wayne ft rick ross

  90. JetLag Muzic

    what song is that in the begining

  91. SSVisualz

    durk been out for sum months now.

  92. Buffy Combs

    whats that first song called

  93. goodoak keyzinyocity

    who go harder reese or durk?

  94. Tru Boy Q Beatz

    free lil durk bihhh
    showin love da FLA florida truss

  95. Harlem Jvmvicvn

    Hater stfu #Bang u fuck niggas