Lil Donald - Fuck Panda (Desiigner Diss) Lyrics

This nigga is trippin'
Lil Donald
This is not a diss (uh huh)
This is for the culture, it's personal (uh huh)
The guy ain't never been in Atlanta in his motherfuckin' life
Talkin' bout he got broads down here
How you do that shit?
Git, git git, haha...
It's time somebody address this shit

You can't come to Atlanta (no)
We got guns in Atlanta
And we drink lean in our fantas
And we be killin' the pandas
But why you keep fucking with Future?
You know you not fucking with Future
Man Kanye come get this lil nigga (come get it)
He gonna make me fuck up his future
They told me don't say nothin'
I load it up with a full clip
I be throwin' up on stage too
Every time they play your bullshit
[?] who was in the choir
I'm the preacher in the pulpit
Heard you ain't paid your tithes yet
I'm revoking all your memberships
Wanna know who I am nigga?
I'm the nigga with the juice on
That your whole city been on
Name the subject, I'ma get on
From the jungle just like Tarzan
Rolling blunts of that Peter Pan
If I miss you with this uppercut
Then this left hook gon' land
You can hit me on my cellphone
Blink twice and the bail gone
I be selling turtleback too
One jacket to the shell homes
Well you look just like a snitch
Homie who you finna tell on?
My bad bro I'm trippin'
And your bitch who I fell on
(Fell on your bitch)
Lil Donald

Donald, Donald
Donald, Donald, Donald
Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald

I just want me a Kardashian
Kylie Jenner, that's my type
Ay, Knock Off, or I meant Desiigner
I been tryna get your name right
I'm the number one nominee
I'm a stinger like a bumble bee
Smoke a lot of marijuana tree
He ain't nothin' but a wannabe

Man fuck that man
I ain't gonna say nothin' else
Fuckin' stealin' ass nigga
Unoriginal ass nigga
Lil Donald
Donald, not Panda, Donald

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Lil Donald Fuck Panda (Desiigner Diss) Comments
  1. Handsome Gunner

    Less than a minute and a half of actual an actual song and it was still too long.

  2. King Fredo

    This shit garbage

  3. Natalie

    Hell yeah! Siiiiick!!!

  4. Dorrian Glenn

    People be hate in like y'all heaters man

  5. Xavier Pagan

    Thats gay lol

  6. Owlsley Busta

    so much better than desiigners mumble shit

  7. ATO


    Faruk Can

    hey hey hey

  8. Holland Stephens

    Not complaining, but why exactly are you dissing Desiinger?

  9. 박재민

    This beat is easy to make go to FL studio randomly put in claps randomly place piano notes and use and change the sound and boom this song also add in kicks

  10. The night walker

    This song is dumb

    King Murese

    The night walker I'm saying. Lil dolph sucks and a can't rap he need to get real

  11. Mentality

    Donald Trump ass bitch

  12. goku and vegeta ssgss

    no panda you monster

  13. Bandzzz 03

    fuck this bull shit desiigner would kill this hoe bruh no doubt like fr

  14. Noah Winston

    but he just said this is not a diss this is for the country

    King Murese

    Noah Winston I know. That's an idiot right there. He's dissing Desiigner and he said it was no dissing in the first beginning

  15. Yasmine Matthews

    John 4th of new York and the

  16. Percius Westbrooks

    I like dessigner o like this guy too

  17. The Dude Aboud

    Says "I ain't gonna say nuthin else"
    then says "Fuckin stealing ass nigga, unoriginal ass nigga
    lil donald
    not panda donald"
    I guess he doesn't understand himself. Will he go and diss himself for being stupid?

  18. benjamin martinez

    man fuck this shit wack asf nigga your mad or naw 😡😡

  19. Wig vader

    I've been enjoying future longer but still *fuck yoooouu!* these future comparisons are just bullshit. Just cause future uses auto tune don't mean Desiigner copied him! Half of the rap industry and the Entire fucking Pop industry all use Autotune. Plus Desiigner Actually sounds like that in person!!!!

    King Murese

    drew vader preach. You should get a lot of likes for this

  20. Deez Firearms

    wish i could dislike this shit 1000 times smh fuckin hater


    Deez Firearms Oh yes, god forbid he has a goddamn opinion. Let people hate on shit.

  21. Travis Evans

    he ripped this

  22. will holsey

    most of this doesn't rhyme, but it still sounds better than desiigner

    Micro USB

    will holsey no

    will holsey

    @numb digga 😁😁😁 I know, they both suck

  23. Mondojuice13

    wack ass shit fuck lil bitch Donald duck

  24. Adolfo Sanchez

    future is always the best

  25. Gustavo Adame

    The second nigga tried to sound like sauce walker smh talking bout stealing flavor

  26. state2state 3way

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥killed dat man

  27. Santana A

    fuck yessss !!!!! real shit

    Redskines Boy

    Santana A FR

  28. A Walking Bucket

    Lmao he tryna diss desiigner for clout cuz he ain't been popping since "juice" in 2014 😂😂😂😂😂

    Good Fuckin Morning Goddammit

    A Walking Bucket he never been popping fuck u mean

    Emanuel Peters

    A Walking Bucket lol

    Emanuel Peters

    Good Fuckin Morning Goddammit i seen the first one then i seen your s 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯😂😂😂😂😂😂😎

  29. Gaming Homies100

    fuck this song n all ur hating desiiners nigga

  30. Yana Deloach

    diss skooly bitch


    Read the description it's funny as hell😂😂😂😂😂


    lil who??? this nigga not even known and he throwing shots

    Sergio Jacquez

    Well I can agree this is shitty but that is a good way to rise up

    A Walking Bucket

    The dude who made juice 😂 a long time ago

  33. Bubblegum ASMR

    Lmao hater. That's desiigner's real voice he can't help it. How is he copying future. At least desiigner doesn't use auto tune (--.--) Zzz

  34. yaboyjayy 27

    this is trash

  35. My Name is Earl

    dissing a dude over his beat is probably the best way to dissem

    Kenji B

    Ice cube started this trend

    My Name is Earl

    Kenji B Yup

  36. Rafael Pimentel

    fuck desiigner

    King Murese

    Rafael Pimentel Fuck Future and you. Keep playing and I'll mess up your Future.

  37. GxthBxii666

    Ass 😂😂😂🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  38. Aquazia Kennedy

    designer make things happy and future is a soft singer

  39. Aquazia Kennedy

    fuck donald


    This nigga voice wack af I'm dead serious

    Bebe Xoon

    KING SLEY I didn't knoe rap was about the sound of the voice 💀😂😅


    Bebe Xoon Well nowadays it's about the beat and not about the lyrics, that's how retards like Desiigner can get famous.

  41. Kiera Smith

    it's funny because he is dissing panda and desiigner but still using the beat



  43. Atlas

    who the fuck is lil Donald never herd of him never herd anyone talking about him?

  44. TankBusta

    This ain't even real

  45. Mr Alien

    Fuck future sound like every other nigga.🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  46. EMPgrenade1

    t pain killed both of them in his panda remix

  47. Muhammad N. Youssef

    Why are you dissing Panda? Which is the beat. Don't use it then.

    Dylan Mccarty

    Desiigner made the song for the White X6 with Black tint Windows, looking like a panda. I'm sure you know that tho.

    Kyle Heim

    +Dylan Mccarty. hahaha

    Dylan Mccarty

    +Kyle Heim Ive learned alot more about the song now. Lol.

    Bobby Queso

    its called disrespect

  48. Gregory Seals

    Hating ass nigga wack...

  49. iEnvy ReZ

    This is a diss from an unknown nigga

  50. CashMEER 8TYS

    future actually makes his voice sound like that tho desiigner legit talks like that lol how he stealing???

    CashMEER 8TYS

    Man i jus listened to astronaut status lol future changed tf out his voice yo desiigner is more authentic because he literally talks like that

    Wig vader

    One time one time when Desiigner EVEN *mentioned* the label Metro Boomin 1 song and I'll give you a like on a vid

    King Murese

    CashMEER 8eez have u heard Future real voice. Lol. Future sounds nothing like he do in his songs

    Holland Stephens

    CashMEER 8eez No he doesn't, watch his fucking interview or the newer song he's on, you can actually understand him he sounds completely different.

  51. Joshua Williams

    Wat that made no sense I just want me s kardasian where that come from

  52. zamari crowder

    ayye this dope

  53. AMC.walkingdead

    says desiigner copies futures style, is dissing desiigners style..

  54. BIH Blue Dragon

    future is not on this track

  55. MookDawg 901

    😲This bs kill yo self

  56. Dat Youngling

    Future aint in this its only little donald

  57. TrapAlbums

    this is major ass

  58. AtlYoungin


  59. Daniel thelion

    why this say future?

    Sossa Otto

    To get views

  60. Ricozy

    this is trash

  61. King Bravo

    pppffffffffffff this wacky ass track lmao !!!!

  62. Rob suddens

    how he jacking future style??? the young cat was born with that voice. smfh!
    i think they both dope.
    niggaz is hating cuz the young blood had a # 1 smash hit! n was killing it for months!
    future grown ass hating on a 19 year old.
    this diss track was wack as fuck.
    butt hurt ass niggaz! is all.


    the "young blood" only had a smash hit because this generation is fucked up and doesn't know what music is. Music isn't dog shit covered up with a blank(the blanket being autotune). Music is suppose to be relatable and have emotion in it or atleast evoke emotion, so fuck you and all your fucking idiots

    Bebe Xoon

    A. Winston not what I heard if I'm right I think white people came out with the term first so please don't go there

    al yx

    call me whatever, its not like i care. you bitches are too emotionally weak to handle anything, so go buy some extra fluffy pillows and fuck off :)

    al yx

    suck dick hater :P


    Rob suddens No, they care that the #1 hit was fucking trash. Beat was decent and that was all, I and most others, are fucking tired of wack ass rappers getting big.

  63. Maame Posh

    Shoulda came out earlier lmao LIT 🔥🔥🔥

  64. Tavoris Gates

    that's what I'm talking bout call out these swagger jackers ...slash 'em lol....

  65. Markell Kitson

    Man said unoriginal arse nigga but yet he's using the panda beat 🤔

  66. Jose Gutierrez

    Fuck this piece of shit version, desiigner is the shit.

  67. Antonio garcia

    why future in this shit for fuck lil Donald

  68. The Plug

    a bit late for this diss...

  69. WhyAreYouLackin

    this shit sounds dumb

  70. Freezer


  71. jordan lee

    FUCK designer. hes a copycat bitch. futures the shit!!!

    Joe Holden

    future is trash. No flows or solid lyrical content. You probably a kid so I'll forgive you

    Jr Silimon

    Lean face future just got leaned

  72. Kake Lowey

    Mann he only 19 that man worked hard he spend a year on that song man y'all tripping y'all mad bexc his song better nd future juhh becc he sound like yhu, yhu don't have to diss him, ....He probably inspired by u nd u dissn him tf show desiigner some MF Love....: I respect desiigner

    King Murese

    Kake Lowey what I'm saying. This is Desiigner's real voice. Why can't these people respect that


    Kake Lowey Someome who can't speak any language doesnt deserve to be called a musician

  73. Trapstar dex

    famous dex diss on youtube taking his drip by pistolguwop 💯 @ 40 k

  74. MozZ ManN JB 2 Kanal

    F**k Mann Panda Is Good

  75. Theo Charles

    C 😝😝

  76. Playboy G

    desiigner just took a L

    Darrius Footes

    hell yeah tell him to stop using auto-tone

    Playboy G

    It don't matter nigga it's a diss and he has responded lol I think it's trash to but don't matter your favorite rapper took an L

    Good Fuckin Morning Goddammit

    Hanging Rope he took an L admit it kid