Lil Debbie - Today Lyrics

Get it good, get it, got it good, get it
Get it good, get it, got it good

Today, I made my money in a new way
I blew a hunnid K on Tuesday
Don't give a fuck about what'chu say
Fuck what'chu say
Today, none of these new bitches amuse me
You bitches played out like a two-way
I live my life just like a movie

Throw-throw-throw beats, we smash on it
We go hard like "Oh, Lord"
Throw-throw beats, we smash on it
We go hard like "Oh, Lord"
I means my doe, bitch, I means my doe
Bitch, I means my doe, I don't give a fuck about...

I don't give a fuck if my check's alright
Frames all black, flow off-white
Crack motherfucker, yeah, my shit so fly
Only gettin' started, it's gon' be a long night
Flexin', flexin', flexin' cash on it
Throw beats, we smash on it
We go hard like "Oh, Lord"
That high life lived fast on
Bitches stayin' high like my base down low
Grow my fuckin' money, bitch, I means my doe

Throw-throw-throw beats, we smash on it
We go hard like "Oh, Lord"
Throw-throw beats, we smash on it
We go hard like "Oh, Lord"
I means my doe, bitch, I means my doe
Bitch, I means my doe, my doe, doe
I don't give a fuck

Get it, get it, get it good, get it
Get it, get it, get it good, get it
Get it, get it, get it good, get it
Get it, get it, get it good, get it

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Lil Debbie Today Comments
  1. Arfan Kurnianto

    Still better to listen for now

  2. rosethorne McKinley

    I need my dough I dont give a fuck you. But ny family

  3. rosethorne McKinley

    Like moveeeeiieeee

  4. Zosia Bryll

    i cant believe this mixtape came out two years ago wtf

  5. Damion Seifert

    Get em Deb!

  6. Dannic Alcott

    Cesqeaux - Back Up [Prototype]

  7. Daz Capone

    Fucking trash

  8. L A Z E R D I P

    speed 1.25 is better xD

    george_pts97 '

    LazerdipOfficial 808 lol yes

  9. Kashimoto Watanabe

    Turn speed to 1.5... Thank me later

  10. Ty Ming

    brown eyes today blue eyes tomorrow

  11. priceandpride

    lil debbie is killing it

  12. Moenage

    I don´t give a fuck about Joep!

    wie is joep?? ;)

  13. VeryCreepy

    my vagenis is moist

  14. Jeff Schmidt

    1:28 gets me hype

  15. Mae Lee

    I love Debbie she kills it every time

  16. amutinyinheaven

    whats wrong with her hairline she looks like she's balding

    Ashley Rae Davis

    amutinyinheaven it's that european hair line girl

  17. Jeff Schmidt

    finally found this song.

  18. SummativeWritting

    Lil debie is like the adult cash me outside

  19. Pillsinmyshoes

    Remember when she was actually good

  20. Andrea Cruz

    I remember this from Yellow Claw's Mixtape 11.n

    justin magana

    Your listening to the barong family 😂

  21. Jordan William

    FUCK YESSSS 💥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Dewdrop Sweetthisle

    My favourite Song in this album! ✨

  23. Kim Davenport

    drove you crazy

  24. Styvnz Ou

    she'S a dragon

  25. MegaBass


  26. Serena King

    cant sell your music without sex...garbage...

  27. Serena King


  28. Ever romero

    lil debie look like the moom of matilda XD

  29. Naughty G

    lil debbie spits 🔥

  30. Kmberly Cardona

    this shit is 🔥🔥🔥

  31. riojas21

    already by the time? cmonnnnnnn

  32. mschazychick

    This song is my shit!

  33. Ayveh

    <3 That drop!
    Goes hard!!

  34. Tay Tay

    damn this shit banggggssss

  35. Poetry Numbers

    Yes bish!! Take dat money and ride these new beats! Go hard Go hard!

  36. Diego Martins de Abreu

    good Job Lil Debbie in new Style 👌😎

  37. ASMR Gratitude

    so I wonder if she is going to be performing the songs her current tour. I have tickets to her show in Detroit!

  38. Naufal Alias

    Why does it sounds a little bit like Colossal?

  39. L U N A T i C

    I don't give a fuck about ________

  40. Serotonin Storm


  41. Virtual Chicken

    now we just need city on lockdown

  42. Yung xrist

    Huppa, weer een lekkere EP🔥

  43. Gaizka Rey

    Dark af

  44. Mikel Bresko

    Voice sounds exactly like Bitch I'm on Fire by Yellow Claw

    Samuel Salgado

    And who sing on Bitch Im on Fire (thats not the oficial title) ??


    You mean City on Lockdown? Yeah, it's because Lil Debbie is featured on that track too you fucking coconut

    GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

    I think you mean city on lockdown


    JeffIsAPrettyCoolGuy lolll coconut!!! You fucking coconut

  45. Noah van der Kamp

    LIL DEBBIE gangbanged the barong family!

    Gilson Vladmir

    Barong Family is the whore of Lil


    That's her business. If she is chill with it, let it be.

  46. Shandi Tegar F


  47. AudioTrackerz

    i dnt giv f*ck abut to to to to


    DJ Yog you you you*

    Ashley Grubbs

    DutchFatBoys chu chu chu*

    hie huniie i-

    about juju juju

  48. Gede Doni Agustina


  49. Gede Doni Agustina


  50. Mohnish Bangera

    cesqeaux 🔥🔥🔥

  51. H3ROES


  52. Diego Aponte

    Damn. Fire. Fuck.

  53. Christian Rubén

    Yelloc Claw Mixtape 11

  54. Detune Official


  55. cecozxc

    omg!!!!! Dope🔥🔥🔥

  56. Max Music Official

    O_o Wow! 🔥🔥

  57. Swet Bhanushali

    Cesqeaux = Instant like

    Siddhant Sharma

    Verte Breaker well you're right but (maybe) the song might sound better if HeroBust produced it.. #vertebreaker

    Ashwin Raghunath

    hahahha! *grabs a popcorn*

    Siddhant Sharma

    Ashwin Raghunath 😂 dayum son!

    Siddhant Sharma

    Verte Breaker still. cesqueax is the GOD. Go check out #EAUXMYGOD 1 to 3 and 4 is 🔥🔥


    Pretty much!!

  58. jaya jeffry


  59. marti parera sardà

    I don't give a fuck about you...

  60. marti parera sardà


  61. Zain Khan


  62. XaVo SkY DarK 312


  63. José Guillermo Rios Valverde


  64. Lifferth

    Fuckinggg Cesqeaux <3

  65. Noax

    im a simple man, i see cesqeaux, i like


    Same <3

  66. Vernon Tauro

    yes I'm early

  67. EddyUniverse

    notification squad y'all 😉