Lil Debbie - Summer Lyrics

Ten toes down, head is in the sky though
Name another bitch going hard as I go
I been on my job, ain't no suit and tie though
Blow a million in a day, before I fucking die hoe
Go bigger, pouring up the liquor
Toast up to the dreams, that we done seen
And going bigger, go figure
Stone cold killer, only OG in my swisher
In my city I'm a pillar, pillar, pillar

Mind in a daze, feel the fade, it's a ganja
Bitches throwing shade, that can wait for the summer
I'ma misbehave, 'till I'm paid, see the honker
I've been on a wave, on a wave, cowabunga

Name a bitch that's tighter, name a pool that's colder
Ass getting fatter, pocket's getting swoler
Just another way to say I'm going bigger
Vision getting clearer, still ain't never sold
But still a stoner!
All my flows be popping, all my shit is harder
Circle for the winners, all my hoes be proper
Started with a vision turned it to a dollar
Tried to shut us down but now we got the power
Blunt in my left hand, Henny on the other side
Shaking what she gave me, yeah I got it from my mother side
Now we moving, city on my back, they screaming let me ride
Haters used to bet they bottom dollar, holla, let me slide
Fuck that!
Bitches run they mouth, but we can't hear 'em out
Death to all you bitches who ain't with us, how I feel about
Anyone who doubt us, go without us, see we necessary
Bitches ordinary, and we nothing short of legendary
I been in the kitchen, whipping shit to get your head blown
I been in the trenches, thirty inches in the red zone
Touchdown, touchdown
Pass another swisher, I could bust down
Looking for the winners, look at us now
Real Shit!

Mind in a daze, feel the fade, it's a ganja
Bitches throwing shade, that can wait for the summer
I'ma misbehave, 'till I'm paid, see the honker
I've been on a wave, on a wave, cowabunga

They either love me, or they hate me for it
Hope there ain't a issue cause you know we for it
Bitch I never been a sucker how you paint me for it
Same business only difference is they pay me for it
Swaggin' only taking wins, I think you best be in
All we talk about is balling like ESPN
I could probably start a riot, full of fly shit
I'm the motherfucking pilot
Now my diets vegetarian
More green, bitch we eating, give me more green
Blow green, double cup, fill that slow lean
Different city, still winning like the home team
Nothing changed, still shitting on your whole team
And I ain't even wanna have to do 'em like that
I react, bitches hating when you moving like that
I just found too many ways to say I'm running that shit
Hands up, like I brought a fucking gun in this bitch
Now you see me though

Mind in a daze, feel the fade, it's a ganja
Bitches throwing shade, that can wait for the summer
I'ma misbehave, 'till I'm paid, see the honker
I've been on a wave, on a wave, cowabunga

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Lil Debbie Summer Comments
  1. Jason Monto

    Her net worth is 200k.. it's laughable. She will be a broke down stripper soon.

  2. Jason Monto

    She will die broke. She will be selling her gross pussy soon.

    Alberto Acosta

    So much hate lol

    Langi Beats

    You ok buddy?

  3. Violence of Action

    Lil Debbie = BONER

  4. perfectally cromulent

    i feel like Lil Debbie really lives every week like it's Shark Week

  5. Kdubsbub

    I love this song so much!!! It's so inspirational, thank you for creating this song!!! 🔥🔥❤️❤️🤟

  6. Tudor Miller

    Lil Debbie. Pure hotness.

  7. Arm Collector

    not ONLY does this SONG & VIDEO remind me of the movie called " SPRINGBREAKERS " love that movie ...... SOOOO GOOD!! also this girl gives me such IGGY AZALYEA ( SORRY IF I SPELLED WRONG ) & a little NIKKI MINAJ, she is heavily influenced by them or at least one of them BIGTIME, I love to see the women out here making a statement for us girls and showing that we can be the rapper and the girl shaking that ass in her own video LMFAO... #girlpower PPL READING THIS GOD BLESS U & MUCH SUCCESS & U WILL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

  8. megbro

    This video be giving me hella fomo 😫


    Muah xoxoxoxi

  10. Scott Waldron

    Lil Debbie and crew rock...

  11. Paris Y8xU7

    Debbie you are mij Angel and out of RESPECT Created a Dutch version of You in your own DNA of love for the 420.....Would like 2 let u Know i Greated you a bag of CAnnaBis seeds white your fame of Female shinne the name lIL Debbie OG1 .
    If you accept your own smel love to smoke the message that i combined. Is Worddomination garrandeed in your LIL Debbie OG1 that i am Proud to send you a picture of hou the DNA of your OwN strain was bild up an you growd out of the dutch soil the roots of OG proofs its yours. Jezus_OG wickr and see the beaty of this Tree 🌟🦋

  12. king justice

    She actually has a butt ♥️

  13. KA OS

    Love lil debbie

  14. Brendan Devlin

    Fucking terrible

    KA OS

    ur momz terrible lulz

    King B Digital

    lame straight guy who probably gets the ugliest bitches. Lil Debbie killed it, you sexist hater.

  15. ClearlyCaribbeanReb

    Lil Bangbros lol

  16. Highly Incredible Edibles

    Keep it rockin L. D.

  17. Johnny G Ride

    Lil Broad can rap alright but she needs to quit acting like shes a thug ,we all know she cant stab her way out of a paper bag !!!


    Johnny G Ride truth, she'd get beat the fuck down real quick lol

  18. all the messiahs

    dam why level lo

  19. VenomKpp

    Guarantee you none of those girls know how to swim.

  20. Scott Waldron

    Lil Debbie hot 🔥

  21. David P


  22. cecil kozuh

    Debbie might have absolutely zero tits , but she could still get it dgaf 😂

  23. all the messiahs

    i reallid that y said that bro

    cecil kozuh

    all the messiahs you good ?

  24. all the messiahs

    ratchet is passed out,i got a honda

  25. all the messiahs

    i best be,i got it

  26. all the messiahs

    all mi dial tone,go figure

  27. Green desires

    Aww she got itty bitty breast implants

  28. all the messiahs

    its spring break ,tis the only the start

  29. all the messiahs

    im watching her totally white

  30. El Eze




    Arm Collector

    TOM PIPPS u saying u from BATON ROUGE?

  32. Joshua XOXO


  33. Fire Thief

    Looks like they had fun. Love the animals in this 🦄

  34. m z

    this tune is FIRE

  35. Kyrah Sky

    It is crazy how people in the comments are talking shit behind a screen instead of being inspired to go travel and see the world's beauty lol little nasty comments isn't gonna stop her from rapping and living her best life staying mad is just taking an L if you don't like it watch something else it is that simple

    The XXI

    She has always shown a lot of efforts in what she did, and improvement over the years. The hate should definitely be ignored, little white girl rapping about empowering her shit and doing what she wants, it's bound to make some people bark.

    More Llif3

    Why can't people want to see the world and be inspired but still call this trash?? If you need lil Debbie to inspire you to see the world then you're fucking lost

    Arm Collector

    Kyrah Sky that's EXACTLY my thoughts, also don't know why but she sounds heavily influenced by " IGGY AZALEA " ( if spelled wrong I SORRY ) also I hate ppl that got to hate on ppl that are making moves & doing their thing ya know, most of all u right why ppl got to write some messed up COMMENTS, I feel like u don't like the girl or her raps or whatever why don't they just move the FUCK on, and to me that's why I HATE c the comment section most of time bc it's so TOXIC, plus she is a woman in this man eating industry, and as a BEAUTIFUL woman & TALENTED she is obviously putting in the work and effort, so to me she would rather be a RAPPER/SINGER instead of these dumb ass ( well not all of them I guess LMFAO ) video vixens to just SHAKE HER ASS, bc we all know that's how these FUCKED-UP ☝ rappers look at most of us women, like that's the ONLY reason they believe we should even have anything to do with a rap video... PERIOD, anyways I garuntee the person that is saying this bad SHIT bout her isn't doing a FUCKING thing with their life, and if they are I PROMISE. it's NOT like this girl, anyways I HOPE, NO she will go far with her career and I support her, so GOD BLESS U & HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY & MUCH SUCCESS TO U AND U FAMILY, BTW SORRY I WROTE U A DAMN FUCKING NEWS LETTER LMFAO, I get so PISSEDA SOMETIMES bc ppl on the net can be such ASSHOLES, don't think they really know what those words do to some ppl, I mean my god so many ppl EXPECIALLY kids are killing themselves bc of ppl like this, it only starts with these little words in some of these comment sections, # love&peace ✌

    Jason Monto

    I have seen the world. I still think she is a trashbag.

  36. Tyler Thomas

    All day 🔥💯

  37. EastATLoo7


  38. Baby Cakes

    I ain’t gon hold ju this sh*t tuff

  39. Duncan Sachs

    this should have been called "4 thots no yatch"

  40. Alan Bruce

    To be honest, I only watched it cause she cute and got a nice lil body...

  41. Prophet Ascending

    Faker than a Rolex from a Chinese market.

  42. H A

    This video is proof that you don’t even need talent to get tons of views, you just need some girls with hardly any clothes on.

  43. D Carden

    In real life lil Debbie got a juicy lil booty

  44. Maurice Peterson

    This shit is clean Lil Debbie hard for this one And she looking tight in that bikini

  45. Aquaknocks Television

    Love Debbie ‘ Florida love.. my level shit..been here since day 1...

  46. john armijo

    You know what this shit is bad ass I want to blaze with this chick and just groove

  47. Stian N

    The weed was probably the most expensive thing in this production, lol

  48. Ace AzRaeL

    Nice Track

  49. juggaloboy6jc

    This the one that shoulda ended up on WSHH. Just my opinion. I would love to smoke with Lil Debbie though. We'd be choppin it up.

  50. mizzlegend1

    This is one of Debbie's Better songs and there is so much hate? Why?! if u actually listen to the lyrics they are not that bad. It has a nice as flow

    Baby Cakes

    mizzlegend1 Becuz haterz gon hate

  51. gmshadowtraders

    Why are they smoking so fucking much?

    max powers

    They are posessed by satanic energies

  52. Darrus Fields

    This shit sucks so bad and that’s being nice

  53. Mr.Grizzly

    Just watched for ass

  54. southcobbviper


  55. raheem watson


  56. Joseph Martinez

    Total shit! 💯

  57. Joseph Martinez

    You fucking suck! Your music is shit like most "rappers" with lil in front of their names.

    max powers

    Tell her joe!

  58. Ollin

    Female rapper says she been in the kitchen whippin

    Joshua Sutton

    Lil Debbie been in the kitchen whipping up cakes and pies.

  59. Jimmy Hawke

    LD du är så söt

  60. Sean The Baptist


  61. Eric Mayo

    Frigging pot heads. Weed makes you lazy. No wonder nobody wanna work. Mexicans gonna take all the work

    Yuri K

    It depends on a person, i smoke weed everyday and drive 60 km with my bicycle, thats everyday, i work out, i do a lot, i use so much energy. It really depends what kind of a person is....Talking about working, well, nobody wants to be a slave....

    Eric Mayo

    @Yuri K slave? The hell u talking bout. It's called working to survive. U mus live off mommy an daddy

  62. DEXTER’S Laboratory

    Her ass has came a long way her ass is nice as it’s ever been in her newest music video.

  63. Jannis Stolz

    ich feier das lied + video

  64. Björn Sommer

    Bester Track um morgens wach zu werden

  65. Josey Wales

    The Bitch is a Total Whore ....... But that Ass is Fine :)


    we're all whores, yet you're still a virgin :/

  66. Almighty Monday


  67. Richard Baker _008

    Really aweful

    Prophet Ascending

    Like your spelling.

  68. Bart Brown

    Ummm. You are not black.

    holly hood

    And the most obvious comment of the day goes to Bart Brown.

    Baby Cakes

    holly hood 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Diana Rm

    haha u funny

  69. James Tyler

    I cant tell if this is real or a joke?

    Brandon Hopkins

    James Tyler yes this is real. What the fucked happened to rap

  70. Tommy Hosey


  71. Jimmy Hawke

    blablabla, yep ure hot!

  72. brian williams

    FIre, gotta love the haters. As if any of that useless negative energy accomplishes anything.

  73. Jose Palomo

    Reminds me of the stripper that offered me a private dance. I declined but Lil Debbi bad candy

  74. The Man who doesn't know Anything

    Miss Mc STD

  75. Andy/Lvndr-Nwtn*tm Moon/Powell

    She's C O L D as fukkkkkk

  76. Andy/Lvndr-Nwtn*tm Moon/Powell

    Ya can't fuxx wit my gal...Little Debbie

  77. everybodylovesdevin

    First I hated it, now I'm on a wave on a wave cow-a-bunga.

  78. Ben Millhiser

    a female caskey lol

  79. Baby S.


  80. StanginNbangin YouTube Account


    Baby Cakes

    StanginNbangin YouTube Account 2019 ova here 👋🏾

  81. Brigville

    I’d finger her while she sleeps.



  83. Randyu Pladek

    Anyone know who the the one in the pink bikini is? I need that info for research purposes... 👌

    Baby Cakes

    Randyu Pladek LoL

  84. Jeffrey Smith

    Lil Debbie is so beautiful

  85. hal900x

    It's interesting that Debbie rarely shows off her body, in fact usually she goes to lengths to cover it up or make it look average. But the fact is she is absolutely bangin.

  86. Turd Ferguson

    I love that she’s not that good. It’s cute.

    Fag God

    Bob Villain Hello little boy
    Would you like some candy?

  87. Hood Hippie

    t h i c c o h m i i !

  88. digitalsaint2040

    video working title: how to make the best of the Fyre festival.

  89. Angella Couch

    Can't wait for vacation..

  90. wjlintz

    Look at my ass.  Look at me smoking weed.


    Look at me trying to look smart.

  91. Mary Rucker

    I would give miss bell $1 before I would give you ¢50 Amber coolie did you let your husband know you had to sleep after a pregnant woman and compete with a pregnant woman and your husband kicked out a pregnant woman is why I aborted you send your brothers.

    Rashad Almomani

    Mary Rucker uhmmmmmm.....WHAT!?

  92. Mary Rucker

    I will kill to see your ass get the fuck beat out of you skank I shrink your ass all because of your foolish ways honey you wouldn't like for me to do that if you were pregnant so don't think your a woman in my eyes your aclooae skank that I will shrink.

  93. Ben Kochenderfer

    Turn the sound off.

  94. Christie Creseto

    Why lil Debbie always ruin the beat.

  95. En1gma Kish

    I'm a 3'5 tall rapper.. can I still make it? I won't subscribe to you if you laughing! I'm not a superman but I'm super serious.. when I rap you feel drunk and delirious!

  96. tonchititito

    what a shame I am not a pretty boy! But I imagine myself there with my big 9 incher