Lil Debbie - Push Lyrics

Work that pussy, bitch

Work that pussy, bitch, I move it
Let me show you how we do it

Now it's poppin' in its place
Kill that crowd, might catch a case
Back up off me, I'm too salty
I'm so gone, can't feel my face
Bitches ratchet, so what's up
Hands up, we don't give a fuck

Work that pussy, bitch, I move it
Let me show you how we do it

You know how it goes, hoe
So much hate's got a overflow
When I touch down got my own grow
Bitch, I blow, blow, blow
Somethin' 'bout this torso
Debbie got a deal that you wanna know
When I pop that pussy then I go so

Now it's poppin' in its place
Kill that crowd, might catch a case
Back up off me, I'm too salty
I'm so gone, can't feel my face
Bitches ratchet, so what's up
Hands up, we don't give a fuck

Work that pussy, bitch, I move it
Let me show you how we do it

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Lil Debbie Push Comments
  1. Fabián Llancapan

    Moksi 😎

  2. Daniel Darabos


  3. thomas snyder

    im gonna tear that moter out of its frame

  4. Dori Robinson

    How tf have I never heard this🤯

  5. Lucifer Mctrippy

    Hey main I here is legal tonight re:

  6. Kenny Orozco

    Klean beat!!!...👍😁✔️

  7. Joshua Cooper

    bad ass song i like

  8. Ashley Wednesday

    This song is 🔥

  9. Danielle Harwood

    Would you please play this April 16 th ;)

  10. Nakushimo Nagasaki

    Im in love 😍😍

  11. Cashew

    This doesen't sound like pop its like a whole new genre.Porridge yea porridge where is my money


    its Moksi sounds mate!

    Monique Van Dijk

    Cashew ‘cause that’s Moksi’s style. They r so talented bass house artists. Just check the last their track with Debbie

  12. Brae Jhae

    905th like, 5 more guys

  13. sofia jaimes club

    Luv this song!!!

  14. Andy Protech

    Я крокодил. Крокожу. И буду крокодить

    Igor Igor

    Аха ха ха. Ору

    Monique Van Dijk

    Andy Protech не надо, плз)))

  15. Andy Protech

    I'm here from Yellow Claw's mix of 2017 at BBC radio 1. Tune is KICKASS!

  16. Elver Galarga

    What is this? 2009?

  17. Hosky Krujer

    Is lil barbie😎

  18. E M

    I wasn't sure when hearing your interview about your new music adventure. But your sound isn't lost as I originally thought. Dance & hip hop. Like x

  19. MR. S

    95% drop by lil debbie
    5% drop by moksi

    Ray Furtado

    Ur kidding right?

    Pizamo Gaming

    @Ray Furtado I hope he is

  20. Roaring Lion

    She really looks like her pussy rotten.

  21. Danèa McClendon

    Back up off me I'm too saucy !


    Debbie always workin.

  23. Joseph Steinhauer

    I love song but “rapping” is shiet.. sorry// still fuckin love you moksi

  24. nikole moore

    aye, dj lil debbie go hard tho

  25. Chris Green

    The cringe holy fuck

    Joseph Steinhauer

    Chris Green wdymmmm

  26. Rayanny Nunes


  27. brian williams

    Get it LD

  28. miraK

    lil debbie looks like lil tay


    miraK same

  29. mola55e5

    It’s almost pointless when she’s wearing so much clothing.

  30. Tom Smith

    Let's do the fork in the garbage disposal. Tin tinh ting...

  31. rail3226

    1:37 ~ 1:39 does anybody knows what he says?

    NewCastle 026

    rail3226 ain't no body got time for that


    NewCastle 026 Thank you 감사합니다

  32. Taurie Krause

    Lol just lost the little respect I had for you. Way to hop on the band wagon .... 😂 except this is absolute shit.

    Moe Anthony

    Naw. Debbie rocks

  33. abcdif jhnmv


  34. DAlienzombie

    Don' t think between your legs if ya angry.

  35. Pavel Kish

    The way she said " work that pussy, bitch " makes me hate every pussy in a world.. its sound so annoying, wack, and stupid..

  36. Shaky

    Lil it's soo beauty.!

  37. John Lauder


  38. John Lauder


  39. Ice Raine

    Just saw the number of views. So underrated...

    Chris Green

    Faget your name fits your comment pretty well

  40. FLuk3D099

    Almost old Chicago House like... my dusty crate diggin ass can dig it

  41. A. Quinn

    Yo I beat you all with the ball on the baseball fields in Uptown! With my feet. They didn’t even think I was good. Then I school them all. No joke. Pick me! I always tell the truth. Save for two lies which I must make up for. I betrayed her like Peter.

  42. Dmr45

    She dances like Elaine from Seinfeld.

    Clam Hammer

    Dmr45 has thumb action and the little kicks she does

  43. devki nenavizhu

    Lmao why u hating she is so damn cute while dancing

    Chris Green

    devki nenavizhu because it's a god awful song that shouldn't exist

  44. Игорь Дычко

    She is on meth 100%

    ASMR Gratitude

    Игорь Дычко I've met her several times and she's not on meth or any type of speed.

    she just smokes weed

    she's dancing like that just cuz shes a baaad dancer

  45. Decazi Rings

    Way better than that fake as gangstershit she trying

    And then they said

    Lil Debbie is hot, besides she started off in the white girl mob. Shes the only one left doing stuff.

  46. A. Quinn

    Pure silver.

  47. Brandon Dammers


  48. Daz Capone

    Weak!! Ass shit

  49. Vosa Music


  50. Kevin Blastard

    Love her style :)

  51. Lupehhh

    Who’s here because of sheslulu

  52. Julie Corona

    It’s funny reading these comments because all the people who hating or "speaking the truth" is jealous as hell because they can’t rap or sing all they do is stay home and watch tv man let these artists grind lil Debbie is working magic right her with her music and company keep going honey love you❤️

    Daz Capone

    Julia Corona this isn't an artist, this is wack are shit

  53. Darham

    Really good

  54. Uni Kitty

    I really like this vibe

  55. mom's spaghetti

    C A N C E R

    Cornelius Prime

    mom's spaghetti

    Dmitriy K.

    Jealous hater !

  56. Cassandra

    This is amazing. I adore you!

  57. Johnny Fuck

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no

  58. Lucas Werik

    push pull

  59. Kamia's Mama

    I wish youd take a damn choreography class girl. You have to learn to dance !!!

  60. Makayla Boston

    Im here for moksi

  61. Melissa Suarez

    Haters, I love the song and anything moksi is great

  62. R S

    The qipao is back

  63. Camilo Briñez

    I adore you excelent

  64. Joe

    This is a good lane for Lil debbie......

  65. Rayn Music


  66. princesse touta

    0:25 am out........ sorry


    The music good and the video is average what wrong with this

    mom's spaghetti

    Music good? What are you smoking?


    mom's spaghetti then why tf are u here bitch gtfo of here

    mom's spaghetti

    CrAZYKIDZ im here to talk shit

  68. Nvvhbhj Kkjhhbbv

    Are those fake tattoos because she doesn’t have those on her hand in any other video

  69. S P O N C C

    I just gagged

  70. Nick Garcia

    Should've uploaded this on the Barong Family channel, I'm pretty sure most Lil Debbie fans are wondering wtf this is 😂😂😂😂

    faisal shidiq

    Nico Garcia ahahaha i think so

  71. Gretchen Petree

    Lil Debbie I love you but your dancing on this vid is so cringe

  72. egogordo

    This actually could have been really, really good. But its not. Again ... disappointed.

  73. Ethan

    dream girl right here

  74. Lisa McCullough

    Uhh no.


    and why not

    Dmitriy K.

    Jealous hater; please GTFO !

  75. Юля Решетникова

    Красивая. На этом все

    Юля Решетникова

    Alex Yatsevich мы с тобой самые продвинутые)

    Alex Yatsevich

    После клипа с Рафом узнала?)

    Юля Решетникова

    Alex Yatsevich да,давно. В более эктро звук ушла она. А жаль. Или к счастью это.

    abcdif jhnmv

    Юля Решетникова браткииии я тож обожаю EDM

    abcdif jhnmv

    Alex Yatsevich ток я узнала из микса We Are Gta на Ultra 2017

  76. LL cool J

    what tha fuck is it ?

    Dmitriy K.

    a.k.a basketbakk It's today's EDM/Pop music ; wait ten to twenty years and people will be reminiscing about the old days of EDM/Pop !

    Yuvraj Singh

    a.k.a basketbakk love your picture bro

  77. No Excuses

    Yeah I'm done here if this is what all the roar is about music is getting sad

  78. Michelle Bonardo

    She's the cutest

  79. I live for rose

    Wow I like this girl 😁😘

  80. Randy Cheow

    I wonder how 2pac, eazy e and other legendary rappers will react to this


    Who cares? That's different music.

    Ian Steck

    probably not at all because they're both dead..... lol just sayin...


    Different music bro don't compare this to that

    Dmitriy K.

    Randy Cheow This isn't throwback rap/hip-hop; go back to your isolated taste in music and let us explore the great unknown. No offense, because there are some musical genre's that I still can't stand; give it some time and you might enjoy EDM/Pop music too !

  81. FEXAZ -

    It's cool just feel like the dudes needed a better drop to the song , I'd say it's good just a bit of more power and details,
    Other than that I'd still play it in my set😋🙌🏽

  82. Haydos Lamboss

    Is this meant to be funny? cos it's kinda hilarious

  83. Puro Oro

    So you got dudes dressed like B-Boys that don't fucken dance. A cheap EDM instrumental to hide your lack of lyrical skill. And a cheap ass Dj system for quinceaneras... good try tho.

    Irving Haenraets

    You have no clue man serious ..

    Jony Schn

    Puro Oro mate.
    this aint a cheap ass dj system 😂


    this aint bboys dumbass this Moksiii

  84. pyronixe

    Isn't this the broad from kreyshawn song

    grass man

    pyronixe check out MRWM

    Gretchen Petree

    Yeah her name is Lil Debbie. Kreayshawn was her claim to fame and she’s really trying to drag out her 15 minutes

  85. AloxFA

    Shits wack

    grass man

    Alox check out MRWM

  86. Gregory Stanganelli

    go debbie. smashin it

  87. Ty Ming

    i mean i still love you but DAMN like DAMN lets dance.

  88. Ty Ming

    what in the living fuck

    grass man

    Ty Ming check out MRWM

  89. nikole moore

    I love this song

  90. Dmr45

    How come nobody's talking about how bad she is at dancing

    Dead Ringer

    Dmr45 cause she's white and it's already known we can't dance

  91. Jessi Duhh

    Really that was the build up .. shitty

  92. So Jeffry

    I couldn't stop laughing when I heard push that pussy.

  93. IonicHyperspace

    This shouldn't even be on the mainstream, and how can anybody enjoy this kind of music it's so horrible and makes my speakers wants to blow up

    Goncalo Sousa

    IonicHyperspace don't like it don't listen to it

    Baby Girl

    Goncalo Sousa shut up

  94. Hell xx

    She gives white girl dancing a bad rep. fuck man.

  95. Sylas Marner

    still sucking!

  96. Renaud Houde

    yo to anyone calling her a rapper, this is not rap, never.

    Shield Knight

    Luka51511 you are gay

    Microsoft Support

    Shield Knight wouldnt say that if you listen to this kind of music LMAO

    Microsoft Support

    Shield Knight You must be a bullied virgin to listen to this gay shit so shut ur mouth lmao

    Shield Knight

    Luka51514 dork

    Shield Knight

    Luka5151 done