Lil Debbie - In My Zone Lyrics

Went and copped a foreign, I don't need a rental
Spazzing over every fucking instrumental
OG by the LP, yeah, that's for the men up
Swimming with the sharks and bitch you just a minnow
Ain't no invitation but my life a party
Come in getting served and talking to anybody
Kicking by the pound you can't shake us down
Making all my rounds I don't make a sound
All I ever do is focus on the mulah
Hoes be over here because I do it cooler
Throwing money in the air
No one said that life is fair
Bitches in that billions, I'm the living proof
Talking 'bout my ceiling dropping got a roof
Effortless, everything is effortless
I do what you bitches wanna do and get a check for this
It's excellent

They just tryna get me out my zone, out my zone, yeah
Busting down the zone now I'm blowing, yeah, I'm blowing, yeah
I'm in my zone, in my zone, what you want, yeah
Taking off, got this gun, yeah
I got what you need, yeah (That's how we roll)
Lick the pills and weed, yeah, yeah (That's how we roll)
I just do my thing, yeah (That's how we roll)
All my real ones do the same, yeah (That's how we roll)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I just want the paper, you can take the change
Kushy got me higher than a paper plane
Bitches play your lane 'cause we ain't the same
I can change the weather, I can make it rain
Even when it's sunny, catch me throwing shade
Turn up with no ceiling, we don't know behave
We ain't gotta show it 'cause you know we made
We ain't gotta show up but you know we paid
Tell me what it look like, add it to the hitlist
Stressing over bitches, bashing bad for bidness
And I'm about my B.I. ever since I'd knee-high
In my city you 'gon see why I got stripes like my Adidas
La vida loca, I'm a real live smoker
Might just put that on, yeah, yeah that super soaker
If you taste that chocha, have 'em hooked like Sosa
I supply that coca, same bitch, just doper

They just tryna get me out my zone, out my zone, yeah
Busting down the zone now I'm blowing, yeah, I'm blowing, yeah
I'm in my zone, in my zone, what you want, yeah
Taking off, got this gun, yeah
I got what you need, yeah (That's how we roll)
Lick the pills and weed, yeah, yeah (That's how we roll)
I just do my thing, yeah (That's how we roll)
All my real ones do the same, yeah (That's how we roll)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Lil Debbie In My Zone Comments
  1. Noel Vazquez

    Noel Vazquez says hot track Lil debbie🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💯

  2. B Sadi

    How about a collab with pornhub? They got their first male rapper making official music porn videos. Be the first female and lead a movement!

  3. thomas snyder


  4. Big Glitch 704

    I just watched about 10 of her videos...I'm offended

  5. Scott Waldron

    Fn Awsome...

  6. thomas snyder

    hey young 1 w/ age comes wisdom pass on them i want 2 trave 2 swizerlad w/ u ill giv u a million dolla baby wen u ready

  7. Bryan

    Was that chick pissing out by the car?

  8. Tatoke kokipa

    Just like Wine, this is getting better with age :- )

  9. Faux Mulder

    What a stupid video

  10. Violence of Action

    Whatever it is it’s giving me a woody

  11. Jason Martin


  12. Wrathful2000

    She had a rough start but she slaps now.

  13. Trentsum

    She squeezed into that from the neck hole.

  14. diablo_sandwich_and_dr.pepper

    Debbie supper pretty! ❤

  15. Ben Delgado

    I dont care what anybody says the music is tight she is fine and lyrics are dope videos are unique and creative.

  16. Nicole Alexandrie

    It s look like amazon amazon

  17. Chauncey Gray

    Lil debbie in her zone yup

  18. Chauncey Gray

    West coast baby always c money

  19. Лена Петрова

    I love you debbie

  20. Dead Cat

    you know, 5 fries is one serving of fries FYI

  21. Scott Waldron


  22. ORGONEkillsEVIL

    I love this song!

  23. Vince Celaya

    Wating on her Sex Tape

  24. all the messiahs

    love my lowrider 2

  25. Highly Incredible Edibles

    Love Lil Debbie!! Always rockin!!

  26. Cris Hernandez

    TEAM lil Debbie ALL DAY EVERYDAY....👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  27. Jessica Eakes


  28. all the messiahs

    this is sonic

  29. all the messiahs

    spicy thats really

  30. all the messiahs

    my love zone ride

  31. Milko Milkovich

    <3 debbs <3 debbs

  32. all the messiahs

    this is a real rock video

  33. all the messiahs

    zeffs twilight

  34. Gob Axe


  35. It's what You make it

    Cakes gettin it. Hating on a female doin the damn thing is WEAK AS FUCK.

  36. ORGONEkillsEVIL

    Great song!

  37. HkN Fano

    Lil debby look like an gtv character 😂in a good way

  38. artecno

    Cuando te encuentras un comentario en español por que lil debbie quiere vivir la vida loca y en su chocha

  39. Jesse Ward

    I love this song. Its Perfectly put together and fun to listen to when I'm at work. Lil Debbie looks and sounds outstanding on this beat. Hella swag w sexy style as always.

  40. Jesse Ward

    I wanna take her on at least 1 date once in my life.

  41. Carolina Sant'Ana da S. Dias

    Eu te amo!!

  42. Kyrah Sky

    good vibes

  43. It_isWhat_it_is True



    lil debbie+hanna beth <3

  45. Michelle Vitulli

    Lil Debbie is so slept on its not chill, this song is fire! Tommy Chong did a cameo too!

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  47. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Where is this sluts tits?

  48. Albundy ._.

    Smokin Hella Kush...eats 1 French fry😅

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    Lil Debbie is wifey...

  50. Tyler Thomas

    Love bumping this 🔥☄️

  51. Viv Drake

    how tf did you get Tommy Chong?!

  52. fullon 68

    I would love to love you...

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    yo peeeepl

  54. mac eight

    <3 wow watatrack <3

  55. mac eight

    l u u sgnd ta my lbls''

  56. dennis ott

    Please do porn

  57. iKingPinthevagee


  58. Kaio viveiros

    Lil debbie

  59. Jesse Ward

    This songs epic.

  60. Im Cool

    Skinny girls are with hips are so fucking sexy. Especially when they pretty like debbie.

  61. Jason Reviews TECH

    we could of crossed paths. LOLs.

  62. Jono G

    Born to smoke bong an pipe and big pole.

  63. Robert Lesher

    Id still fuck

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    Honey in the Orange shorts. Damn!!!

  65. It_isWhat_it_is True


  66. Amanda Moore

    Love lil debbie but that animal outfit and house slippers gots to go

  67. Manuel Branco

    Lil Debbie - there is no one like you ☮️ love you

  68. For Gozar

    EM can you fucking sign this guy!?

  69. Allison Dixon

    bye haters. dont get her out her zone.


    Lil Debbie on point right now, she was always able to rebrand herself stay up to par and be a boss, kudos much respect

  71. jcsmooth70

    Keep workin miss! I see u ;)

  72. Paul Alcaraz

    wtf is this fuzbucket bs : 👍it need chunky doos and fashion sense funk ask the real lil debbie for some cupcakes

  73. Michael Diggs


  74. Derrick McAdoo

    Riff Raff led me to lil Debbie.. Libras do like these Aquarians's's

  75. James P

    Can she just do porn already?

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    Oh no hon u came in with anthems this year, it went under my radar but its my wave!!!


    The leopard moth onesie too, this is the self-love jam1hunna

  77. Arron M

    Lil Debbie fine af

  78. Tracy Bryant

    Another one bites the mumble rab dust. Damn shame.

  79. Goth angel six Peep


  80. tété triber23

    Dinguerie merci pour ce son 🔥❤️

  81. Anthony bowman

    these parodies are pretty funny

  82. Papa cundee blackjuan

    true beauty is not hard to C👀👀👀👀😱👍👍🔥🔥

  83. Papa cundee blackjuan


  84. Dale Gribble

    This video gave me syphilis

  85. Manuel Branco

    shouldn't they be wearin seat-belts?

  86. Scott Cavill

    the autotune is real... rofl

  87. Metriculous

    NEXT LEVEL SHIT.... way better than Cardi B, Nicki -- Ppl like that steal from femalecreatives closer to the bottom of the pyramid like Lil Debbie, Tommy Genesis - fuck even M.I.A

  88. Nicholas Sway

    Chooses a name based on snack cakes 😃😂🤣

  89. Eric Mayo

    I wonder who write for her

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    It's all love, but there's no doors or windows... You bitches better buckle up! 🙌

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