Lil Debbie - I Get It Lyrics

Woo! Woo! Woo!
I finally get it!
We finally get it!
We finally get it!

We just show and prove
Your fucked up bullshit
They be saying all my bitches in the building
Looking like a lituation
Liquor in my system, misbehavin'
Kush be hella potent, I be Asian
But I still see through these phony hoes
They be tryna pose with my eyes closed
Made moves, kept it on the low
Where we 'bout to go only God knows
Nose clean and my hands stingy
But they fuck with me 'cause I kept it cold
Bitches talking 'bout their new shit
But I'm the blueprint, hoe, respect the mold
Ten blunts with a few cups
Couple powder pills, it's a overload
But I still whip it, I don't swerve
Bitch, don't trip 'cause I know the road
These hoes like pot holes
So I kick my shit into overdrive
Fuck all them fake hoes
How to kill 'em off so they know we alive
Inhale, exhale, we win
They feel if they fuck with my clique
I kick their head, we real, they fake
'Cause they fuck with my shit
Yeah, they fuck with my shit
But they can't fuck with my shit
Mad they ain't touching my shit
Secretly loving my shit

I get it, I get it, I finally get it
'Cause I'm on a whole another level
And they can't get with it
I get it, I get it, I finally get it
'Cause my shit is moving
They snoozing so now they're my critics

I finally get it (get it, get it, get it, get it)
I finally get it (get it, get it, get it, ay)
I finally get it (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it)
I finally get it, I finally get it
I finally get it, I finally get it

I live to get high
You just gettin' by
Just look at my eye
If you come and kiss me then you living to die
Chill, it's just entertainment
Why these bitches be so borin'?
Just when I cop some foreign
I'm in the cut Neosporin
Most of these bitches be amateur
I'm like a vet in this bitch
Bitches be talking, I'll damage 'em
Come get a vet for this bitch
Money on 51/50
I'm like a check away from schyzo
Speak on the queen by all means
But then throw some respect on my shit though
Already know that I big blow
Already fill me a bigger cup
Bitches ain't lying, I live it up
Dripped in all black, but I'm lit as fuck
Eating so much, hoe, I got the itis
Gold on my touch hoe, I got the Midas
Blow is so cold I'm like sick of sinus
Head in the clouds you can see the flyness
I got the key to my city though
Bitches so petty it's pitiful
Changing the game from a different lane
Still they can't see that I'm critical
I finally get it
I'm finally getting my racks
I'm only fucking with facts
Now I'm just padding my stacks

I get it, I get it, I finally get it
'Cause I'm on a whole another level
And they can't get with it
I get it, I get it, I finally get it
'Cause my shit is moving
They snoozing so now they're my critics

I finally get it (get it, get it, get it, get it)
I finally get it (get it, get it, get it, ay)
I finally get it (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it)
I finally get it, I finally get it
I finally get it, I finally get it

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Lil Debbie I Get It Comments
  1. Zaya Barajas

    She’s a lot better then those other bitches rapping she’s doing her thing throw some respect or stfu

  2. Patrick Linden

    This is one of her 3 best songs.

  3. Scott Waldron

    Great Fn song and video...

  4. josepha mauricio

    Hey 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Hate Christmas

  5. j m

    she was good back 5 years ago....dont care for her new stuff...thats just me

  6. franky boy

    Nice tune too ripe the job to

  7. Kris N

    I would, but her music sucks!!

  8. Lucifer Mctrippy

    Finished science project got find my wallet gets some pizza nice song

  9. Sigurd Reistad Klæva

    Facebook Horizon shout out: "Debbie gets it"

  10. Shannon Marie

    Dru down, Too short and now lil Debbie. That shit from the bay is tight. The bay got it going on.

  11. Hollywood1127

    0:32-0:59 was a nice string of bars.

  12. Joseph Tabata

    Joseph Tabata - Jordan Wang

    Jordan and Taylor Liu

    all seperate people

    Pretty sure only one has a gold tooth

  13. N J

    Debbie is first white girl rapper from the Yay that I respect lyrically. Her raps have gotten better with time and she doesn’t sound like the canned rap that you get from Iggy or Chanel west coast. Debbie sounds like the Bay and she plays with other styles but her attitude is definitely Bay area. Its funny when you’re unique how small minds try to compare you to things they already know so they can handle your differentness.....

  14. Joseph Tabata

    I see around 420 thousand views

  15. Joseph Tabata

    Who shot Jay ( California )

  16. Mike Sons

    Get it get it

  17. Anthony Smith


  18. Scott Waldron

    Love Lil Debbie ❤️

  19. Scott Waldron

    Yep that's what a great song and video looks like...

  20. The Sweetest Cat

    this is so catchy and awesome!

  21. all the messiahs

    toni sun cakes

  22. all the messiahs

    azule sing

  23. Itsiwhatitsi

    I bet Lil Debby likes to be called "bitch" a big compliment lol

    Lolaloves Robinson

    😂 i know a girl like that in my town


    Hey I am Of Brazil , is love tour music,😍😍😍😍

  25. D Porter

    This song starts most of my early longboard rides.. 6 am sunrise, lil Debbie and the rub of urethane on concrete. I wanna hear a lil Debbie x snow tha product track.


    Lil Debbie for secretary

  27. Quaewean israeL

    Hay bae ! Guess who I'm with AT&T corporation this is they're You Tube channel account I sent you a message on your lil debbie TV channel when i had my Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3 mobile device purchase from metro pcs ! Now i got a AT&T mobile phone device Samsung Galaxy Note 9+ by Knox since January i still as you can see by my hairstyle has changed my hair was cut I had the hairstyle dreadlocks !

  28. all the messiahs


  29. all the messiahs

    wat happens wen geico wears infintii gauntlet

  30. all the messiahs

    kitkat chocolate

  31. SwagHags69

    Send this to your friends when you finally understand a joke

  32. BenSavage

    was she talking about kreayshawn in these lyrics. I always wondered.

  33. all the messiahs

    wild river like her

  34. ShadowOfNightmares

    Only auto tune song I like

  35. all the messiahs

    live with her

  36. all the messiahs

    mass of cain thats dem girls



  38. seaside 420

    Wish u could get it.... can i?

  39. Evan Clinton

    Ole fake ass debbie with that auto tune

    King B Digital

    Still has more money than you

    Nikki K

    Whewwww.........these haters got enough time to view this vid and still leave a comment. Lmao......SALTY

  40. yyonkxbeatzz

    yessss empowering since i don't know tf when but i fucking love u girl u give me the energy i need in this life to cope wit ppls bullshit love u to the fucking moon and back i rly hope we meet some day

  41. Abel Suarez

    I love this girl...

  42. Utopian Websurfer

    I like little DEBBIE.

  43. Utopian Websurfer

    Epic win gurl.

  44. Utopian Websurfer

    Ain't no amatuer.

  45. Abel Suarez

    I love Lil Debbie, beautiful girl and artist. I'd like to meet her and talk whith her....

  46. Jesse Ward

    Love this song. Lil Debbie always does a good job in music. In the zone as usual💯

    Jesse Ward

    What up Bae u coming to my show in Reno w Andre Nikatina on sat the 30th this month? I'll take u out on the date of your life. I guarantee you'll never meet anyone else in the world like me.

  47. Vick Hayes

    Wil still bump N '19 $he a coolldd piece... and sexii af


    Feed her

  49. Jesseekah

    Love how hype her attitude is in this video

  50. EL EM

    Your are the best Lil Debbie, I love you

  51. Brian Johnson

    Gorgeous , I hope she keeps doing her thing ! Big fan

  52. lash miit

    lejos la mejorrr!! amo este tema - @fraktal

  53. Mandy's World


  54. bastiglione

    Retarded?  Spoof?  WTF?

    Highway Huntress

    I know, I think its for real but I seriously don't get it

  55. GOM

    She sucks.... white people need to leave rap alone forever

    Kohl Linden

    GOM Are you talking about marshal.


    Brother Ali
    Mac Miller
    Lil Dicky
    Immortal technique
    Jedi mind tricks
    Sage Francis
    House of pain

    Get bent kid.

    Kiwimonk 369

    There nuthing you can do about it


    YOU SUCC you racist BITCH! What difference it make what RACE somebody is anyway????

  56. Ace AzRaeL

    She spi+t!и $ome real💩

  57. Quaewean Israel

    Im the microbiological reincarnated youngest G.O.A.T historically in one of only two biological races of people ! I finally get it interracial chating interracial dating interracial sexual intercourse activities the interracial claims my uncle made my first name that is what was told to me growing up by my mother my name is Quaewean thats the first name he made for me my uncle name was Dean Solomon Israe nicknames tip and tip toe i finally get it ! My social security disability through the USA nation my social security number is 593-52-0218 my state of Florida identification is sabotage because of the vital statistics office in Duval county birth certificate has been sabotage and i can't get them in the office in duval county on Pearl street to make the correction so life goes on ! Im on twitter account name Quaewean or reincarnetd god be good pretty please with ice cream and cake on top ! Sweethearts !

    Quaewean israeL

    I got get me another metro pcs network mobile phone to access my [email protected] and my Instagram and my metro pcs network you tube account profile name Quaewean Israel and my Facebook account with metro pcs network !

  58. cstephens333

    The female Riff Raff???

  59. It_isWhat_it_is True


  60. Grace Jones

    Does anyone know where she got that jacket and shorts from ?


    The 80s

    Vick Hayes

    Naw it prolly her own brand her own collection..feel me ...

  61. It_isWhat_it_is True


  62. Frederick Allgood

    "female version of the migos"

  63. эмэджин драгонс



    lil Debbie style is frosty as fuck no snow cone , true trend setter , proof that style really is how you present yourself and the confidence behind the swag.

    Karen Owó

    i was just thinking about that

  65. It_isWhat_it_is True


  66. It_isWhat_it_is True

    Yep 👍

  67. It_isWhat_it_is True


  68. skye seeley

    Talk shit behind ur keyboard but who’s making money? Oh yeah! Debbie!


    Ayyy getttt it

    Kevin Ruffin

    true dat

  69. Pumpkin71 Juggalo

    Whoop whoop MMFWCL JRB

  70. Fernanda Soto

    I fuck with it

  71. Sky Vibez

    I really like Lil Debby but I hate auto tune!! She doesn’t need it!

  72. It_isWhat_it_is True


  73. Pumpkin71 Juggalo

    I'm gonna see you. vIP from a Roman... Whooha


    pootang, u guys get it right :#

  75. Metriculous


  76. Manuel Branco

    lean - she makin me crazy 🍧👫

  77. It_isWhat_it_is True


  78. It_isWhat_it_is True

    On that UCC -1 level yep I finally get lol🧠🤪🤪

  79. Manuel Branco

    her videos are so dam creative 🤦🤖👫

  80. King B Digital

    Shorty is sexy. Fuck the haters, ma and get that schmoney!

  81. Kay Knofi

    Who is the guy 😍

  82. word to shaggy it wasnt me

    So its a no from me dog

    King B Digital

    word to shaggy it wasnt me your mom is a no. Filthy troll lol

  83. Derek D Dardis

    Yeah coocool.

  84. My High Adventures

    Can I like this more than once? Like, err day? 🤷‍♀️


    Ayyy get it

  85. Bree

    This sound > your latest

  86. Almighty Monday

    This track is 🔥🔥🔥rns

  87. Susan Cardoza

    Suwo suno suwho suboo

  88. Roy Lopez

    Lil debbie and cash me outside girl have similar styles

    Mike M

    Similar as in good at raps? Oh yeah.

    Jenny BK

    Not a fan of either

    Brittany B. Performance Art

    No they don’t lol .. what?


    Roy Lopez uh . .. no

  89. Jeffrey Helmey

    I love you 💕😘

  90. Trap Astronaut

    This needs million of views....

  91. James Cotton

    I like your Debbie 808 lex lunger drill beatz

  92. STAR

    You are really Great ae just love your style what Talent wish you well LiLDebbie -- Peace -

  93. dazzlingframes

    merzbow riding skateboard lol

  94. Perimiter Music

    Wow! Debbie is actually a competitor in the next big female rapper. Who would have thought.

    DJ Michael Axe Wound Hunt

    Perimiter Music Cardi B and Nicki Minaj can't compete with Debbie she's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    She's dope!