Lil' Bow Wow - You Know Me Lyrics

[Bow Wow]
(you know me)
Yo this is bow wow
(you know me)
What can u do with me ..nothin

Shut it all the way down
(you know me)
Aint no question
Imma do what I do
Why u tripp momma
I look fit
(you know me)
All I do is find them
Love em and flea
It's like that
Both cat but I'm nice
(you know me)
Don't belive please
Step step step up
Cuz I'm bad like mike
(you know me)
I'm bout to rock small change
Draw change in the big bucks

My niggas
All we do is put down the smash
Why yall playa hatas keep comin wit trash
? make everything u been lookin for
Everything to make yall keep straight hittin the floor
Lil girls in the hood I got them all shook up
Tryin to find this nigga so we can hook up
Even girls 18 they be tryin to sneek
They find all kinds of ways to get next to me
Imma dawn in this new mullenimum
O-h-i-o is where I am from
I said it before and imma say it again
Sit, slide, step and yall niggas can't win
It's the b-o dub
All in the club
The reason that girl keep shakin her butt
(you know me)
Gotta keep it goin on
JD on the track how can I go wrong

Shut it all the way down
(you know me)
Aint no question imma do what I does
Why u trip momma big pimp
(you know me)
All I do is find them love em and flea it's like that
Big cat and I'm nice
(you know me)
Don't belive..please
Step step step up
And I'm bad like mike
(you know me)
Bout to rock small change
Then change it all to big bucks

Girls that talk slick (I don't want that)
Want me a nice girl type that will touch
If she all in the mix (I don't want that)
Cuz those be the hoes that talk too much
That 5 double o (I don't want that)
I want me the 6 with tha trix
And a TV in the roof
That buy lamo (I don't want that)
Bring me the pinapple, cranberry and the grape booz
How I (do it)
Find em flip the floo like (fluid)
Swallow it
I'm trynna keep yall (dancin)
Like never before
Screamin at the Dj
Gimme somemore
It's so so def
And we don't play
Put it down like this everday
And in the a-t-l-a-n-t-a
That's where I stay

[Da Brat]
Shut it all the way down
(you know me)
Aint no question imma do what I do
Why u trip papa
I big pimp
(you know me)
And all I do is find em
Love em and flea
It's like that
It's Da Brat and I'm nice
(you know me)
You don't belive.. please
Step step step up
I'm bad like mike
(u know me)
All I do is keep em
Make it the big dipper

Niggas wit no do (I don't want no)
Broke in the club all night
Holla at any ho
Pretty boys who femine (I don't want that)
I need a thug to keep my adiniline
Pump it fast
Shook up
My grandma with a fresh new V
A notice task tellin her that u love me
It's the 60-644
To nice to stop the flo rock some mo
So so def is a family
We on top and that's how it has be
From Jd to Bow Wow to JE and me
Everythin we drop is so hot continuisly
If the sex aint freaky it aint me
And if the check aint weekly we can't be
I'm still a big thang getter
Big momma Da Brat
From the c-h-i-c-a-g-o (oh oh)

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Lil' Bow Wow You Know Me Comments
  1. Terrie Namkung

    Like Mike anyone?

  2. Ron Jones

    This dude is the reason why i make music

  3. MrLamarLake

    Da brat was a beast

  4. Fuckyour Thoughts

    Bow wow sounds better than today's rappers.

  5. Nichole

    I loved the brats part

  6. Jerod Tabb

    best song on the album

  7. RealSlimBoy

    Still a banger in 2018

  8. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    That my shit 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨

  9. Emploee of the month

    ❤️ 2018 💔

  10. Ashanti Hameed

    favorite song on this album

  11. Sweetpea Martin

    this was my favorite song on this album

  12. Ta'Tiano Robinson

    Aye! This went in!

  13. Contra 2075

    He looked like 8 on the cover.

  14. Wrestling life

    fuck u chastity

  15. Chastity Starr

    k yall il like this song

  16. Chastity Starr

    fuck yall il like this song

  17. Chastity Starr

    fuck yall il like this song

  18. Ka'Mya Robinson

    I'm here for Da Brat!!! I love that woman!!

  19. Princess Cherry-top

    Lil bow wow was flowin tho

    Jade Carter

    Lol right he had that shit

    Jazzy Fresh

    Thanks to the ghost writers him and Romeo turning into good men bow wow fall in love with ghetto hoes

  20. 29Dj

    my first rap ever when i was 14 was based off this song. i'm 29 now and bow wow now acting like a joke always pisses me off cuz i used to be a huge fan. his balls never grew, he was more mature at 13.


    Watch his new Vlad interview


    29Dj 😂😂

  21. Vishal Das

    This the shit

  22. SmoCoizLoCo

    crazy how old this is and it bumps more than his new shit

  23. Roland Eugene

    Brat killt it.

  24. Trae Fittz

    When I was 10 Bow Wow was my Favorite Rapper at the at time. I'm 25 now, this shit is STILL HARD

    deijahn johnson

    +Trae Fittz rs im listenin to it nw this shyt still go hard lol

    Rhiannon Short

    + Trae Fittz you said it❣❣❣❣❣ I was 12 when I got this CD & BowWow was my first favorite rapper & now I'm 27 & this shit still has me get right 💘💘

    Trae Fittz

    @Rhiannon Short Check out my videos. I make Hip Hop Music.

    Dianthony Corey

    Big facts


    This song was so slept on

  26. Eddie Caligula

    I still know the words lol classic...I'm 26 now

    Trae Fittz

    For real tho lol. wit Bow Wow was NICE


    Eddie Caligula 27 and i feel the same

    Nisi Castro

    Eddie Caligula me too lmao

  27. Shante Clarke

    Damn I remember getting a big radio set for Christmas and this CD was in there. I was Hype as Hell, use to love him. Had every "WordUp" Magazine Pic of him on my bedroom wall. Memories!

    Knya Morris

    I was just explaing this son to my two sons about that magazine I had all his posters and cds

  28. Kevina Jackson

    I still love it!!!

  29. Dulu Baby

    Bow wow used to cuss all in his songs 😂😂


    all he said nigga lol not a cuss word 

    Jazzy Fresh

    MiracleTheGreat lol still. Cursing to a 13 year old wonder where the original song at

  30. Andrea Ellis


  31. Demarcus Williams

    U kno me ayyyy

  32. SuperNaturalbeauty87

    Da Brat had the hottest verse! she still my fav female rapper!

  33. JMastermind

    damn dis was hard lol

  34. 8dreadLock8

    jamming to this when I was 7 lol

  35. Nicky S.

    I remember this song i used run this over and over again when i had this album uhggg so much freakin memories...

  36. Jacoby Taylor


  37. sarhene1

    Best song on the album (and the only one I can tolerate today lol!)


    sarhene1 😂😂

  38. Niceness Rose