Lil Boosie - Im The Shit Lyrics

I don't really think I'm all that but I am kinda like the shit right now look...

I ain't quitin on these niggas (nah) toilet tissue in my window mane I'm shittin on these niggas body full of glitter make these hoes bite anybody wear my ice they Gon be fuckin all night (that's right)
I live the life of a mobster me and my niggas eat lobster tails can't get locked in jail (nah) first class come to dinner
Jumpin out the plane now we Jumpin in the rentals escalade style go in the mall spend 5 like it ain't nothing put them 24 's on Em and it ain't rubbin got a smile charm women and I use it up and once they fall for that shit now I'm using her diamond rings pounds of that good kush just sent a tape to Reggie bush we both bad asses wine glasses on the table while we eat sushi now we back in the chargers smokin keep movin

I ain't quitin on these niggas toilet tissue in my window mane I'm shittin on these niggas
and I'm the shit yeah I love my life me and my niggas
Gon thug tonight (I'm the shit I'm the shit)

Mane I don seen a lot of money fucked a lot of hoes rocked a lot of shows got every color bowles cause I'm fly as a motherfucker (believe that) Purp after Purp got me high as a motherfucker you can't hate on me nigga I got my own hair cut and it's only made for me nigga plus I got old school with me so I got them pros twos with me I ain't talkin bout bros too nigga don't make me show you nigga (booyah) polo hat polo shirt with the shoes too t-shirt dark blue and the the hearts too the best music that's me the ex dick slanger hood banger that's me and ion sleep at hotels nigga I pay resorts shit pull off like zoom cause I got exhaust don't talk to much but don't never think I ain't the boss I give my nigga that eye your fuckin head off

[Hook x2]

I remember when I was a teenager (16) duece five on my side and my pager beep beep beep beep now I'm major now the narcs in the city tryna cage us I had a bank roll before I had Tarlesia (fuckin right) a 100 pounds of that fruity way before I had tooty but when Iviona was here I went stuntin with G's niggas coming cross the tracks just to shit on me but it's payback they use to laugh at my chopper now I got whips hold 36 riders get in nigga and come fuck with a champ track life die hard fuck it nigga get stamped the rap game in the head lock use to be bullshittin I'm bout my bread now I got these niggas scared now everybody wont fuck with a nigga ion wanna fuck with them either

[Hook x2]

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Lil Boosie Im The Shit Comments
  1. Ghost Bey

    Stay in line

  2. Ghost Bey

    Shitting that’s why yoll hating and watching goes for all yoll scared Marc bitches

  3. Ghost Bey

    Can’t get locked in jail

  4. Ghost Bey

    Toilet paper my window

  5. My NAME

    They sleep I swear they sleep this was BOOSIE HUNGRY AND HE STAYED HUNGRY NOW LOOK WHERE HE AT

  6. Terence Smith

    Wow l actually keep my toilet paper in my window

  7. Green Gold

    2019 and im the shit again

  8. J_ Kelz

    Still 2019

  9. Jarvis Patton

    Still fukn wit it

  10. Socialite Jit

    Still listening 💯

  11. Derik kreo

    still bangin in 2018

  12. Peezy Twice

    I’m the shit in 2018

  13. Mr SnubNose

    remember when i was a teenager beep beep beep now im major!!

  14. GMens 13

    but its payback

  15. code city

    boosie badazz

  16. Bobby Miller

    I live the life of a mobster me and my niggas eat lobster tail cant get locked in jail

  17. Jazmyne Evans

    this da shit

  18. Infiniti Henry

    my shit fr 💯

  19. M McNeal

    Just put them 28" on my Yukon Denali 4 15 L7. Playing this song right here mannnnnnn y'all need to here how it sounds subin so hard coming down the block

  20. Annie upper

    i'm the shit nigga

  21. Twhy Cade

    Free boosie vallejo ca crest side

  22. Twhy Cade

    free boosie

  23. Footz DeMan

    shut yo technical ass up u know wat i ment sucka

  24. will v

    he said if he gve a nigga that eye they head off u dum ass!!!

    Mike Jonhson

    LMAO 😁 CTFU blood hella funny tho

  25. Five Tener

    Free My nigga Boosie! >__^

  26. Footz DeMan

    hr said he give his nigha that IRON YO HEAD OFF.. stop playn wit that man he shittn on you nighas in jail or on the streets hands down ..... boosie locked up an he still the hardest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jamie Veals

    when i listen 2 this i feel like (CANT NOBODY TELL ME SHIT) free boosie

  28. Steven Aaron

    dis is my shyt

  29. Asia Badazz

    my shit

    Louis Mack

    Asia Badazz a