Lil Boom - Fuck Steph Curry 2 Lyrics

Yeah man
It's been too many motherfuckin' niggas droppin' a style so I gotta make one last one for these niggas man
Ain't no motherfuckin' Fuck Bron Bron man these niggas wannabes man
Ain't no fuck Mj man
Fucking weirdos
These fuckin' lightskin niggas gettin' on my fuckin' nerves man they think they can just come in the NBA and fuckin' wreck shit nIgga
Michael Jordan was black nigga, Kobe was black nigga, Allen Iverson was motherfuckin' black
Fuck you got going on nigga? Now I'm mad man
Aye Tay man drop a whole another beat man
Sike nigga

Yeah man
Fuck that pussy ass nigga Steph Curry man that nigga ain't shit man
That nigga in Illuminati man you already know man
That fuckin pussy ass nigga always tryna chew on his mouth guard but I got his bitch chewing on my dick man
Lightskin ass fuck nigga man true shit man

Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Pull up on a nigga and I think that I'm Kobe
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry
NIgga fuck Steph Curry, nIgga fuck Steph Curry
NIgga fuck Steph Curry

Lightskin bitch wait lightskin hoe
Lame ass nigga tried to take a nigga flow
Tried to say "Bron Bron" nigga hell no
Fuck Steph Curry can't take it to the hole
Fuck Steph Curry and fuck Klay Thompson
NIgga think that he Batman nigga really Robin
Every time Steph Curry face I wanna punch it, every time I see Steph Curry shot they goin block it
"Steph Curry got two daughters" damn, nigga I know
Ryan look like a fuckin mutt dawg and Riley Curry finna grow to be a hoe
NIggas think that this a diss song I don't sneak diss its the truth he exposed
NIggas thought I couldn't make a hit song so I had to hit they ass a part two
Pump faking, niggas imitating
Living off moving screens nigga violating
All I'm doing is stating facts nigga not hatin'
All I'm doing is stating facts nigga not hatin'
NIggas tryna take my shit and call it inspiration
NIggas tryna take my shit and call it they creation
NIggas they be dick ridin' call it motivation
NIggas they be dick ridin' call it motivation
Fuck Klay Thompson and fuck Draymond
He don't fuck his baby mama all the time and I seen his mama on talking bout all them bitches online
Stupid ass nigga, lame ass hoe
Fuck Klay Thompson, can't take it to the hole
Without that 3 Steph Curry exposed
Without that 3 Steph Curry exposed

Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Swim like McFlurry
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry, fuck Steph Curry
Fuck Steph Curry, nigga fuck Steph Curry

Feugo made this shit

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Lil Boom Fuck Steph Curry 2 Comments
  1. Sean Solo

    Switch beats before travis

  2. J FH

    This a bump

  3. Zaken Man

    @0:07 who knows the name of the beat please tell me thankss

  4. Mia Rocks

    Litter then the 1st one

  5. Maria Medina

    This song is fkn stupid just like you. Matter fact DO US A FAVOR AND QUIT RAPPIN YOU FUCKIN BUM ASS!

  6. Black Death

    Fuck Steph curry

  7. Todd Snow

    Had to bump this since they just got smoked by kawaii 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Princess Tsunade lover

    The claw killed the larriors 😂😂😂

  8. Kobe BRyant 5 RINGS


  9. Malcolm Matlock

    Raptors playing this rn

  10. Derek


  11. kawalaa bih

    The beat switch and bars are 🔥🔥🔥🔥 asf 🤣

  12. Zerg Mane

    I wish the beat at the beginning was the whole song

  13. Stxge VII


  14. Isaiah Tabor

    Fuck your mom bitch ahh nigga



  16. AznChimp

    1:12 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  17. Von Allen

    Dis nigga ass steph all day fuck darkskin and brown lightskin gang big crip

  18. Ziwei Wang

    Curry is the best u fucking bitch ass hole & worst youtuber


    All milf girls online


    Who here 2018

  21. FFilloux

    I don t like Steph curry

  22. Craig Riddle

    And they get more girls than you I bet don't a girl in Atlanta like you I bet they think you a rat Get yo racoon looking ass get yo I thought I made it to the NBA HELL NO! You Just TRASH Even Lonzo Ball can beat yo ass TRASHY Ass Nigga

  23. Oscar Avelar

    Fool the fukkin beat tuff af still crank til dis day

  24. Johnny Taylor


  25. eddie walker

    bra that's my favorite player

  26. Ketra Watt

    Lil boom u suck at rapping😂

    Op Combos


  27. T J

    Cavs in 7 idgaf

  28. Ethan Gipson

    Steph curry ain't nothing Det is why LeBron James dunked on him and beat his stuff

  29. BradBloxGaming

    dont fuck bron bron fuck steph curry

  30. Braeden Mckevitt

    He is ten times better than you shut the he’ll up

  31. Jordan Taylor

    Lol why yall lowkey hating on Steph bc yall cant shoot 3's😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  32. Vegeta limit breaker

    Fuck KD was better

  33. HoodieVello


  34. NewMafiaOrder



    Fuck the whole Warriors roster. Blatant cheaters goons and cupcake dick riders.

  36. Jayden McCoy

    Now that is just wrong

  37. Dee Greer

    Hahahahahaha dis shit go HARD!!!!!

  38. Wendell And Tiara

    Fuck Steph Curry with his sorry ass

  39. aye yahzee

    fuck steph curry

  40. Funnykid Asp

    like boom and like boom boom boom bom

  41. Rafael !!!!

    This is one of the best songs


    Fuck GSW

  43. Zaniah Dempsey

    my nigga you ain't wrong his d needs to be exposed.

  44. adolfogarcia88

    The warriors won the 2017 finales

  45. T Wilson

    this song is dumb

  46. TariqNA

    You a bitch for saying fuck stephcurry

  47. Landen Hicks

    hater but you won't play him lil hater

  48. Kalayzia Stevens

    who ever made this song u a bitch

  49. Aceey G

    hate dis song

  50. aliyah !

    FUCK BRON BRON bc u dont talk about bo babys fuckk tht shit wrong who eva made this song go to hell fuckk but we took tht big ass W this year n Cavs to tht big ass L😭😂😂😂PERIOD

    J Pbb

    Baby Girl Liyah you just mad

  51. Bxcrimez 20

    Fuck Stephen curry

  52. RealpealGames HD

    tf is a boom ? lil boom bitch u bout ugly asf 🤧🖕🏽💯

  53. Abel Herrera

    curry my nigga and his daughter is going to grow up being a pimp

  54. Drado Gin

    Diss nigga a bitch fr

  55. Sxavi


  56. Itzamar Alvarez

    Still racism🤦‍♀️

  57. Joseph’s Temple

    We gotta get the 2nd wave started f Stephen curry 💯🖕

  58. Gage Groot

    yeah people hating on lebron

  59. Ruby Contreras

    fuck you

  60. 7 savage

    superkiller you the best I hate steph curry he sucks at every thing THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  61. Shemar Tv

    racists ass jit

  62. Keyoko Ward

    he don't suck u do

  63. Christian Edwards

    Racism he says Michael Jordan was black bron black so a light skin can't be great cuz he light skin?

    Teh God

    Christian Edwards Issa joke smh and they all black

  64. chris_v2002

    stephen curry is the best player

  65. Jason Merritt

    I know a song called fuck lil boom fuck lil boom lil boom a lil bitch for real he look like a tiki mask looking like donkey off shrek boy delonte west fucked on yo mom boy look like boy look like a bear from build a bear workshop boy look like Scooby Doo  Scooby Dooby doooooooo

  66. Solo Blue

    whats the instrumental in the beginning ?

  67. Shaqueata Bell

    Fuck you and lil bron bitch

  68. antionnetta brown-helm

    Steph Curry all day what you mean though

  69. Julie Forrest

    fucking racist

  70. LIL MURP


  71. JAY & LONDON

    Fuk bron

  72. vRxinnegan SG

    Lil boom: fuck curry
    Curry: met me on the court at 1:30pm
    Lil boom: mom Stephen curry broke my ankles call the ambulance

  73. Logan Gerhardt

    Fuck lil boom fuck lil boom

  74. Marcus Hampton

    Duck curry he ain't shit

  75. BboyMoneyy_ X

    He is gonna get in big trouble

  76. Luz Mattei

    yeah. Don't ever talk to Stephan Curry like that broke that's my favorite player on NBA LeBron James trash let me know what you talking about love boom haha that's why I said your name wrong little boy yeah boy don't talk to Stephan Curry first African broke LeBron James ankles are we man what you have to say of Stephan Curry man that's true bye if you say it's something talking about something again bro I'm jumpy I got my whole family I don't care how old you are or how young you are I'm just said that you said that because Stephan Curry's nice anyone all the Championships that's why you didn't get your facts straight and get your own Herobrine stream

    Teh God

    Luz Mattei Fuk curry

  77. Erika Huerta

    I hate the song and fuck you

  78. Derrick Jones

    This the best one out of the two he was dropping faxx 🎯

  79. stephen curry


  80. God Himself

    Dude was your mom home when u made this song because I turned my volume to MAX and it still sounds like your whispering

  81. nzzl1

    The wizards beat the warriors

  82. Aaliyah Ucles

    fuck lebron

  83. Charles Robinson

    if curry is the best why the cavs came back from a 3-1 huh

  84. Paine Boy

    stepen is the best

  85. Jaccori Hannah

    I would beat this nigga tail if he talk about my daughters

  86. mechanicaldummy

    fuck steph curry🔥🔥 but chill I'm lightskin too.😂😂

  87. Jackson Sexton

    U a bitch dude curry is still better than bron 😂

    Charles Robinson

    can I get some of what u been smoking because u high asf

  88. The giant Troll

    Lit asf

  89. MAL

    This "diss track" makes no sense

  90. Jaliyah Anderson

    fuck Bron bron

  91. Robert Shannon

    How can I get this on my channel anybody

  92. HBkTOXIC

    fuck lebron fuck ya talking ab

  93. Moker Vdb

    Still fuck bron bron till I die

  94. Tio Shaq

    Fuck James Harden pls

  95. Space Melo

    I like kyrie

  96. ahnesty tabannah

    Stephen curry is better then you am his biggest fan