Lil Boom - Already Dead Lyrics

(Boom, my mom loves you)
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

I be gone, I be stuck
Been gone, I'm gone, I'm done
Bitch hit me and she said she wanna fuck
Smokin' dope and it's fuckin' up my lungs
Countin' up like the first of the month
I'ma soak up the clout like a sponge
Put my dick in her mouth when she want
Put my dick in her mouth when she want

Gone, I'm gone, I'm done, I'm done
About to boot up on these niggas like Trunks, like Trunks
Praise the sun, Eskanor
About to fuck your bitch
Then she do my chores

Like uh...

Like satay satay satay satay satay satay satay
Nani nani nani nani nani nani nani
She gon' suck my dick and she gon' do it every Sunday
Bitch I want this 'Rari I'm so tired of this Hyundai

Like uh...

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Lil Boom Already Dead Comments
  1. Sofia

    love it

  2. mouse boy

    This is what i listened to when narancia died

  3. Zro Voltic

    It’s called Anime Thighs

  4. Kelis Mayo

    Omg I'm at the last part 😭😭😭 I've passed the 10 hour mark 😭😭😭 NOOOO I WANT IT TO BE LONGER

  5. Sz D

    I listen to this If I'm nervous af...

    thank u~

  6. Zeros Padthai


  7. Moonie.

    When i press 1,5x it looks like raps,when i press 2x more than rap!

  8. Marelda Tucker

    If you play it at 7.5 it sounds like one of those sad raps

  9. Mike212w

    Hmm reminds me of anime thighs from mc virgins

  10. An Owl with Glasses

    smallant1 stream is the only reason why I know this

  11. Nguyen Anh Dao

    this song maybe 10 hours but it cured my depression in 1minute

  12. Pig King

    Possibly the thinking that got me into watching anime

  13. Fabrício Moreira

    Música excelente

  14. Pandaz Panda

    The fact that the lyrics are depression.
    (Translate it yourself.)

    People say that it cures it-

  15. oof临骑士?哇男人

    Me: *gets stuck on a gta 5 Misson*
    Video: *play*
    Misson:Misson passed respect+

  16. Gabriel Gamer



    You're so cruel..why did you put ads on trying to sleep while listening on this..nah im just kidding just.....TELL ME WHY DID YOU PUT ADS ON IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  18. Mercvry

    Me at coffin: **died**

    mom on the funeral: he died to young **cry**

    Zero two on the funeral: i fell in love with him...

    Me on the coffin: **wake up** ok lets date on coffe shop

    Zero two: **visible confussion**

  19. Kaneki Ken

    The animation are cute man!

  20. Sebastían Yamil

    I saw it complete reading a book

  21. Ines Yauri Curihuaman

    Hola hagamos que todos los paises se junten asi que comenten con el idioma de su pais(si quieren ignorarme esta bien no me importa pero por lo menos no insulten)

  22. John Joe

    Everybody gangsta till anime girl start speaking enchantment table.

  23. FBI Me

    Lmao I only came here just cause of LG RAZZ:)

  24. Reira Reaperz

    This is so hype my shit is dancing

  25. SuperSuper-Z-Man

    The number of views though 🤣

  26. Reda Kadi

    Ever wondered why she has no feet?

    I know you are looking at that right now 🤣

  27. Max y Cristal

    hasta ya le duelen los pies

  28. Scribbles

    The song sounds really good in 1.25x playback speed

  29. pidiong Misola

    Nice song

  30. Isnandi AR

    DOCTOR : u have 10 hour to life!
    me : 10 HOUR Lil Boom - Already Dead

  31. Juan Broi

    Title: 10 hours of lil boom.
    And it's really 10 hours with 1 minute and 33 seconds.
    The perfectionists: I hope that HIV has this man.

  32. Carlos Miranda

    If your mad just listen to this

  33. Tails Is Scared

    I needed this

  34. Sisana Vargas

    Soy otaku

  35. the_dizzy_ducky

    No body is born cool well instead of people who grew up liking this song

  36. Ben Bryant

    I've listened to this for 5 hours and not skipped 10 seconds😂 will update when I get to the full 10 hours

  37. Байкер Vagos Mc

    Who is this music calms and relaxes like.☺️☺️☺️

  38. Goblok Lu

    today im at 5 hours xd

  39. Mei Callanan

    You know if you actually understand the words in Japanese well it’s TEN TIMES CUTER!!!!🥰

  40. Adam Summany


  41. Javier Díaz

    Putos otakus

  42. my heart.

    _100 hours please._

  43. daniella slater

    Shaggy: Zoinks scoobs where are we 
    Scooby: ru oh raggy rooks rike we made it to anime world

  44. Xoclis S

    Let me get a damn translation

  45. Reginald Crawford

    Hey Rian 😊

    Adrianna Rogers

    Hey babyyy

    Adrianna Rogers


    Reginald Crawford

    @Adrianna Rogers hey there lady.

    Adrianna Rogers

    @Reginald Crawford hey baby

  46. cavalo imundo

    eu gosto dessa musica eu sou gay?

  47. SadBoi

    I dunno why but i like it, my friend sent me this with message 'yes' and i understand now

  48. dxrk_lxvender

    no wonder why minecraft parrots like this song.

  49. christian rodriguez

    Kawaii sadness

  50. ShadowOFire

    Pues ya voy en 7:09 minutos , veremos que pasa

    Edit 1 : amigos voy por 1 hora ;( que procede

    Edit 2 : ya van 4 horas , mis oidos me duelen

    Edit 3 : amigos voy en 7 horas de esta mierda por favor no hagan lo mismo que yo

    Edit 4 : Ya no pitos aguanto !!! ayudaaaaaaaaaaa

    Edit 5 : faltan 2 minutos , si se puede

    Edit 6 : estoy trastornado

  51. Paulo Vendruscolo

    this song made me calm thx ^w^

  52. Desolation

    Dis bitch

  53. PiGuy 314

    don't mind me, just saving my place 1:05:47


  54. ツボルIAmIdiotがに

    so far im at 2:44:48 :/

  55. José rodolfo Chave cruz


  56. Robert Kress

    I netted to. The image

  57. Ķøűtä Ķüň

    Me encanta
    I lover

  58. Aswey Otaku

    Btw expect me here everytime someone is mean to me

  59. Aswey Otaku

    Gotta get to 2 hours, wish me luck

    Aswey Otaku

    My tablet is a toaster by now

  60. Bogumiła Krawczuk

    Cute :3

  61. luis felipe bezerra lino

    vcs n tem o que fazer ?

  62. Toshiro Ricky

    My record play : 1st 1:50:50

  63. I'm Everywhere

    Too short, wtf.

  64. RagsyBark

    hey so i listened to the entirety of this within the span of 2 days. can i collect my internet points now?

  65. Dr. Phil

    To the man who took my antidepressants I found plan B

  66. Jesus Estrada

    Shower color 4:27

  67. Jesus Estrada

    Cause she no hoe 3:03

  68. Donovan Lastrapes

    Doctor: you have 5 minutes left to live
    Me: *plays this*
    Doctor: that's 10 hours
    God: I'll allow it

  69. JPPM2K

    I sleep

  70. pin alina

    o((>ω< ))o

  71. Joshi Mac

    It sound better if u put playback speed to 1.25

  72. Nekromant

    10 часов потратил с умом

  73. uncle star

    Good night gamers

  74. Gemeline Vitalicio

    i like this song

  75. Brainlit


  76. anonima ????

    nadies habla español :v

  77. вика Лелекова


  78. вика Лелекова


  79. Dante Gomez

    Like si miras anime

  80. Sab0teur

    lol i am op in arsenal with this song maybe you will call it tryhard song

    add me if you want:BaconBoiWantRBX

  81. Ryan Pants

    My favorite part is the part where she said "Suudiecolodocotococadiecoloiwua."

    Edit: Also my second favorite part is when she does the thing with her arms.

  82. CAT-IS-CAT [GD]

    Hi my calm 10 hours without depression

  83. parallax_reisu

    Am I the only one who looked for this song for a month

  84. LUCAS FF 2

    Cuidado crianças. Isso deve ser um que negócio lá aqueles cara que gosta de pegar menina criança estupradores para ser exato, cuidado.

  85. cherry ann tan

    man i like this song it look like japanese song

  86. Lusi Cat

    *Omae wa mou*

  87. Khoi Khuu

    Kawail =~=

  88. Clumpy Alarm22

    Me:Wonders what this video is

    Hears music

  89. MachiChunky

    Check out new vid ''Nezuko Running for 10 hours''
    Btw ty for 5m view OwO

    Young Yuri

    Now is 8,9 m vievs xD

    Alfredo Santonanda

    Owo Owi

    Tayson Tatem

    My Moose milk better

    Hi it'sEVE_bang

    demon slayer

    Jason Cortez

    I like it