Lil Blurry - Young Bulls Lyrics

[Tootie Raww:]
Ayy, Blurry, you already know we got another one
Me and Lil Blurry, yeah, we poppin'
I know your girl, she be watchin'
I know you hate and you can't stop me
Me and Blurry, yeah, we wildin'

[Lil Blurry:]
Drop the top, I like the flex
You know that Lil Blur up next
I be gettin' to the money, I be gettin' to the checks
Your girl want VV's on her neck
She met Lil Blur, now she's blessed
Yeah, I pulled off in a spaceship, it look like a jet, like

Pulled off in a ghost just like a rocket
Keep 10 racks in my jeans, yeah, my pockets
Ayy, I'm skinny but my pockets, woah
I can't rock with the opps if I'm a bull

[Tootie Raww:]
A lot of money in my pockets
They call me Raww and my diamonds shinin'
Got so much money, that's why I don't need a wallet
It's me and Lil Blurry, I ain't lyin', yeah, we poppin'
And I say diamonds shinin', it hurt your eye lid, got you goin' blind
Me and Blurry, we be shinin', do it all the time'
Your girl lurkin' and I think a nigga caught her eye
Blurry, hold on, wait a minute, I think it's our time
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, why they hatin' on us?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we be stuntin' on them
Me and Blurry, I ain't lyin', we be at the [?]
And your girl, she be starin', yeah, I think she want me

[Lil Blurry:]
Pulled off in a ghost just like a rocket
Keep 10 racks in my jeans, yeah, my pockets
Ayy, I'm skinny but my pockets, woah
I can't rock with the opps if I'm a bull

Me and Tootie, we were chosen (Woah)
Summer time, but the chains was frozen (Yeah, yeah)
This the song that they knowin'
Yeah, yeah, that they knowin'
Yeah, rockin' if you can't swim
All my diamonds be dancin'
Move my family into a mansion
That will be the main mission
She love the way I be spittin'
We just some young bulls tryna live, yeah

Pulled off in a ghost just like a rocket
Keep 10 racks in my jeans, yeah, my pockets
Ayy, I'm skinny but my pockets, woah
I can't rock with the opps if I'm a bull

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Lil Blurry Young Bulls Comments
  1. Shane Snyder

    song lit

  2. hellasnufkin •

    Weird how he barley in puberty he is like in highschool

  3. Baller Squad

    Lil blurry doesn’t think before he talks

  4. Adrian Miller

    This like actually kinda good

  5. EX_BigSmoke YT

    He’s so assssssssssssssssssss

  6. Nmbr3rteen BMMR

    This a joke right?

  7. Amir Ray

    hold up I think little blurry just farted that sit called lil tottie

  8. Jake Fishy

    No cap he has good beats but his lyrics suck

  9. BBM marr

    Raww good but blurry need to dtipt

  10. Mark Riveira

    This is so tacky lol just sayin the same shit the other 1000 wack rappers. Cheesy ass line “my diamonds are dancin “, wtf heard that shit a million times

  11. Jimmitheasshole

    Great use of the little guys bar mitzvah money

  12. Tamara Littlejohn

    I like this song lb and tr

  13. Daphanie sykes

    This song with just Tootie would be a hit

  14. Fortnite Engine

    0:29 best part

  15. Lavett Knuckles

    Wanna be nba young boy

  16. Connor Rooney

    The auto toon like to much

  17. kacperdunkz


  18. Carter Worman

    Why was he wearing glasses inside but not out?

  19. Elizabet Mazariegos

    How old are you agian

  20. banzz .2x

    Im a rapper too banzz.2x check me out

  21. Juwaixz 999


  22. Noahhh Smithington

    When you get an A star in science

  23. LaMelo Dropped 92

    Tootie look like a 13 year old dababy

    Michael Miller

    LaMelo Dropped 92 lmfaooooooo

  24. shamario tennant

    Lil Blurry sownd cool

  25. The real SMKEXLUSV

    Prod. Based1 and pilgrim

  26. alex tavito perez

    He said I can’t rock wit the opps boy u ain’t now shit 😂🤣😭

  27. Page_ Bloom

    Tootie is the ni*** if he let's blurry say ni*** I'll share this

  28. TSM_Adub

    When you find out you're 2% black

  29. Deartis Williams


  30. Caden Soden

    This shit trash

  31. michael Johnson

    Tootie raw (you get it)

  32. Mxnace

    It was fye when his voice turned deep

  33. DaddyKush 420

    For the age, its pretty good. Lets see better from yall hatin 😂😂

  34. Amare S

    My cousin loves this song

  35. plasticstraw33 ·

    He looks like a little dababy

  36. Yung Dagger

    This dude is 13

  37. lilseasicks gameing

    0:23 through 2:21 is the good part

  38. Zechariah Permul

    Bro love your songs😜🎶

  39. Nole Pearson

    Is he really 13

  40. Koto

    if tootie raww wasn’t on this song, then this would be an automatic add to my playlist

  41. raccoonToons

    b l u r r ë

  42. Aidan Dior

    this was lil blurry’s best song but tootie ruined it tbh if Xavier weeks or someone else was in it then it would match the flow and be 100x better

  43. Joshh ___

    0.36 hits puberty

  44. Deku FN

    Lil blurry look like faze megga no cap

  45. Felix Rios

    This is ass lil blurry quit rapping


    when you grow your first pube

  47. hyprax deadlight

    Im cringing my life

  48. hyprax deadlight

    For fuck sakes these little dumbass kids need to learn that rapping is not for any retarded kids to decide oh imma be a rapper. FUCK NAH fucking stop making music its trash

    Foofoo And frinds

    Wat you mean

    hyprax deadlight

    @Foofoo And frinds i mean this trash but only retarded people listen to this shit so whatever

  49. RV3RSE D4RK

    His voice is high for a 14 yo

  50. CaidynMadeSMK

    blurry good buh he need to work on them dance moves ong

  51. hanaaakkky tank

    About time someone dissed Matt ox

  52. Eddie Lopez

    Dont come for matt ox I'll come to your house and beat yo noodle ass

  53. Darkbone360 kingsavage

    Good job

  54. Joel Sskdjdb

    This was The worst song ever wtf

    Foofoo And frinds

    Wat you mean

  55. eric quinajon

    Lil blurry and ysn flow?

  56. Xochitl Hillburn

    Lil blurry good. Poppy rawwwwww trash

  57. IIPain

    when the black and ghetto white make a project togheter

  58. Pillz

    1:33 he hit puberty for like 2 secs lmao

  59. Nope Xx

    Who else thinks lil blurry is cute tho😍👋🏻

  60. Conner Adams

    tootie ruined this song though his voice doesn't sound good with autotune he just doesn't have a voice for music

  61. Aaron Thompson

    young balls

  62. Xochitl Hillburn

    you suck

  63. Karen Norwood

    what the fuck

  64. kendreicka flint

    when u dont know what else you can say oh wait me and blurry

  65. Chek [BRAWL STARS]

    Cool glasses!!!!


    Tootie why you stop bad kids

  67. Santana Adriel

    Yeah I agree

  68. Isaac Chavez

    I beat my meat to u

  69. Angelo Esponda


  70. Faze

    How many times did he say meh and blurry

  71. Gabriel Melero

    Wyo chi better I'm not hatin tho👀

  72. I'm golden I'm a bot

    How many times he going to say blurry but the song go hard

  73. Upright Gaming

    Damm he hit puverty

    Bobby Johnson

    Lil blerry is the best raper and tootie raww i like how you rap together

    Upright Gaming

    @Bobby Johnson WTF

  74. Omni Gaming

  75. Omni Gaming

  76. Lucas Huston

    lil blurry up next 🔥

  77. JuanIsHere YT

    Why is it that Tootie Raw looks like DaBaby in a kid version

  78. Devil Xxx

    This is how many time tootie raw said me and blurry🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. Ninja

    When your a Fortnite montage rapper

  80. G_ Muffin

    You sure he ain’t da baby

  81. Tobias Fasdal

    Lil Blurry is best to sing

  82. Brian Pulido

    Auto tune check
    Rich parents check
    V bucks check
    Trash check
    Blow up check

  83. B L A Z E

    All blurry did was make a x with his arms the whole vid

  84. SoAr Reckzo

    ya girl want vv’s other neck 0:28

  85. Cracked OnSwitch

    I love how tootie hit puberty but lil blurry still soundin like a 3 yr old😭

  86. Hemispherical

    i had 5 seizures watching this

  87. Anarchy 21

    Damn,Lil pump better

  88. big baller

    That boosie son

  89. Jacob Garces

    Worst song ever

  90. Candy White

    I can't rock with a ox
    Matt ox come back with a banger No hate to tootie or blurry

  91. Mr. Clean

    Blurry and I*

  92. Anthony Ayala

    Bro did I hear right or did he say "she meet lil boat (lil yatchy ) now she's black"



  94. Katie Palmer

    Oh hell no you did not just diss Matt ox he be getting more money since you were alive kid! Fucking brat you ain't bout nuin.

  95. breezy_ j

    tootie is supposed to be 16.....

  96. Jabez Sembegere

    Culture Vulture ft Sellout

  97. lisa m matrice

    Nice shit

  98. KgZlos

    Both lil blurry and tootie went off