Lil Bibby - Ridah Lyrics

I won't change, trap hard
Turn a quarter ounce to a whole thing
Ain't no shame with my game
Young nigga take a loss and don't complain
Street nigga, Glock-9, Tec-9
Keep with us, beef with us
My squad a bunch of lions in the jungle
Fuck nigga can't eat with us
Got dope, coke, kush, dro, for the low
Need somethin'? Let me know
I'm out of town in the stu'
Still trappin', fuck nigga just called broke
Let's make it happen, callin' plays, young Madden
Most wanted, Bin Laden
Young niggas come through
Try to run, red dot, real master
Got foreign cars, foreign clothes, foreign hoes
Extended clips, foreign poles
Real shit, real hittas, doin' hits
Murk niggas, never told
Got a 50 shot Glock .40 with a drum
Hop out, nigga run
Niggas know where I stay
I ain't worried about shit, let 'em come
Got Mac-10s, ARs, AKs, FNs, my best friend
I keep a gun, sleep with guns
Dumb nigga, try your luck, step in
Fully auto, double trigger, tappin' ones
Hollow tips catch ten

It's my ambitions as a rider (my ambitions as a rider)
My ambitions as a rider (my ambitions as a rider)
My ambitions as a rider (my ambitions as a rider)
My ambitions as a rider (my ambitions as a rider)
My ambitions as a rider, don't get fired up (don't get fired up)

I pull up with Lil G, and G Slim, and Lil Squeak
Slide down on Lamron, Lil Reese throwin' up two threes
Young boss with the two T's
I stay countin' that blue cheese
Niggas said they gon' do me
So I ride around with a few heats
Been paranoid for like two weeks
In the van with that .223
Spent 30k on my neck bitch
Try to rob me? Gotta shoot me
Don't fuck around with no rap niggas
I post up with them crack dealers
Young niggas that jack niggas
And ride around and whack niggas
Still bumpin' that Illmatic in traffic
Glock-20 that's still in plastic
Thick bitch, she real rachet
I'mma still smash it
Got all eyes on me
Niggas act like they know me
Bibby, I'm a young OG
I don't fuck with no police
No we don't play them games nigga
We don't fuck with no lames nigga
Sit your five dollar ass down before I make change nigga
You lookin' just like a stain nigga

It's my ambitions as a rider (my ambitions as a rider)
My ambitions as a rider (my ambitions as a rider)
My ambitions as a rider (my ambitions as a rider)
My ambitions as a rider (my ambitions as a rider)
My ambitions as a rider, don't get fired up (don't get fired up)

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Lil Bibby Ridah Comments
  1. Kenneth Taylor

    Chi-raq stand up

  2. Kameron Bradford

    Who here 2020?

  3. James Webster

    Favorite drill rapper besides Pappy,BU,LA,Duck,Wooski,and Taysav.

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    U can’t handle the funk

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    Niggas act like they know me 💯💯

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    Yooo mannn drop a instrumental links if y’all have any of this track!!!!!

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    Bibby come on dawg wya mane 🗣

  8. MH VisionZZ


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    Bibby, We love you from the King and Queen. Bismillah! Allah!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Don Maliki300

    He cold!

  11. Don Maliki300

    This is the most mind blowin song evuh!!!

  12. Don Maliki300

    Allah you are Our Savior!

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    2019 here

  14. Kameron Bradford

    Who going still be here 2020

  15. Justin Balog

    Who else be still bumping this to this day

  16. Tony McCloud

    Mf most def will risk it all fw Bibby🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. Acid Dropper

    This song is so underrated 😭😭😭😭

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  19. James Davis

    Nowadays you can't pick a fight like you use to... Young thunda cats is crazy....

  20. Lil Tayski

    This shit need more den 3 million views shit need a good 20M 💯

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    This is fire keep spitting that shit 1300

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    Figure this label shit out i needa new FC

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    Who here in july 2019👀

  25. Amari DeRosa

    This will for ever be my fav song bibby, shit still goes in 2019

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    1:00 to 1:17 is the best part

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  28. Major Success

    Lil Bibby need to start rapping again

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    Fr does anyone know the car he was in?!?!

  30. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


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    bibby crazy 😵😵😵😵

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    FGB kinloch Berkeley

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    🙏🍼👣🎧🎤🐰fantasy wow both boys love you guys my ambition of ridah 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  34. Exclusive QP

    His voice goes hard alone, that flow make that nigga raw

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    I used to listen to this when i was nine

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    Been paranoid for like 2 weeks, in the van with that .223

  39. Diego Tamez

    Tupac at the end was tellin the whole truth about gangsters these days about runnin to their trunk for some ammunation when they hop out a fight.

  40. Pablo Houdini

    Chicago full of OG kings

  41. Game Fame

    He say slide down on lamron lil reese throwing up 2 3’s🔥

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    1.25x speed🔥🔥

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    Slamming big rakes!

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    Payed homage to the goat #Tupac

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    This Video Deserves More Views This Song 🔥


    !Yea It Do. It Only Got 2. Close To 3Million Views.

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    Song is fire frfr

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    Robert Love u tired


    !His Chain Was Neva Snatched. They Was Fightin' Security Guards.

  52. Nic Lopez

    His music isn’t the only thing that’s evolving man looks at Bibbys hairline from now to back then

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    Bibby best out right now


    Terror town stones Eastside chicago to EastMemphis biby best ⛤🔥💯


    ⭐ #MoeTown ⭐ !Chicago Southside.

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    Shit fire asf

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    "!Slide Down On Lamron. Lil'Reese Throwin' Up Two 3's." 🔥🎶 #BD

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    The bds love Bibby

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    All bibbys music sound the same these days

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    Bibby for President 2020

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    who listening in April 2018?

    Dat's Stupid Son #RIPX

    WhosRawwr July

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    bibby is russel simons

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    Fernando blanco

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    im also gay


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    For the low
    The greatest

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    Sooo Wavy

    Jonathon Capelluto no nigga

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    A year later and this shit still STUPID CRANK

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    one of the best rappers coming from chiraq today

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    Song fire asl ion give no fucks what any average ass nigga gotta say fuck them 150 NLMB 👿

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    Was that Tupac talkin around the end?


    Greg Martin yes

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    0:06 Just now realizing they put Capo in the video .. R.I.P.

    it really shouldn't have been Capo