Lil Bibby - John Snow Lyrics

(The lord let you come back for a reason)
They think you are some kind of God. It's completely fucking mad, it seems to me. I can only imagine how it seems to you. The man who returned from the dead

I got 'em like damn, who is that boy from the 'Go
He steady switchin' his flow
Pull up the show, he rockin' all of this gold
Why is he soundin' so old?
Nobody knows, nobody knows
Told 'em fuck all of these clothes, just give me the dough
I just been stackin' this print like the Jon is comin'
I'm in Chiraq coolin', countin' hundreds
Like Rob who? Boy don't no dummy
Please don't run up on 'em, keep a gun up on 'em
Like bah-bah-bah, 30 on me, I'll murder homie
You prolly shoulda been a good friend
Now it's blood on my new Timbs
I be with killers like fuck a security
Shots to the buster's security
Thuggin', I hang with my brother cause that nigga love me
We gettin' somethin', I know I ain't comin'
I know he ain't runnin'
He just let off 100 if I say let off 100
And I put loyalty way before royalty
Love for my niggas is right under money
I stay in the city and I ride dolo
Cruisin' the streets and it's just me and.44
Keepin' it low-low
My nigga got caught with some dope and I think that he work for the po-po
I'm still in the street
Dressed in all black with my niggas, I'm tryna get ready to beef
Remember them nights I didn't even eat, trapped in the snow and I can't feel my feet
They calling me Bibby the King, please stop with the memes
These niggas think it's a joke, we totin' Glocks with the beams
These niggas act like they real, but they are not what they seem
These niggas dying their dreads, tell me what's wrong with they heads?
My flow Notorious, I hang with warriors
You don't want war with us, nah
You wanna go with us, go ahead and blow with us
We gon' come back doin' fine
Fine-fine-fine, and I put that on Allah
You little niggas shouldn't even try
It's guaranteed niggas'll die
Yeah I'm a crack baby, I'm bout to go crazy
The industry made me insane
I hang with lucifer, we'll come shoot at ya
Bitch I will die for my gang
Can you help me find me a brain
I cannot remember my name
I think I done lost it
I don't what they call me but you can just call me the king

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Lil Bibby John Snow Comments
  1. XZiD

    Fucking feel bro

  2. Reesemoney 1400

    This shit had like 2 mil at one point yo 🤦🏿‍♂️🖕🏿

  3. Timmy Heelein

    Why is he so underrated.?! He sounds way better than any auto tune rapper. Come back Bibby. We need good music

    AnTic BmO

    Timmy Heelein I know i don’t understand either🤷🏽‍♂️ he has the talent , his day will def come tho 💯💯🔥

    Wise Guy

    Timmy Heelein this shit dope as fuck, I remember when it dropped and I first heard it

    Dominic Brogsdale

    Man u aint never lie i dont listen to these new rappers but him he 🔥 🔥 🔥

  4. DabF

    The ending tho ×D

    Dean Allen Richardson I.

    For real. I was like WTF?


    oh hi lmfao


    Yo wtf lol


    well hello dab



  6. Isaac Nieves

    The guy in the video with the long hair is from the Show on Netflix The Last kingdom


    I hope you're off whatever crack you were when you wrote this

    صۣۗہيۣۗہآدُ آلهۣۗہيۣۗہآطۣۗہ{الغـيـلان}

    @Rome- lol

    sage mode

    Stop doing crack or coke u junkie bitch ,white kkk ass

    That Gas Tho

    @Rome- 💀💀💀😂😂