Lil Bibby - Can't Trust A Soul Lyrics

Huh, I say we back on that other shit
Squad shit, that gang shit
Huh, look, check

I feel like a God or a king
In the Chi bet you ride with them things
See an opp then we makin' a scene
Hundred shot, put your Glock on the screen
You an opp if you not with the team
I just went copped a few Glocks with the beams
I just talked to 2Pac in a dream
Told me "keep grindin', keep doin' your thing"
Back in this bitch, I got weight on my shoulders
Bitch I'm No Limit, don't play with my soldiers
Check my truck, I got the cash, groceries
If I catch an opp then I'm fuckin' him over
Don't fuck with witness unless they Jehovah
We want your block, we gone take this shit over
Young nigga get off the weight like I'm Oprah

They callin' me Bibby The Great
I just might pull on your block in a Wraith
I hang with the lions and apes
Dressed up in Bape, pipes on our waist

I get the drop where he stay
Come in your house for the safe
Send all your shooters my way
I go Tony Montana no scar on my face
Only thing that I could trust is my lama
Bitch I don't even put trust in my momma
I'm public enemy like I'm Osama
Worthless lil nigga, pops shoulda wore a condom
All my niggas, they back on that nonsense
I get you jacked for your profits
I get you whacked with no problem
Cause a savage can't handle my conscious

Ohhhh, ohhhh
I can't trust a soul, I can't trust a soul, oh no
I can't trust a bitch, I can't trust a soul, oh no
I can't trust a soul, I can't trust a soul, oh-oh-oh
Niggas plottin', yeah they want me gone, they want me gone
I can't trust a soul, I can't trust a soul, oh no
I can't trust these niggas, I can't trust these hoes
I can't trust a soul, I can't trust a soul, oh no

VVS on my chest, my heart cold as ice
Hear that voice in my head, call it Poltergeist
You a bitch like your girl, man y'all both alike
If the cops pull me over, I know the rights
Like you think you tough cause you on the pipe
Sneak diss again now they stole your life
Please do not tote the pipe, you ain't gonna blow the pipe
Show your rights, show your rights, show your rights
Hollow tips all in the sig
I might have to smoke me a pig
Coppers been killin' them kids
I swear that this shit gettin serious
So please do not play with my niggas
I went to the store, bought some K's for my niggas
I make sure everything straight for my niggas
If money get low, rob a bank with my niggas

Ohhhh, ohhhh
I can't trust a soul, I can't trust a soul, oh no
I can't trust a bitch, I can't trust a soul, oh no
I can't trust a soul, I can't trust a soul, oh-oh-oh
Niggas plottin', yeah they want me gone, they want me gone
I can't trust a soul, I can't trust a soul, oh no
I can't trust these niggas, I can't trust these hoes
I can't trust a soul, I can't trust a soul, oh no

I said I'm back bitch, you hear what the fuck I'm sayin'? I said I'm fuckin' back, you know how I fuckin' rock man. Boss gang, boss gang shit, ya hear? Ayy

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Lil Bibby Can't Trust A Soul Comments
  1. Shihab Jjj

    Boby bitch

  2. Shihab Jjj


  3. Shihab Jjj

    Fuck alll yallll

  4. Malik Muhammad

    Hits on Jacob Wood!

  5. Alex One-shot

    Homie just talking on the track bodyind it

  6. Aparis Nedd

    His voice dont match how he look he sound like he look ugly and big. But he so damn cute 😍😍😍

  7. Ryan Maynard

    Who still here?


    Bibby the GREAT!!!!!!


    Bibby been goin crazy they don't know



  11. Cris Dominguez

    Still here in 2019💯

  12. ᴄᴛʙ ErrorL

    2020 Gang!

  13. iFendii

    Prettyboyfredo from 2k16??

  14. Perfect Imperfection

    I'm public enemy like I'm Osama. 1K

  15. Kenneth Taylor

    I can't trust a soul

  16. Rafi Rahmani

    Lil bibby a very dangerous nigga

  17. therealspleen52

    i swear ill be a bibby fan till i die, RIP JUICE WORLD.

  18. YB Loki

    2020 😖🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Riiio McLovin

    CLASSIC 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  20. jaymitch777

    2020 still listening to

  21. Sam Baloyi

    This dude looks nothing like how his voice sounds

  22. Honda’s Up

    Bring this to Apple Music slat

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    Boss shit!!

  24. Azazel

    Big Buckz 💯 #Legend

  25. Young Savage Vevo

    I'm still here alone💪🙄

  26. Omid Sarmastzada

    This is real gangsta song

  27. Pierce Peel

    I get you whacked with no problem, cause a savage can’t have no conscience 🔥

  28. Oumar Mohamed

    That street shit makes me to feel good and makes me want to shoot somebody

  29. Sammie 2 Wheels

    Is this song on Apple Music ..? Or is it under a different name on Apple Music ..?

  30. Hunter Strand

    these are the jackass that should be frontline in ww3

  31. Malik Muhammad

    Life is not a gamble or a game.

  32. Jose Tovar Sanchez

    Les vacanses avec toi

  33. lastking8923

    Why ain’t this on Spotify?

  34. Mw3TheBestCodEver !

    Apple Music plz

  35. xPoiSin

    damn this shit make sad, i miss early 16’

  36. Marcus Velez

    Still Jammin 2020 💯👊✊

  37. Pandora Morrissette-Hill

    But he fell off tho but still gang gang


    Coldb Bloodedd he didn’t fall off, he stopped rapping to become a record company executive

  38. Jeremiah Trevino

    this beat is scary

  39. david aguilar

    HOW U GONNA STOP making 🔥 SHIT LIKE THIS 🤦🏽‍♂️

  40. Omid Sarmastzada

    When you made a gang *-*

  41. gaming Nerd

    My ocelot listened to this, it became a cat

  42. Baer 5000

    2019 we herr

  43. Amazing Amy

    When you let these country niggas and bitches gas you up. That shit gets no play over here.

  44. Steven Jackson

    Still roxkin wit bibby 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥love to da niggas in khiraq niggas katkhin more bodies den da real Iraq 💯 585

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    3.7k Trusted a Soul

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    When we gonna get some heat bibby

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    why go back to the loneliness, you know im retarted.

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    Them Lil Niggas look like Straight ASSASSINS...!!! REAL 🔫 NO CAP!!
    WTF They Get Dem Army 🔫 From

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    Shii nobody knows it but young juice wrld is in some of lil bibby songs

    Percocet King

    Kado Goated Family where

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    Nigga got that lil rap money and did what mfs supposed to do...GO TO COLLEGE!!! 😂😭

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  55. moneybagg kween

    🗣fav bibby song

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    I’m still pissed that this isn’t on Spotify

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    🔥 🔥 🔥


    I still cant believe the sample from final fantasy

  59. Abraham Velasco

    “Can’t trust a soul” yet there’s like 20 souls in the video 💀

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    Still waiting on FC4

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    2019 shit Bibby where you at we gotta make this cash💯

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    Free Bibby

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    Somebody put this on Spotify 🔥

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    Only the real bibby fans still waiting for free crack 4🔥🔥

    Yes Sir

    For a fact

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    Bibby stay banging through my speakers

  70. TurningPoint God

    Near the end he sounds like he got possessed

  71. DJx

    I can’t trust a soul that looks like he’s 10 but sounds like he’s 40!

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    019 still here!

  73. Sapphire Gurule

    Lil reese original cant trust a soul get em out my face

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    Rip black 4

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    Love his voice and swag omg bae

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    Sᴛɪʟʟ Jᴀᴍᴍ'ɴɴ 2019🔊🎧💛

  77. Camar Dawson

    Only real Bibby fans still here💯

    Melissa Andrew

    @Clarence White is that why there been no new video on this channel for like 2 years

    Jonathan Nieto

    @Major Pain lol STFU

    Marquiz Sierra

    And we ain’t goin no where

    Gus No Lackin

    Word i remember when this dropped 2 days late from my bday but this was the shit still is 💯one of bibbys best

    Valente Castillo

    LuckyyGotKush he can’t release new music because of a record deal he gotta wait till it’s over

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    "I can't trust A soul" lets 6 dudes with guns dance around behind him


    Dat hook fire

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    Who still can’t trust a soul In 2k19 ?

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    2019 BITCH !!!

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    Here in 2019, because this jant fire!!!

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