Lil Bibby - Ballin' Lyrics

[Hook - Lil Bibby:]
My bitch hatin' she like, "You think you tha shit now"
And I can spend 10 on my wrist now
I pull up in them cars wit tha tints now
Turnt up. They like, "Boy you need to sit down"
Nowww, Now
Young nigga takin' trips now
Nowww, Now
I ain't gotta worry bout shit now

[Verse 1 - Lil Bibby:]
I'm the shit now, they on my dick now
I ain't gotta go out lookin' for a lick now
Haters pissed now, they got big frowns
Overload the trap, throw my niggas 10 pounds
Make it flip, show you how to stack them chips
I ain't used to havin' shit
Turned that, into this
And my brother want a whip
So I told him go an' get it
They say the limit is the sky
I tell my niggas its No Limit
Wait. They don't get it
Yeah I used to serve the midget
Stackin' money to the ceiling
Now my features is 4 digits
Catch Bibby in the kitchen
I just get it, then I whip it
Then I dish it to my youngins
Then they flip it
Let's get it


[Verse 2 - Chase:]
People actin' stranger since I got this paper
My chick bad, she is danger
And my chains a glacier
Politics stay talkin' shit
No scholarship, still stupid rich
We poppin' more champagne, they reppin' our campaign
My chicks into fashion, my car is a dragon
My wrist a ballerina, my diamonds dancin'
My squad ball, you just a towel boy
Lil Bibby strapped like a cowboy
Bad bitches only, standards
You niggas broke, fractured
Ohhh my team is major, and these niggas hate it
Money talks, money on me man that's a fashion statement
Hit the scene stylin', money stay pilin'
Niggas want features, it costs you a thousand
Smooth Operator, never asking favors
Kill the club scene, nigga you could meet ya maker


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