Lil Bibby - Arab Buddy (Skit) Lyrics

[Arab buddy:] You know, in my country they are [?] I don't know about roll, I don't know about butler, oh! Hello, how are you doing today buddy?
[Man:] I'm doing fine
[Arab buddy:] What would you like today?
[Man:] I see you got that free crack, what you want for it?
[Arab buddy:] The free crack merchandise? I got everything you need here, just what ever your heart desires
[Man:] Okay thank you, can't wait
[Arab buddy:] I've heard about this Bibby. This Bibby he is a, he is what you say in my country, a Taliban,
because of the choppers and the shooting and the killing, it's just the same
[Man:] Can we speed this up please?
[Arab buddy:] Okay, alright

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