Lil Berete - Turn Up Lyrics

What I want yeah

Tell shawty Imma hustler, aye
Bitch you got me trippin' got me fucked up, aye
I just wanna pull up in a drop top, aye
Smoking on this weed I be burn up
Shawty I be burn up
My team we be turn up
Your team I can't hear ya', I can't hear ya'
My team we be turn up
Your team I can't hear ya'
I'm tumpin' on this leaf I be burn up

She know Ima skrrt off
When I'm talking to the plug
We be on that bird talk
Shawty talkin' shit but I already heard ya'
Mamma told me realize 'cause they hungry for a murda', for a murda'
She gon' do the squad, yeah she do it on purpose
Ill go do it nigga you know I ain't nervous
Thank god for my mamma
I 'member going to school nigga with a dolla'
It was just me on the lows with Montana
Finally I did it nigga only with no father
Mamma told me if you start it better fuckin' finish up
Screaming free my bros out the feds so they can live it up
2K17 nigga you know I ain't giving up
Sticking to my bros 'til we hearing how we comin' up
They didn't wanna listen so you know I'm fuckin' kickin' up yeah
I'ma kick the door you know I'm comin' up

Tell shawty Imma hustler, aye
Bitch you got me trippin' got me fuck up, aye
I just wanna pull up in a drop top, aye
Smoking on this weed I be burn up
Shawty I be burn up
My team we be turn up
Your team I can't hear ya', I can't hear ya'
My team we be turn up
Your team I can't hear ya'
I'm tumpin' on this lean I be burn up

Nigga know what it is
I be burn up
What I want
Gang gang

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Lil Berete Turn Up Comments
  1. Amanixtbsm

    Proper fresh young talent!!! Supporting you all the way- from London x

  2. MrDawson777

    Those Toronto Somalis look scary 😨

  3. zack makkai

    drop on soundclouddd

  4. walied wahab

    What happened to u berete 😓

  5. 6auga

    nyeah ehh

  6. Keegan Spada

    still goes hard

  7. Zetroo

    Where it all started..

  8. WassiTracks. Co


  9. Rick Fountain

    Rep regent but where is the in all these videos. I haven't seen any

  10. Fjjeidid Rjdicudjfjd

    Lol aceer
    Ur gona get smoked jn

  11. MerKeD- SniPerX


  12. Devon Myers

    Lol man's got loud hanging out his hoodie 😂😂👌

  13. Shadman Shan

    2 years of turnup blessed anniversary💝

    Tdot's most hated

    lmao real shit I remember when it first dropped I called him being the next rapper to make it outta the city I still think he will make it before french loco houdini why g pressa n shit

  14. Unkn1

    2 years already time flies

  15. walied wahab

    Best lil berete no cap 🧢

  16. Afghani Coonery

    Best song of urs no cap 🧢

  17. Arshaddid you know the best fighter B

    ine the best fighter

  18. OsoWxvy

    The SmokeDawg cosign hit him hard Puffy Lz too. Thats how i found out about berete

  19. Nade

    put this on apple music

  20. solomon ramirez

    still slaps

  21. Gogetta

    thank god fo my mamma i remember goin to school nigguh wit a dollar

  22. DW About It

    why isnt this on spotify and apple music

  23. K Jeezy

    Tell that shorty imma hustlaa
    Bitch you got me trippin, got me fuck up.

  24. Courzy

    Where it all started 💰

  25. YoungBloodCripTyrone

    u smell

  26. The God Peso

    I jus wanna droooopppp toooppp

  27. Daniel McCauley

    the flow is real even back then this kid gonna be special very soon

  28. Silverce

    2019 and still goes hard


    Silverce faxs

    Young Boy Yeds

    Kids like you have something I like to call “gay”

  29. Tdot's most hated

    remember watching this vid when MO-g shouted them out on his ig and it had like 7k views. I deadass called him being the next big thing from toronto just from this vid and tbh i think i can say im right.

  30. Paul Stiers

    This shit slaps

  31. One7onthe beat

    If it was on Wshh would blow 100%

  32. Hie Hoe

    this sounds like his song ball

  33. F996 Lazer

    Got my fck dup💯

  34. Ethan Linklater

    My team we be turn up
    Your team I can't hear ya', I can't hear ya'

  35. Sean Smith

    Windsor 💯🇨🇦

  36. Peter Quistgard

    This some hella dope shit for sure 100 percent
    Toronto real

  37. Everett Clements

    Wish it was longer n Ik 1 year ago

  38. Samson Time Travler

    Free The Waz💯💯


    Who tf is that

  39. Drac AQUA

    fire track🔥🔥🔥

  40. Samson Time Travler

    Free The Waz

  41. Nathan Okura

    Drop this shit on Spotify

  42. Tyler Jordan

    Lil berete way better then nba youngboy

  43. THE HUB

    Am in the video🖑

  44. Young Ra

    He needs to blow up for real

  45. Kendall Gee

    When is this gonna be on Apple Music ??

  46. Lb Frmthero

    Yo i love this song

  47. Ahmed ally

    we have to give jimmy brooks the credit he deserves because this wouldn't have happened if jimmy brooks wasn't there he's the GOAT jimmy

  48. Ahmed ally

    Why hasn’t he blown up already

  49. Rayner Rahman

    Amazing song better hes the sickest rapper alive better than 6ix nine

  50. Shade Duchesne

    bitch u got me trippin, got me fucked uppp

  51. Shade Duchesne

    lil berete come out wit some new bangers plsss 🔥🔥 this is fire styll, im syl bumpin in 2k18 fam

  52. Buffalo Sabers

    Lets turn up$$$$$

  53. Buffalo Sabers

    The beat is ok

  54. P Doucey

    How aren't you more famous.holy!!! your music is fire

  55. Jakob smith

    did he say smoking all this lean?

    YourRAGES Bodyguard

    Jakob smith yuh

    Paul George

    Tumping all this leaf

    LRY On the Come Up

    Jakob smith leaf*

  56. paul crespo

    0:29 whos that mandem that looks lost with a cigar filled with no weed :'D :'D :'D

    Tdot's most hated

    lmfaooo i saw the same thing. wasteyute put the empty wood in his mouth and took it out 1 second later. posers

  57. 1000 subs without a video

    After 7 months I just noticed how it looks like this was edited on PowerPoint dkm

    Paul George

    1000 subs without a video came a long way


    Lil Berete- Turn up Instrumental now on our channel

  59. Darius T

    never a dull moment with lil berete

  60. zach frankland


  61. Do Minh

    When the guy gets slapped at 0:27 it made me have a good laugh n made my day fr.
    Thats having good friends to laugh with , keep it up bro . Love from winnipeg !!!

  62. Jawing


  63. L.Berete officiel


  64. jacob smith


  65. joseph gauer

    0:48 mo-g still in the background

  66. The Best Musics Channels

  67. Z0J

    At 1:11 you can see mo-g playing the tv screen

  68. Zach Wesley

    Was here at 30k views damn let's go Tdot

  69. jahs7760 jahs7760

    This video is so lit and fire 🔥💰💯💯💰

  70. Tier Lier

    For some reason i think of The Akon of regent park hardd big tune yute errrr

  71. ThnxM8

    time to sleep

  72. Joseph Goralczyk

    This song needs to be on spotify

  73. Tier Lier

    Him & goodz my fav rite now he had more bangerz tho

  74. hfdydxydxy

    Where can i buy ?

  75. Jay Monias

    Shits banging! out here in Winnipeg !!

  76. Michael Asante

    this is a banger

  77. Jerry Whittaker

    Put this on apple music asap! Got love from Atlanta 💯

  78. Elijah M

    Shits actually good. I don't really like to rep Toronto rappers but this isn't bad. I really like this track. From NYC btw

    Tdot's most hated

    only rappers from here worth listening are probably berete,houdini,french, and loco city.


    @Tdot's most hated Houdini trash

    Tdot's most hated

    @Ali i dont even listen to houdini like that. I just said hes probably worth listening cause the city fw him heavy


    @Tdot's most hated ye I feel dat


    @Tdot's most hated no cap berete disappointed me, thought he would have been worldwide by now but he fucked himself over with back to back subpar music

  79. Jays

    bitch u got me trippin u got me fucked up all i wanna do is pull up in a drop top...

  80. Stephen Mader

    Great song! 😀


    This nigga wayy harder than pressa & his annoying ass voice!

  82. Tier Lier

    Heavy Like Lead

  83. Red Beam

    Oh shit❤️🤘🔥

  84. KingSav YT

    up neeexxxtt lil berrettte

  85. Brandon Vincent

    Shit hard

    Brandon Vincent

    finally something thats not about poppin mollies

  86. WGTJ northside

    Northside or no side

  87. Skrondeezy

    Up next

  88. Treefe TV

    Watch reaction On My channel

  89. DMXhill

    How old is my man?


    This track is fire WTF