Lil' B - We Did It Lyrics

Tell these bitches how what we doing nigga, tell these bitches we getting that money nigga, you know what I'm saying, before that though, before we even had money, tell these bitches we them niggas man, I got so much game man that money ain't nothing nigga can be broke with a million dollars worth of game

Tiny pink shirt, nigga tell yo bitch
Biotchmob, bitchmob, nigga
Tell me bout the bitchmob
Hoes on my dick cause I look like the Basedgod
Niggas get they head bust, we living in bondage
Looking in the mirror, not reflecting on the objects
How I'm gon' live when them people so exhausted
And they don't respect these artists
Real artists be the legends
And I'm going the hardest
Rap niggas dead fucking targets
Cornerstore gangstas, asphalt gangstas
I hit you niggas fast with the reflex, I'm not fighting
Niggas playing like rejects
Call me sugar shane, I'm holding that shan bailey
Hit you suckas with the gun, man, like the navy
Forest is cockren I raised you
My gun like the motherfucking parent cause I raised you
Nigga I will save you
I'm the pretty bitch and I'm handsome
Smoking up dope I be thinking that I'm handsome
Fucking no one man taking those chances
Nigga play with honor, I ain't taking those chances
Can't trust your kids cause they fake too
Niggas skating ice, man, they trying to break through
Nigga I'm tryna break you
I won't hesitate, niggas gotta shape you
It was [?]
Niggas getting shit straight
Mom's tryna get straight, dads gotta get straight
Glock put you in yo face, smack you down don't even play
Nigga I got allegations, it won't even say
Nigga coming whip with me
I'm a knock you out the cake
Niggas coming with the [?]
I'm a give yo ass a K

You know what I'm saying, and I'll serve you niggas a case, Nigga this pain from my heart, fuck em, man, Lil B man, I do this shit, Shoutout to 05 man, what it do, yeah, 05 what it do, nigga, My nigga Nick what it do, Victor McCartney what it do, Dreams and Paint what it do based what it do, Aye Aaron man I see you, Real Basedworld I see you, TY Based I see you, fuck em, It's Lil B to the top nigga, keep it real keep it based man, I do this shit for life 05 fuck em mixtape I'm crying cause we did it nigga, we rocking to the top

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