Lil' B - To The Sky Lyrics

Dope money smell never smelled so good before. All this fake money I'm a burn this shit You know what I'm saying? I don't give a fuck about none of this money, you know what I'm saying? Real nigga

I got junkies in the hood writing notes on my whips
Tryna line up coke, I'm tryna sell off bricks
You be lying or what, whoa I don't trust a bitch
Niggas trust and they get done quick
Relationships in the hood will have you so sick
I got deep, but I don't love that bitch
What's your dreams cause mine be
I'm a tell you what mines be
World War times 3
Divide that by the beast in me
I know the BasedGod that's what I'm supposed to say
Keep staying patient for the time being
Telling niggas that's up, I'm up next
I want the freshman next year
I'm fresher this year
Nigga I'm in 5th gear (5th gear)
Niggas hate when I switch gears
Nigga you late when you got here
I got dimes I got bitches
Nigga come get a pair
Got dope by discount you can come get a pair
When you came to my house nigga all you seen was squares
Jesus pieces they all up over there
Put the coke in my teeth and let me taste it
Staring at me nigga I'm a punch your face in
I got a lot of hidden stories
Man, this is my story
I'm going for the glory
A lot of niggas go to jail just to tell a story
Man down the flag down prepare for the glory
Cook coke in my head, cook coke when I'm ashamed
With a mask with a huge frown
I know I'm doing bad and I'm smoking half
America want me to say that and I'm glad
Feed the system, I can't believe the system
My system is-
With the strange blank visions
My eyes got a piece of this close distance
You feel me but I'm not really tripping
I'm thinking about tonight
Can a nigga get back what he never got right
You know what I'm saying, can a nigga get back what he never got right
Sometimes I wonder if them niggas happy I got life
Damn, cause it's quicker to die
We all die one day it's just quicker to the sky, Lil B

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