Lil' B - Texas Or Flordia Lyrics

Yuo, this is Lil b 05 fuck em
Shout out [?]
Dipset, I love you
Roc-A-Fella, I love you

While I reload this gun and the bullets out the head glove
Use that power right, I'll put you on a stretcher
If you don't respect the gun you gon be next up
I respect the gun like it plays for Texas
Or Florida, riding through the hood to get slaughtered
I come from the crossroad you don't drink no water
Still we survive cause the shit now in order
Crook niggas don't come with nothing
Niggas speak on me, you really gotta love me
How do I respect them niggas man, we getting mo-ney
I play my own lane and ain't a damn thing funny
Except how I make bread, how I stack this money
Niggas break right like I was never there, right?
People walk around the world man and love my pain
How you guys feel about the quarterback, could you play your position?
Would you gossip to the coach like I wanna be him
Would you start, you feel me
A lot of niggas fake, a lot of niggas got heart
Small feet wanna love
Everybody wanna win, but really who took a loss?
Come back a beast niggas don't stop
Real nigga, you can't stop a real nigga
I'm with it, I'm in it like Bennet
Chicago I'm back home
Rolling round town, many mags tech squeeze
Take out the players please
I'm not a project, I pay taxes nigga
You feel me, if you need food stamps, you niggas deserve it
I ain't like them motherfuckers, ya'll got a purpose
Play your part understand today's worth it
And you've really understand your purpose
I love you for life, understand that

You know what I'm saying?
I love you, man
Let's go, for life
Lil B for life
05 Fuck Em for life
King of Based Fam what it do baby I love you man
Based forum I love you baby
What's up man, aye Texas I love you man
Lil B

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