Lil' B - Selling Jerry BASED FREESTYLE Lyrics

Man I think I'm from East Oakland
Nah man I think I'm from Richamond
I think I'm from Vallejo feel me
Fairfield or something
Young Berkley boys in the building
Worldwide in the building

Selling all Jerry and I sell all fetty
Selling Fetty Wap bitch I got about Jerry
Ten cell phones bitch you know who got Jerry
Running off the field and I look like fucking Mary
Pouring that chain bitch I'm selling so Jerry
Selling all cake bitch I got that Fetty
Dirty Fetty Wap in my pocket bitch you know it
Ten fucking Glocks you know I'm fucking rolling
In the ceiling fucking hood in the Jerry
Riding round the town bitch you know I got it
Ten cell phones and we riding all
Riding on the low bitch you know that we rolling
Rolling through the hood bitch the car fucking stolen
Rolling Bentley coupe no tags on it
We just fronting for the hoes and we love it
Ten cell phones bitch fuck em in public
Bitches wanna fuck but I just told her I need the money
Got fucking Jerry bitch I sell Fetty Wap
The bitch want to fuck me I said I sell Fetty Wap
The bitch want to fuck hoe you don't know Jerry
Ride down bitch you know we got rocking
Ten cell phones bitch I look like John Stockton
Young Based God came in am I'm rocking
Twenty cell phones and I do it for the hood bitch
Young Berkley boys and we working all day
Young Bay Area bitch and you know we don't play
Worldwide west coast worldwide a hundred thousand
Lil B you already know I gotta run a hundred miles
Stay fucking styling like Fredo Santana
What up Fredo Santana
You know I keep the hammer
Young Based God and I still sell Jerry
SHout out to Chief Keef
Shout out to Reesie
Ride around town bitch you know they got to see me
Fucking fat bitches and I sell off thirty
Might buy the thirty
Might buy the Twenty
Got legal guns but I want the fucking fifty
Selling all Jerry
Ten cell phones you know I got the Fetty
Selling Fetty Wap and I might got Jerry
Every fucking day bitch you know we run the shit
Riding through the hood and you know I got Jerry
Ten cell phones and we selling all Fetty
Selling Fetty Wap and I might got Jerry
Thirty cell phones and these hoes want to fuck me
Bitches want to fuck the kid cause I got Fetty Wap
Bitches want to fuck me cause they know I got the gwap
Ride around town bitch I might drop the top
Young Based God you know we keep the stove hot
Cooking in the kitchen bitch you know we bout to rock
Based world 2016 we finna drop Lil B based freestyle man, let's keep it going

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