Lil' B - Pixar Lyrics

So let's crack open that, uh, that Mac Miller shit
You know what I'm saying? Need to get a quick drink real quick
Keep it real based, you know I'm all the way based
They say Lil b's a legend
Oh yeah, shout out to Pixar studios, you feel me?
Emeryville, what it do man?
Ayy Silicon valley, What it do?
I see you, ayy my niggas in Burlingame What it, uh
I'm thuggin' man, ayy my niggas is gangbanging man
I mean, no we're not, I'm just lying man
You know I be trippin', but you know what I'm saying
I'm just a rapper you know what I'm saying
Fuck what you think

Do it like urine girl, do it like urine [x8]

See me like, "nigga what's s-swag?"
Niggas copy off the juice
I ain't mad at that
You know what I'm saying
That bitch must want the boost
Man, I ain't trippin' on my phone
Six rings, eight bitches
Niggas mad at, swag, niggas mad at that
It's cool with me
You don't have to give credit
Your bitches tell me, your bitches fuck me
Ten Hoes in the house, niggas mad at that
I don't give a fuck, bitch, take a loss, fuck a bitch
Control of my life, control of my money
Filling the bank with them hunnids
Got a safe in Mexico, niggas mad at that
All black Maybach, blew the blunts out
Real street nigga, Can you trust him?
I deal with him daily
Damn near a hustler, coming with the hustles
I shop with the customers
Baby mama drama, knock the bitch down the stairs, you feel me?
Knock the bitch down the stairs
I remember when I Used to be nothing, remember?
Man, I Used to be nothing
[?] I refuse to be a nigga with nothing
Caught this case, and its motherfuck the money
Burn a couple dollars, (Marco) and, it ain't nothing, (Marco)
Sucks for the pussy, Bitch always, (Polo)
Sucks, 36, baby mama drama, baby mama drama
I don't give a fuck about the Ho's problems
So motherfuck the Ho
Sittin' on bitches, and I'm sittin' on [?]
You know what I'm saying?
Doing what I do
Give a fuck about designer
Bitch, I'm the truth
You know what I'm saying?

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  1. hatch hubbub

    rip mac miller

  2. Johnny Gibson

    RIP Mac Miller

  3. Elegant Degeneres

    RIP Mac Miller