Lil' B - New Orleans Lyrics

Yea man it's ya boy Lil B
Nigga New Orleans, what's happening?
You feel me? RIP Soulja Slim
504 Stand Up, NOE, Holly Grove
Carlton, 17th Ward, Calliope
Nigga Melphamine, RIP you feel me?
West Bank nigga, 1.5 Ave
9th Ward, 3rd Ward, 5th Ward, 7th Ward
St. Bernard Bitch, Lil B, New Orleans

Hit 'em with, 50 shots off the dresser
Nothings less, for your issue
I'm a get you
Lil B, and I fuck with B-Geezy
On the West Coast hitting licks, know you see me
New Orleans, got love for your section
Put a bitch to sleep anytime I want correction
Just because I'm a young skinned nigga
Don't think I won't put that K to your liver
Lose the bitch, niggas hate for no reason
Til I get the K, and start making hunting season
Fuck around, I ain't the one to get nasty
Hate on me, I'll have you laying in that casket
Got my bank account, put it on you sucka's heads
Nigga 30 on my wrist bitch I'm paying how I wear it
Bought a little pussy when I went to Magnolia
Uptown niggas lay your head on your shoulders
Free young Turk, free C-Murder
RIP Slim bitch you know I'm repping Berkeley
RIP Mary, know he making figures
Stay sucka ducking, putting frowns on you niggas
My young boy said he got plug on that chopper
My young bitch said I got love for them choppers
Grenade launchers, got 'em all in North Oakland
Fuck with Lil B, woddie leave your melon open
Niggas say that I'm a fuckin' sucka
Tiny pants on looking like Bill Clinton
Chopper in the trunk, zips in the scraper
Bullet proof vest with the beam and the laser
Money on your head now my goons giving tapers
Rep 7th street, Waterfront throw it up
South Berkeley nigga got the mask and the cuts
Look like Martha Stewart with the K and the drum
Stay in the kitchen, cooking like a bitch
Mask on my face with them extended clips
I'll buy a bitch, I'll buy a gun
Lil B, BasedGod
Don't try this through you, leave your head foggy
Westside boy playing with that brown bag
Yea you know man I'm playing with that pink bag
30 bitches on my dick cause I'm BasedGod
Hugh Hefner, back with the chopper
Sit his ass down, lift his ass up
Leave him butt-naked with his ho tied up
Real goon nigga, pretty boys in the cuts
This that new shit, tiny pants real niggas
Uzis, MAC-11, Glock 80s
Shotgun with the 50 round clips
Young BasedGod still yelling suck my dick bitch

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Lil' B New Orleans Comments
  1. Mc001Rem002

    One of the most based beats we’ve ever heard! And freestyle TYBG

  2. beezy82bb

    When he said B-32 he was talking bout birdman

  3. Michael Masters

    Damn so many samples

  4. cancerous teammate

    2019 and lil b revived new orleans sound back in 2010..before drake!! This shit is legendary and shows Mad love to down south!!we fuckin with ya mane!!!

  5. Rodney Cobbins

    Were still based in 2019

  6. Christopher Blossman

    shoutout 17th

  7. Iarceny

    flow at 0:40 is an homage to juvenile - ha

  8. natureboy mac

    lil b broke the new orleans levy with his impeccable flow, not katrina.

  9. SNO DOG


  10. king woaski

    ❤❤❤new Orleans 8thward nigga

  11. Robert DAVIS-SMITH

    Wow this is a classic

  12. Daunte Jefferson

    Love u based god

  13. The Book Of Junie

    This album is a classic. This when lil b was at his peak !!! #ProtectTheBasedGod

  14. *BootyGang *Hit

    New Orleans showin love. To the basedgod

  15. Stayson Shaw

    this beat is hard asf

  16. NITO JR


  17. lunaCristo

    aint this the muthafucker that wears dress

    Tajaà Thomas

    vigilantR no young thug boi

  18. ZOE 666

    Thank you basegod

  19. Shadcharleston


  20. SilverfoxxETO

    Im from new orleans and this song makes me so proud. New Orleans got love for the based god


    SilverfoxxETO love u bro based respect New Orleans & Memphis artists

  21. paris p

    What's that's song he be like s550 brand new Benz

  22. George Butcher

    LOVE to everyone listening and commenting YA FEEL ME

  23. God first King of my temple

    I had a nightmare smfh

  24. CasualDex

    I'm from Northern Manitoba Canada, I got love for New Orleans the best bands are from there

  25. swaggkidd214

    basegod.aka tiny pants.aka tiny shirt.lil boss..

  26. Stakk Boy Lo

    Red Rum Here We Come Red Rum . 
    I Fuck W Lil B & Nola & Bounce Music But Ion Bounce Or Twerk Real Niggas Dont Do That . We Got Females For That . Lol

  27. Vincent Chase

    listen to this before you sleep and crazy dreams happen

  28. KenyattaNSFW

    This song is hard as fuck

  29. Pizza Slice


  30. Diamond Webb


  31. Cashmere Dreams


  32. ricky right

    That pimp daddy got to be real that trigga man show boys the real n. I shit yall don't know

  33. Aqua Wreck

    Dolemite- Hustla, Hustla.

  34. Vedo McFly

    30 thousand hundred millions

  35. Anthony Brown

    disshit hard...might be my favorite lil b song cause the beat crazy

  36. ricky right

    Sade sample*

  37. superlococrip52

    Dis got me alotta bitches....#Tybg

  38. lil jarvo

    this shit funny

  39. ricky right

    I been rocking this for years before anybody nee what based was but shout out to u new based niggas

  40. ricky right

    Yea it's a new Orleans bounce beat and a safe sample shit is a classic

  41. Cashmere Dreams

    Classic track man.

  42. Jalen Thompson

    Damn ha my 10months late

  43. james nsek

    Swaggg basegod

  44. Oerlikon


  45. Chris Recklezz


  46. Lucas Ramos

    dumbass love fo New Orleans yu feel me?

  47. HOW CLIP . COM

    tiny lol

  48. TheCed202

    3rd family . lol

  49. whoa

    lil b is the hip hop wesley willis. mad love to both them muthafuckas #nohomo

  50. sammybaby97

    @jalenthompson7 No she doesnt sing at all. The beginning of the song before the "hustlas hustlas" comes on is her song. He mixed both songs together. So I'm right and you're right as well lol

  51. Jalen Thompson

    @sammybaby97 what the hell..same beat but waaaaaaaaaay different songs..youre waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay offff...they using dolemite- hustlas hustlas...good try tho...Im not sure i hear Sade singing in this song..but i hear Dolemite saying "here we come, redrum" ..

  52. sammybaby97

    @Northview100 and Sade - couldnt love you more

    Sha Leyva

    I hear it too the sample of Sade and this beat is genuis

  53. Maleek Collier

    i love da beat

  54. Northview100

    @masterchefchicodusty Reply to me if u find it.. but its Dolemite- Hustla Hustla

  55. jelanimadman

    very rare.

  56. Threal23

    lol wtf 0:35 to 1:07

  57. 27SSENT

    I see ya on ya N.O shit homie keep doing ya thing get wit one of the hottest groups coming out of New Orleans Something Serious Rasta N Lil Serious check us out 27SSENT yo

  58. masterchefchicodusty


    all black rubix cube

    masterchefchicodusty Sade couldn’t love you more

  59. Metagaia

    that second verse is BASED AS FUCK!