Lil' B - Lying In The Truth Lyrics

You can see the high rise, two guns on my style
Gotta stay strapped, any bitch wanna die
Hit and go switch sides
Gang don't lit
You can see my face man, eyes don't fuckin lie
Bitch don't act surprised, I'm coming with niggas
No soccer, you can't even practice
Travel 'cross the atlas, niggas battle me
Bitch you really rolling some practice
Eatin soft rice while I'm sittin in that mansion
Gotta talk deals, my bitches keep askin
Niggas like me, I'm smoking weed in the Hamptons
My bitches paid cash every time I play
It's like the NBA, a hundred thousand for a game
Fuck what you think, I'm still rippin in the water
Still in the water, still in the bottle
Still from the bottlt like that nigga Charles
Still from the bottle like H2O
Niggas know I killed the rap game after the crack game
It's the golden era, before the street drugs let loose
Bitch I got the juice
This the real truth, you feel me?
Glassface, put the 9's in the booth
Niggas like me, I put the line in the truth
You feel me? What that really do

You feel me? I'm just keepin that shit 100 percent on this nigga
You feel me? Glassface nigga
You feel me? Who rep this shit like me?
Who rep this shit like Lil B nigga? Rawest rapper alive
You're right, you know
Shout out Nicki Minaj man
Shout out, ya feel me, yea I know

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