Lil' B - Keep It So Gutta Lyrics

Everybody wonder where I been at you know I'm saying
I'm just tell you like this man
I keep everything real
Everything a hundred percent
It's your boy Lil B
I know the game me missed me you know what I'm saying
Rawest rapper alive
You feel me
I stayed Based man
If it ain't raw I don't do it
A hundred percent me

I can't slow down cause the kid is back
Put hands on suckers but let's keep it rap
My name's Lil B who I am in fact
A young nigga with a burner, set up artist
Waterfront nigga but I keep shit under
Came straight from the bottle, put you in the casket
You playing with murder, this ain't just rapping
Stay strict to the code and you be sleep in a basket
Smoke you like a blunt, you covered with ashes
Self made thug, we in a different bracket
Never bent over or flexed on rappers
Suck a crackers dick to get money, you faggot
I got so much passion, I got it the fastest
Selling weed was a habit, progressed to coke
Selling off bitches
Charging them whole things
I guess then the ratchet bullet proof in the jacket
Out in Piedmont playing with the crack rock
Walnut Creek out on the black top
Lafayette nigga hit licks and a render
She say she wanna fuck, but it's cheaper to send her
I don't give a fuck, we blasting at po po
Tryna lock me up, we all gotta die slow
If they lock me up, raise hell in court
Blow that bitch up, real money extortion
I'm playing real games and I'm playing with blackmail
Been a pretty bitch, all off crack sale
Fuck that money, I choke my bitches
Hate fake hoes, so I mind my business
Tryna beef, you get laid out
They find the money, that's no doubt
And this piece by piece
Break a bitch a hundred a least

I keep it so under, that I must be gutta
Been hitting licks so all you get smothered
Show no remorse if it's fuck it then fuck ya
Kid's get it too if they parents a sucker

Know what I'm saying so
To get to the conclusion if you rocking with Lil B it's real
Anybody who's been holding Lil B down from the start I love ya
I'm saying, everybody that's still rocking with Lil B I love ya
All the suckers I see ya
We coming up after the fire
Thugged Out Pissed Off we doing it real
I got a lot of flame in my heart
Red flame
This Thugged Out Pissed Off, Lil B forever
Welcome to the world, BasedWorld

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