Lil' B - Just A Lil Bit Lyrics

I'm making niggas...for the money
These niggas hear my pain. You know what I'm saying?
You know we rocking all day for that, you know what I'm saying...cheddar chip, brother
You know what I'm saying?

Ride on, nigga, I'm fire homes
And I break bread with the vatos
I be getting cheese like...
Her pussy is the nachos
And nigga, I'm wet like a poncho
And you can say I'm not though
But that would be a lie though
And you don't want to be a liar, ho!
I'm just off probation, so all my shit's sealed away
You niggas got a deal today
I been signed, been signing, even in the hood I rock
Big diamonds, real diamonds
You niggas got them pickle diamonds, simple math
Shh, fuck that stash
Got the double up, keeping it real
Divide it, so much money, tunes up, math up
Real niggas in the streets
This is class, welcome to my world, we getting money now
But this is all about rap, Braap
Make the guns clap, bitch I'm Lil Boss
No smoking with the gas mask, put the ice on, nigga
And now I'm looking like an avalanche
Walking down the street, you feel me?
You niggas see me bossing on the street
Boss with a bad bitch, you know she like: "yee!"
For real, lil nigga got a rap like Tyson
Put back, all things, all black
Matter of fact, maybe...
You niggas think man, I'm old enough to stack
In my lap, paper stack like...
You feel me, jacking off on hundreds man
Nigga, I always come back
When Lil B hit the club, man a nigga run that
Every person like: "motherfucking damn, who's that?!"
Yeah bitch, it's Lil B, it's Lil B, bitch
Fuck with the breadwinners, you feel me?
And nigga, you might get skied bitch
16, I was famous, still in PE, bitch
15, I was rapping, selling CD's, bitch
17, I'm the man, not playing with life
You feel me? I did what I wanna do
I do what I wanna do
You know I took over just to get this
You niggas know I rep this shit
You feel me? Working just to get rich
Fucked 100,000 ho's sitting on 26
Got a thick bitch, pussy solid like a
Fence is, not trying to be offensive
My rapping skills is endless, I go and never stop
It's like I'm rapping off of 10
Know what I'm saying? (popping pills) Paying 20 cents
I got .50, just a lil bit, just a lil, bitch
You crying like a lil bitch
I'ma let that fucking K spit
Real niggas ride off, tinted glass in the spaceship
Fucking with the space bitch, her lips like the state pen
Big, and that's real
Pussy like The Matrix, bitch what's the deal?
I'm flipping backwards for the motherfucking mil's
I'm like a Jedi, because I'm popping dollar bills

You know what I'm saying?
You know, we getting money like that Star Wars, brother
What it do my brother?
I'ma tell you something man

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