Lil' B - How The Girls Sound Lyrics

That's how these girls sound every time I come through the cut man they love me
You know what I'm saying Basedworld Paradise mixtape
It's Lil B

I got tracks for sale, hits out the ass
Make a hit a day, like go and pass
Niggas stop and go, beat your golden ass
I'm a rapper though, should I rap for dough?
Should I rap for cash, should I bag the loaf?
That's the answer bro, should I ask the pope?
Am I fucking peaking, I started rapping notes
I started taking notes, now I'm passing tests
I said I'm the best no I'm the fucking best
The teacher said B so it's fuck the rest
A nasty nigga, I'mma fuck her breasts
Lil B what it do where my brothers at
Break the ice out the bed where the covers at
Take your panties off girl show your thunder cat
Transform to a beast like thunder cat
Wasup bitch I'm wonder rap
Lil Boss

That's how these girls be sounding with me
This how these girls sound, all these girls is so beautiful you know what I'm saying
Life is so great

My niggas call me righteous and I'm feelin' like God's gift
I ain't even relapse I put down the ski-mask
Took me out of rehab, I know I am
King shit me bitch, took my people on ski trips
Yeah that was me bitch, I'm not a fucking trip
I ain't even gotta fucking go and lease it
Just tell me what the price is I'll buy it with no decent
My niggas sleep in precincts and fight with polices
Judge look like Regis
Ice on my watch, got diamonds on the slinky
My niggas told me gotta ice out ya' pinky
Fuck with real hustlers sold ice out ya finkers
Like 10 and 12 before night at night
Talking on the phone man I'm trying to get right
Fuck the ice, them niggas like rice wings
Ya feel me we rock bay shoes I'ont fuck with them Nikes
Call me Gucci Mane cause I'm so iceyyyyy

This what these girls sound like
I love you baby

Aye cool out, peep that nigga
Where the cash at, yeah, I'm running with this rap shit
Saran wrapped it, taped and packaged
Yes, These hoes love it when I max em
Stick it in they asses cause bitch I got the passion
Bitch I'm like pastor, shit I'm elastic
I do what I want real niggas work magic
Y'all like cavemen, bitch y'all some loners
I'ont trip what I say, never been a goner
Man I took a couple trips had the chicks up in the sauna
Like Obie Trice said it gets hot in California
So where the fuck the freezer, I got amnesia
Bitch bow and the reefer, shout out to Rebecca
Aye made niggas outcha' speakers
Berkeley boys stand up man you know I need ya
Lil Boss

Uh, yeah, this how these girls sound

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