Lil' B - Hate In My Hart Lyrics

Red Flame
Prove I'm the best in the rap game
Rawest rapper alive, nobody fuckin with me

Ain't no real niggas hungrier than lil bars guarantee
Anybody hate I'm a knock em off stove top
4'5 extended clip
Fa'sho niggas gon die
Hate in my heart for the niggas that done wronged me
Prolong any hatin, sucka nigga & they army
5'6 yea nigga I'm short but I'm cocky
My heart full of gold
And my mind like rocky
Ain't a person in the world who can stop me
Break em off quickly
The red flame make em all history
Growin up on strict street
But I came 7th street
Before I was rapping
All was a numerous
Square niggas wouldn't mess with me
Cause they know I'm cookin up niggas like recipe's
Don't nobody background
Nigga go check for me
I ain't got nothing to hide but these bundles
Wolfpack music vol.1
Let's rumble
I done killed niggas
Never stop
I'll nigga
Never compete with the best
Nigga I am the best
Deal with it
Half you niggas is a fraction
My eyes red from the battles

I hate niggas
Yea I hate niggas
I hate white people too nigga
I hate everybody
Fuck everybody
Including every race nigga
Fuck em all

And niggas mad that I'm styling
I got gold in my soul
Nigga fuckin autopilot
This ain't a reality show but I got some content
That the president show
My niggas got dope
To make the president stoked
Straight from columbia
That's the presidents coke
Red flame is the anger from my heart
And the pain when I slept outside
In the darkness of rain
Wakin up the next day in the awkwardest pain
Bruh this ain't a game
If I could take back time
I wouldn't take back a day
Let me live forever
Make me feel like nigga we live together
Nigga hatin on the world
And they sin forever
Have the nerve to go to church
And they killed yo nigga
Have the nerve to claim peace
But they pour the liqour
Rather cash 10 grand to close the zipper
I ain't finna play with you niggas
If I was alive & I play dead
Take this classic
Best believe my words are magic
Red Flame
Give a nigga real ultra-snappin
Rap game feeling nigga
Felt the realest when I started rappin nigga
I knew I'm the realest ever since I started rappin

Red Flame my nigga
Real gangsta
Lil b nigga
Rawest rapper alive
Give a fuck if you feel me
I give a fuck

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Lil' B Hate In My Hart Comments
  1. Mc001Rem002

    “Never seen lil b go this crazy”

  2. Big Icypunk

    Hart fulla gold & my mind like rocky

  3. Mucci Gane

    This songs resonates with me, for I too have hate in my heart.

  4. Justin Douglas

    red flame make em all history !