Lil' B - Gods Father Lyrics

Jesus Christ wants to be based
Jesus Christ walks from the dead

This'll do you right no verses of hatred
See a bitch sucker take him like Satan
Now rep BasedWorld no turn in saying
But he did converting all our secrets to law
He can't say shit put your mouth on the pause
Then return like Spock and have revenge like Jason
I'm a Navy dude so ain't no running or chasing
Put a two Glocks out now you running you wasted
Picked up the newspaper where your face on the pages
And laugh... your life was wasted
The people ask why the world so shady
You have no family only gunners and cliques
That's when the Gold gun go click and they turn and...
I miss - you fell on your ass now detector hit
Now see you red eyes you couldn't handle that shit
Remember when BasedGod nearly granted you a wish
Crazy niggas like this be the ones that's rich...

Jesus Christ wants to be based
Jesus Christ walks from the dead

Gods father mixtape... something is real special with me that someone was saying
Lil B rawest rapper to ever do it rawest rapper alive one of the most monumental

And now you understand BasedWorld generation
Converting to our scriptures taking quotes from life
But really do it, big stack chips getting wasted
BasedWorld Lil B no way to maintain it
The aftermath is shady but I'm not shady
Even Eminem know Lil B crazy
I wanna see how you... situations
That take your clique...
Ain't no way for escaping
Niggas play that I don't got the patience
With the rap game I keep those patients
If you hear Lil B...

Jesus Christ wants to be based
Jesus Christ walks from the dead

I said it and I wrote it, just know Gods Fathers... hear the lyrics
One man one life

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Lil' B Gods Father Comments
  1. Cameronn

    I LOVE YOU . I cried too many times

  2. sebastian p

    Still hits me in the heart years later

  3. $obaco $enpai

    Phat Pepe

  4. Solar Symbiosis

    Thank you Lil B

  5. King32028

    hes that based

  6. Bobby Crumpton

    Help save the Afghani Mountain Salamander ! We love you base god.

  7. Chris Brown

    Most based song of all time

  8. SlashDawwg

    I can't believe based god plays final fantasy!

  9. lickedhand

    I can't believe he used the Besaid theme from FFX. I shit bricks when I heard it. This is my favorite video game theme.

    Shooky Johnson

    when he dropped this song i commented on his fb and thanked him for using an ffx sample. he deleted my comment and said "AINT NO ONE GIVE A FUCK BOUT WHERE THE SAMPLE FROM" love the basedgod

  10. IndiBooh LuvsYuh

    Check Out My Video My Frends Channel TheGrateSpate