Lil' B - Go Dumb Tonight Lyrics

Wooooooo shouts out to east coast what up?
WAH! WAH!, yeah my niggas we going stupid in this bitch
(Multiple Dialogues Simultaneously Speaking)
I said we going to go dumb tonight!
Feel Me? Let's Do It, Tonight!

Ugh, why go dumb niggas actin' hella stupid
Like he ain't seen some dreads shake
But I got a taper and a scraper going dumb mane
Fucking off haters, call bitches eye candy
Cause I see her now or later, in the D-Town
See tripped up for a cater
Going dumb man
Bussin on a pussy mane
Yeah I love the pussy (yeah)
I don't eat the pussy mane
On the dance floor man I

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Lil' B Go Dumb Tonight Comments
  1. Hip hop Geek

    Legend, very rare

  2. quiet man

    Pussy feel hella good like I'm joggin

  3. raysnub


  4. chris sanchez

    i FEEL ya

  5. bcollins745

    This beat is too tight for lil b

  6. Hersheifo LLC


  7. Best !

    too filthy #TYBG

  8. Lil Moe2

    Anyone else agree this might be one of the dopest beats youve ever heard?

    Sean Dafny

    Still true

  9. Brandon Smith

    Best song on mixtape

  10. GF Retro

    hyphy yet classy.....

  11. TheCharcoalchicken

    nice beat

  12. Mel Makonnen

    this sound like some stuff jay-z would get on

    Sean Dafny

    “This sounds like it wud be a Jay Z classic. Lil B classic. Jay Z mash it” - Lil B

  13. chris almeida

    lil b has renovated the hyphy movement