Lil' B - Dying Breed Lyrics

Real talk, aye Berkeley stand up
All the people in there I love you
Wolfpack, I love you

I will hustle hard, my niggas stay with these gangstas
East Oakland, 54th, I would stay with them gangstas
Two streets right down from the preys and anchors
Anchors would try to hold us down, but we stay with the angers, banger
Show me... when your life was in danger
Smoke and dope with the fiends, the wifes and strangers
I was driving with the fiends, I was closer to anger
Way close to street and real close to the raiders
Got love for the niners, got love for the lakers
Got love for the sharks, got love for the takers
Got love for my niggas that was born with no paper
And I got love for them niggas that be rich but don't play us
Cause I'm coming for yo house with that cator, Bitch
Niggas need to wake up, (yes) and quit trying to be famous
Play your role and be a nigga with honor
Don't fuck with me, you'll be rich in karma
That's deep, and niggas don't act stupid
Niggas coming out stupid? get you shot up like cupid
Niggas thinking it's a game, but you really want to do it
Man I... Niggas know I'm moving, you feel me?
Got to show that my money is real
But family more important than that (yup)
If niggas give a fuck, man... you will never go hungry
More important than the money
You niggas ain't funny
Man they wanna... (pssshh) Man you niggas not funny
Grandma getting old and my brother is chubby
My niggas want to eat man, and I need that money
My niggas won't stop til I push eight buckets
Off the top man, niggas serving that dope
Ski mask, Scope, Bought the old boat
And I stuffed that bitch all full with coke
You know what I'm saying? This the book man I'm on the rope

You know what I'm saying? These niggas cases
You know what I'm saying? We taking cases everyday man (everyday man)
R.I.P all my niggas man, I really love ya'll man
I'm talking about worldwide, I love ya'll man
R.I.P my man, this shit ain't even cool bruh
I ain't even going to lie
And a lot of ya'll are suckers
For keeping this violence shit going on in the hood man
Niggas outchea fighting for that little petty money and shit
You know what I'm saying?
Niggas outchea, I'm a put my niggas on though
Like I said, I'm going to build a school for my niggas
So my niggas ain't gonna make these mistakes... these niggas been making man
You know what I'm saying?
Niggas going to get educated so niggas going to understand that we got that
You know what I'm saying?
We good, niggas good
But if niggas keep playing with that violence... niggas are going to die. You know what I'm saying?
Niggas going to die off man
05 fuck em man, I love all my niggas man
This your boy Lil B

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