Lil' B - Crown Me King Lyrics


Now I'm gettin hot these niggas mad that I'm on the grind
Heard you got all the bitches bruh, that's a fuckin lie
My niggas from the waterfront, ask me seventh street
Ask me what I'm doin bitch I'm looking for the chewing, aye
Ten thousand dollar licks I'm on like Titan Tron
Rap game is shady so I'm fuckin with a magnum on
Cell phone I'm on callin me and textin me
I got a sexy bitch that speak Spanish like a Mexican
I been famous bitch, got signed when I was fifteen
I can fuck any bitch I want because I'm Lil B
Plus I pimp Lil B and that's a pretty bitch bruh
Thirty thousand dollars make your girl suck my dick cause
I'm Based God and I'm finer than my bitch bruh
Hoes actin psychos couldn't hit it like this blood
Put her on based low key like a ninja
And bang brrrang dang I'm off like a missile
Yeah, you feel me?

Crown me king [x6]
Young bitch
Crown me king, young bitch [x7]

Now I'm still Thraxx like coke boy I'm automatic
Six pieces, like pizzas
I said I needed six piece I'm hungry like an Indian
The rap game put me on my dick like I'm beatin it
Look me in my eyes I'm online like I'm online
Young nigga told me if I rap, gotta work hard
Five hundred based freestyles, I need a black car
A hundred myspaces bruh, what I do that for?
Plus I'm in the fast car driving like a high speed
Tatted on my throat and my chest bitch I'm heem
Had the ice chains, now I'm rockin on some new shit
Had to dump my old bitch, now I got a new bitch
Call me BasedGod bruh, gold mouth caddy
Jewelry on another level, you heard me?
I don't rock ice chains, nigga I'm a boss bitch
Nobleman's jewelry, as me what it cost bitch
Yeah, you feel me?

Crown me king [x7]
Young bitch
Crown me king, young bitch [x7]

I told you niggas
Online rawest rapper alive
Lil B
Hundred thousand
You already know, rawest rapper, droppin you niggas faster
And faster
Aww Reddit

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Lil' B Crown Me King Comments
  1. Blizzi Boi

    Only person I wanna see up in 2020

  2. 311 Jazzy

    Damn lil boss is what lil b stands for?


    remember when I had this as my ringtone 📱🔥

    Shark Frozen

    Rarest ring tone out of the ones u pay for

  4. sensitivebunny00

    I remember

  5. Kyree Jackson

    this nigga invented tyler the creator

  6. Andrew Sanchez

    Playing in 2020

  7. mrk00lguyy

    GOLDMOUTHDADDY, i miss the old B so much

  8. Brendan Platt

    Still classic

  9. Chris Storms

    I be finding rarest of the raw on these youtube recommends its crazayyy Tybg

  10. Frost Breezy

    Rare Based forever 2019 , this was my introduction to Based God

  11. Chuck Grimes

    YuNG BiTCh

  12. j zane

    Here for 2019!

  13. no more continues

    10yrs basedgod

  14. Man Mr


  15. King Fleek

    We need this Lil b back

  16. Black Anthem

    I LOVE YOU LIL B!!!!

  17. Black Anthem

    The BasedGod will be king for infinity!!!

  18. Oh Okay

    Still. My fav lil b song. January? 2010 forever the 2nd wave that hopped on lil b dick. First wave of my spacers where u? At?

  19. 5k Xellia

    Still slapping this in 2018.

  20. TaskForceB

    B King forever. Based Empire



  22. Tanaveli

    my favorite song from Lil B

  23. adam collins

    Big up ta da based aristocracy


    need this video on vhs

  25. mrk00lguyy


  26. THE BRO


  27. princeshakaZ

    This is so rare I don't even kno wat it is. Is it a song???' Is it instructions to life?? Is it life itself?? Idk

  28. Mr. USDA

    I'm based god n I'm finer than my bitch bra...... crown me king young bitch... 👑😇



  30. Ivan Kovalenko

    So raw.

  31. ja da great

    ja da great 777 swag

  32. Ralf Nuggs

    Play at max bass in car

    Ocean Shark


  33. MonikaSzterna Pinkawa


  34. Ralf Nuggs

    Crown me king yung lean bitch

    Organic Life

    Ralf Nuggs young lean hella jocks basedgod frostgod dope

    Ralf Nuggs

    calcejajrc HELL YEAH HE DOES FOR REAL, he kinda has his own swag too but not even gona fuckin lie yung lean owes everything to lilb

  35. Ralf Nuggs

    I still want this instrumental so bad

    March Wonder

    Got it. I made it :D


    care to share, please? We needit

    Ocean Shark

    Ralf Nuggs same here

    Ocean Shark

    March Wonder noway

    No Yes

    @Benjamin Buttons

    Did you really ever find it?

    I swear I did a year ago under some generic beat page title LIONS ROAR or some shit


    rare. grade 9

    George Butcher


  37. Gemcitysoles 937

    Very classic Based track. 2009 was a good year for Task Force

  38. Jeffrey Harnden

    What the fuck why am I just hearing this, Thank You Based God.

  39. Unknown Username

    Crown him fucking king of the rap game already!

  40. Spaceghost

    lil b ur the greatest

  41. TheRealDavieLondon

    Gold mouth daddy, jewelry, on another level, ya heardd meh

  42. 360koolkid1

    This is now rare

  43. Sp33dy Panther

    Only the real Lil B fans remember this joint lol

    y williams

    Fareal though

    Ocean Shark

    That is beyond true one love bro

    Shark Boy

    Christian Flores 2017

  44. Sinitram McNeal


  45. Nicholas zambeck

    got dam lil b

  46. kenny kush


  47. Sizzler

    dat og based

  48. sensitivebunny00

    this is bringing back soo many memories from 2009. "Lil b for lil boss"

  49. Saint Vicious

    "You can fuck my bitch" -Allah

  50. Greg Gilchrist

    best rapper alive nothin else to sea here

  51. UrFavritBanker

    "I don't want no problems with the BasedGod"- Kendrick Lamar

  52. Tanaveli

    Crown Me King b!tch just like Lil B I tell every nigga cross the world hate on me.

  53. monksucks

    every time this song plays on my playlist it never has an ad before it, obvi king TYBG

  54. monksucks

    TYBG you are the king

  55. Max Taylor

    I guess I'm not the king of NY - Kendrick Lamar

  56. DOLL vanity

    This is still my shit till this day

  57. zaneboyj

    you should hear respect my mind! real hard

  58. Unknown Username

    Omg i never seen this wow

    Shark Boy

    Sean Turpin wow your for real? and you always comment on Lil B 's Statues lool 1luv

  59. DrBaaa

    I think this guy has a learning disability.

  60. RealTreBangah

    Damn This A Blapper

  61. othree jenkins

    most importantly, b's work holds up against the test of time. this shit still bangs.

  62. iOnceAteARock

    max pls go

  63. maxdclxvi

    fuck this beat goes hard, i can't believe im discovering his old tracks just now

  64. Dezzz

    Still slapping this in my car. #2013 #Rare #BasedLives4Ever

  65. Tyler Redfern

    lil b, you are the king of cali. no crown needed

  66. Talen Ted


  67. Paul Darwin Picklesimer


  68. Brandon McCullum

    1:14 inside out sweatshirt so rare

  69. Shabaka Moore

    Task Force, everything checks out, stay based.

  70. Nickapone7⃣

    task force

  71. callmeswayken

    BASED SOCCER !!! - Lil B FACT!

  72. 415Dub

    uh me. the fuck does that prove?

  73. Richard Toke

    Aye man whos the 1 on his videos commenting though

  74. 415Dub

    im not the one who listens to someone who named his album "im gay" and calls himself a pretty boy.

  75. 415Dub

    lol i did say that pretty dumb...but i was referring to the 9th wonder instrumental

  76. NasserMan

    And what is a "real hip hop beat"?

  77. OfficialS5

    Rarer than Penguin Sweat

  78. PUNKSTERdarien

    So based .

  79. RawBased

    Hopsin cool, but Lil B the BasedGod. This raw azz fuck!

  80. Danny May

    hopsin is a corny ass bitch, what are u like 15?

  81. 415Dub

    Honestly dont remember what the song names are, but hella lil b fans have been like "no he has real hip hop look at this" and gave me a link to lil b rapping like shit over a real hip hop beat. He doesnt have talent lyrically, he just doesn't...his rhymes schemes suck

  82. OfficialS5

    Idrt youve heard his best ... noone can deny his talent tell me what youve heard..

  83. 415Dub

    no i heard his "real shit" too the guy just cant rap even when he tries....hes funny tho

    Shark Boy

    415Dub Man STFU and enjoy the show

  84. dev3417

    Based at first listen.

    Shark Boy

    dev3417 looool I hope so

  85. OfficialS5

    you do know that this is a freesttyle and lil b is a troll that raps kinda retarded on purpose kmsl.. Go check out rip the rap game by lil b and tell me he cant rap goodnite -_-

  86. OfficialS5

    Ikr :( we all were blind

  87. Nøtøriøus MVP

    This is so based

  88. Rafael Thompson

    Yo I can't believe this was 3 years ago, real talk.