Lil' B - Break The Scale Lyrics

You feel me, it's your boy Lil B in this bitch
Man, I'm in Based World Studios
Bumpin' that shit so based, you feel me?
Hey, thank you BasedGod for lettin' me do this, you feel me
I'm a tell you about me, you feel me
Like I said man, 100% Gutta mixtape
I'm just straight off the top, man
Gassin' and shit, fuck 'em, you feel me

I'm trying to fuck the game bitch and break the scale
I bag dope in the house, never break a nail
Understand I play the game but the life is real
Right now solo cause life is I'll
Pray to God everyday, I don't bite the steel
Put the scope in his face, make him bite the grill
Run through everything bitch
Niggas forreal, you better see that my niggas is I'll
Feel like life church nigga
Pass the plate, I take a nigga quick
Bitch if he pass the eight
Pass is great, I feel like McNabb in '08
Playing safe, motherfucker get burned
Motherfucker get churned
Real street laws, take what you earn
You feel me, and get ran over
I stay with the bitch like a Glock and a holster

You feel me
Cause niggas can't fuck with me
You know what I'm sayin
That's real though
Niggas ain't fucking with the kid
Know what I'm sayin'

Do you appreciate life, no I don't, fuck life
It ain't did shit for me so fuck my beliefs
In this shit, I put time in
It's nothin', all washed away
Ain't nothin' gonna save me
No pause, unsigned
No talkin', feel me
To release my mind
Hit the corner and release these rhymes
Hit the car and release this blunt
My lungs packed with smoke
Yeah, so the cancer comes very quick in my family
Took the switch blade in self defense
Nigga get hit quick, you feel me
And on the way, fuck the tents
You feel me
Fuckin' dreads think he a gangsta
Bruh got shot but he still is a wanksta
Who are you, you feel me
You better have heart for yourself of you gonna look like Booboo
With no brains on that shit man, you feel me
So what you scared for you think about me
Pause nigga, no reaction
You feel me, niggas is flassin'
Not hard, you feel me, I know that
Ride through with the motherfuckin' mack
Ridin' through lettin' niggas clap back

Nah, I'm lying, I ain't trying to clap that shit
You know what I'm sayin'
I'm just trying to be positive
You feel me, I'm just trying to be me, man
You feel me, do what a B do
I'm a do what a B do you feel me
I'm past, I'm before the G, you feel me
I'm the B, you feel me
So I gotta do what a B do, you feel me
What the B do, that's the B
B for the Boss, you feel me
We throw the B's up for the B-Town Boss
You feel me, Lil B for Lil Boss
You feel me, you already know how I ride
Sometimes they call me B-Town's greatest
But like I said man, you feel me
I do this off the d- the d- the d- the d
Yeah man, 100% Gutta Mixtape off the dome, you feel me

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Lil' B Break The Scale Comments
  1. Wasteland Afterlife

    Here in 2019

    X Yz

    Still Based

  2. Sean Dafny

    I stay wit da bitch like a gloc in a holster FUCK

  3. TheRealDavieLondon

    likee boo boo!

  4. TheRealDavieLondon

    likee boo boo!

  5. TheRealDavieLondon

    likee boo boo!

  6. AyyoubWz

    Baby mama drama I knoc the bitch out! 8uwin