Lil' B - Before The Diary Lyrics

This my diary before the diary, 05 fuck 'em, It's Lil B, this my diary before the diary, This my diary before the diary, you know what I'm saying

I ain't wait last night
And my stomach is hurting
And the game is so funny
The same shoes
Let me talk to you
This is worst, man, I must admit
Let me say, man
I need a spoon or a plate
To fill myself, man
I realised man, this shit was in my veins
Brought mom food home, middle school stop playing
Niggas got murked in the sto'
9 to 10 making 20 dollars a day
Add more to my day
You know what I'm saying?
And this music across the street
Thank you Berkely I respect that
Ain't gotta check that, you feel me
05 fuck 'em, this my diary
I was burning inside
No lighters, no options
But a black and mild, with weed at a tip
You know what I'm saying?
Take a hit
05 fuck 'em

This my diary before the diary, coming, my mind and my soul, 05 fuck 'em, London what it do, Lou Poucus what it do, man, London I see you, Shout out my dude Keyboard Kid, man what it do

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Lil' B Before The Diary Comments
  1. Marcos Torres

    Lil B is the truth..

  2. youngmostafa

    all time favorite lil b song

  3. Justin Jackson


  4. steriogram13

    this is the real lil b i love it

  5. TheHorssen

    THIS amazing INSTRUmental on my channel ;)

  6. TheDannylawson

    Postive movement #lil b Forever

  7. TheHorssen

    This instrumental on my channel ;)

  8. Ryzo

    Still searching for Pt. 2. This is beautiful

    X Yz

    Part 2 did not disappoint Ayy

  9. joshbbotch

    my first time hearing this and i want to say thankyoubasedgod. this is going to help me through the day

  10. Linda Gregoire

    real shit #based

  11. Jesus Morales

    Ayy, Lil B is a early bird?

  12. ymkamara420

    brah you killed this. this is one of the songs i show people when they say you can not rap. some don't even believe its you

  13. lilbpack1

    love - Lil B


    We love the based God!

  14. SuperGohan03

    i know this shii old but this fye and tha new 1 even betta bruh keep ya shiii up.

  15. ooo kill em.

    Most nigga's been chicken and they real greasy.

  16. joshua douglas

    All yall niggas sayin this aint lil b are fuckin ignorant to lil B's career... Thiss nigga been rappin since he was 15!!!! And this is one of his early songs before the pack even made Vans... Get your knowledge up before you critic shit

  17. Baron Von Bon Bon

    This is lil b before he started doing based god for fun you can even tell its his voice and he gots the same flow

  18. stephen

    tybg been slappn your shit since those SS days....keep it lit! dont ever stop!

  19. BuckMarley

    If you don't believe this is Lil B you don't know lil b enough. this was before he was based god when he was like 17

  20. DaMasta

    THIS IS NOT LIL B!!!!!!

  21. adilson carvalho

    only 10k views smh

  22. VannieYpc


  23. PreeM!

    @VannieYpc I bet you feel real fucking stupid now right? This is Lil B and obviously you aren't one of his based follower apostles. Burn in hell, sir.

  24. funkaydonkey

    @OfficialQueMusic no, just stop talking

  25. sleezybeatz

    If "SLEEZY AL" likes it, then "THATS" when it matters!!
    I will only comment on the Great Songs!! Fuck All You Haters that has an opposite opinion. I Blame it on freedom of speech. All Haterz have a diaria book.

    8=-) Mickey Mouse Happy face sticker


    feel like im trapped in a box and now im waitin for breath

  27. John Wilson

    @OfficialQueMusic BRA LISTEN "CRIMINAL MIND" then listen to this...this a OLD recodrdin bra..

  28. tooturntblakkk

    everybody that says this isnt lil b is obviously not a real fan! this is like some '06 shit, he wasnt always "basedgod" u dumbass niggas!!

  29. wall mob

    thats a young ass lil b, i didnt think it was either.... listen to beanie sigels version dog

  30. terry hampton

    this is lil B. you niggas jus aint use to this real shit he spittin famm errbody gota different side to them. this is that different side of lil B yall

  31. c Rich

    ayyye to all thoses dumasses it lil b are you all dum as fuck


    dis aint him he didnt say bitch and it dont sound like him
    wtf awwwwwwwww dis is him he made his voice regular
    on raspy


    dis aint him he didnt say bitch and it dont sound like him

  34. MrGibzee

    @OfficialQueMusic ur such an idiot this is 100% lil b if u think it's not clean the wax out ya ears

  35. Prudent Student

    @rellrell14 get your weird ass up outta here ..... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  36. vince perry

    @OfficialQueMusic If you listened to lil b enough you would clearly know this is him...

  37. BlackfaceMandela

    @OfficialQueMusic you soft as fuck

  38. Kyle Glover

    @OfficialQueMusic cuz thats lil b if u listened to him enough u can hear that distinctive lisp


    @OfficialQueMusic your dumb as fuck

  40. MajorLeagueEmpire

    sad thing i think this nigga a joke but this might be his best track

  41. Justin Bailey

    @OfficialQueMusic dis sz lil b thought bro its on da 6 kiss mixtape

  42. Tahkop

    Gee, i didn't know lil b would put a song that isn't his on the BLACK KEN MIXTAPE THAT HE RELEASED. it's him, period, lol.

  43. ナンアサ

    @angellvr51 why do people keep saying this aint basedgod when it clearly is

  44. Diqqqqy_

    @rellrell14 actually this isnt him so thank yu vry much

  45. PlatinumJerker

    @YungDillon i know ! couldnt find this song nowhere ! haha


    @OfficialQueMusic get ur weird ass up outta here niggah if yu listen 2 the song yu here him say his name bitch

  47. T A


  48. Jd Jones

    Lol he sober on this song ha so this how he really sounds
    i like him both ways anyway hhaha

  49. joe ss

    yess =]]] fianlly found it