Lil' B - Been Waiting Outro Lyrics

It's Loyalty Casket nigga Imma keep running these plays
I see y'all made it to the end of the mother fucking tape
I appreciate you
Imma keep rolling this mother fucking dice of life nigga
You know what I'm saying
Everyday is a gamble, you feel me
I do know Lil B, I do know the Based God
Based world records nigga
You know what I'm saying Based world for life
It's Bitch Mob Task Force
Lil B nigga
For life nigga
For life my friend
For life my friend
For life my brother, my sister
Tell these mother fucking bitches to kiss my ass nigga
We got hoes on deck nigga
We got real bitches nigga
I'm that pretty bitch
Tell them about me nigga
Bitch Mob in the building mother fucker
Like I said nigga Loyalty Casket nigga
We getting real with it nigga
2019 bitch
We on our 2020 shit we bout to be flying
Nigga cars in the sky type shit, real high tech
You feel me
This what I've been waiting for
Big money
Loyalty Casket nigga Lil B
Stay real
Let's get it

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Lil' B Been Waiting Outro Comments
  1. Max

    Rollin the dice of Life every day is a gamble...

  2. Lord Alpha

    Started wen phone was at 50% and I'm at 2% tybg
    Always worth it




    KJOMATIC swag - Lil B

  4. hello there

    listenened the whole thing in a go. Beautifull LIL B and TYBG


    hello there love! - Lil b

  5. DBoy0113

    Great job TYBG rawest rapper alive period


    DBoy0113 xoxoxo. - Lil B


    lilbpack1 mwah baby mwah no homo you no it’s a bitchmob party swag , & thanks for the art basedgod once again history classics period