Lil' B - Be A Star Lyrics

Pimpin' Pimpin' what you doing?
Bitch I ain't going nothing!
Pimpin' pimpin' pimpin' Basedgod what you going?
I ain't doing nothing bitch
Pimpin based God what you doing?
Man I'm staying postitve. I stoped pimpin'
Pimpin you fake pimpin

Gat blast niggas, fall back you got to fire it
I ain't never been a thug but experience is a mothafucka
See shit to see shit
Learn to be a mothfucka, always taught go for best be anothers sucka
Man you got a fuck a mother and its real still
I be off a pill, man waiting just get that deal
I'm pass that mil, I'm stick pass man
I'm grind that wheel, but time feels so I gotta rhyme that's ill
Ankle monitor got me fucked up for sixty days no bail.
I ain't mad, man do your time
Do that crime you gotta do that time
Its all mine
Never let a mental fuck you up
With your eyes closed, you body still stuck up
Man read the paper I see man
I don't believe shit
I'm a black guy
I gotta feel pain to mean shit
Bitches come around but they don't even mean shit
Fuck ya, I got more shit to do
More shit to pursue
Make a job, get money
Stay sick, catch the flu
Get a Glock 9
Make you catch 2
Boy smooth beside hatred
Million fuckin new faces
Stay blue, stay trill
Off the curb, I selled dope at 12
You got nerve to ask what I dealt
With the coke flipped up, all the way to the strap
I came out with the red nose scratch
Love my soul, we dancing by the angels
Let you die in this world for self benefit that's so scandalous
How they do that? Why they let you die?

Shout out all the people that they don't need shit
Man I love you for life that's on my dick
Just know that the movement will never end
God's Father
We writin all the scripts don't be scared to star in it

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  1. Greg Gilchrist

    can everyone please jjust share the shit out of this song PIMPIN

  2. Greg Gilchrist

    Beat by @Kid_Boston via the internets

  3. OfficialS5

    What you doin? I aint doin nothin

  4. Yusuf Haze

    Pimping pimping

  5. Greg Gilchrist


  6. tha bud

    wheres the instrumental



  8. Popdivision

    Pimpin pimpin

  9. Checkavailability446

    lol at the beginning- TYBG