Lil' B - Based News Lyrics

[News Reporter:]
Extra, extra, we got a new newspaper today
Man, I'm seein' Lil B
He on the top of the rap game right now
Rawest rapper alive
Lil B the number one unsigned artist in the world
It must feel good to be Lil B
You got anything to say for us today?
This newspaper?

[Lil B:]
Young niggas wanna rob me too
I'm a put you in the casket, bitch, 'til your face too blue
Niggas wanna play with me, I'm a play with you
How it feel to get blasted with the Glock-9 plastic?
Rubber grip on the end to make sure that I grab it
I'm a fuckin' savage, since I came from the water
It's sharks in the ocean, I still never saw 'em
I swim right past 'em, give me a break
I'm tryna live to 100, niggas keep on frontin' like a porch
Guns in the back, got a V-8 engine
With the V-12 spittin', niggas in the car
Waitin' for the next chicken
I'm a sell dope and keep my last one known
My dope like Bruce Lee, nigga cause my shit stay flippin'
Niggas ask me how I made it, if I'm still in the hood
Nigga why the fuck is you hatin'?
I come through, nigga, with fire, smokin' fire
Niggas got weed from, fuckin' Satan, yah feel me?
My fein stay slowin' down
But my heart, man it's keep on station
Niggas look at me while I'm at the bar station
In the dark, waitin', pick my nigga up on the flew
Man you got dough too
Niggas keep focused, with the bees and the locusts
I don't wanna see you dead with your nose opened
Tryna buy dope, the stock's not open
I'm finna save the kids, have 'em out in the open
Don't be scared cause you live in the hood
Just count your steps, don't trip off sets
The guns gon' fly when these niggas get wet
Every fuckin' day, man these bitches stay wet
I'm tryna find myself inside of the madness
Why the fuck, man? It feel like we're born into a package
On top of that, niggas just a number
Do I got a chip through my body?
You niggas tryna find me, fuck that, I'm in the hood like STI
Niggas understand me, I'm like that fuckin' guy
Lil B for Lil Boss, nigga I'm that fly
Lil B, I changed the rap game 30 times (Woah, slow down Lil B!)
Every rapper love me, nigga (Woah, slow down!)
That's what it do, nigga (Woah!)
You know what I'm sayin'? (Wow)
I run the rap game, nigga, tell the news to pour a stack, nigga (Wow)

[News Reporter:]
Well, that was a wake-up call to me, and um, uh Lil B, you know, you are an amazing artist and um, you know you are the rawest rapper alive and you just showed me that. So what I'm a do is, I'm a get back to writing this paper about you and I'll let you get back to work. Thanks BasedGod

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