Lil' B - Based Memories Lyrics

One time for the drummer bitch, one time for the guitars bitch, shouts out to Basedworld nigga, it's Lil B

Y'all niggas is pissed off
I make hits bitch
Y'all gon' see all them fruity diamonds bitch
Big timin' bitch
You see my ice, yeah, that's money bitch
You see my nigga chain, count the money bitch
I'm rich, get up bitch
Wasup, I'm blowing fucking grapes
Sitting low man, riding from the jakes
Hoes and fakes I make hits, study this shit for days
Girls love to please the boss, blowing my brains
I'm off the top bitch I'm off the mane
I got ice around my neck like snow in the rain
Yeah in 24, but I donate the same
You touch mine when I'm turning-
You feel me in the spaceship, believe me
Look like an astronaut, bitch I'm astro-smart
Fuck with lil b cash off top
Bitch, I'm putting cash off top
Bitch put money down and put the racks off top
I'm tryna get money off top
You feel me? And it ain't no greed off top
Getting bitch what you drank, off the rocks
RockStar living, Sam Hill gon' rock
Two more shows then we gotta switch spots
Guarantee to rock, everything we gon' box
Everything lil- I'm hip hop
Need more bitches, need more money, more hunnits
Same color as green cudi
Bitches suck, man I fuck 'em like it ain't nothing
Traumatized by the truth so I'm hiding from it
Keep it real one day with myself that is
And my selfish biz, gotta do with this
On a higher learning, if it's not concerning
Get gassed up, man I'm tryna get cashed out
Man ho up, you blow up
I've seen the money sheesh, America made of beesh

Lil B, wasup, you nam saying, freestyle on you niggas man, weight up, weight up, you know I'm just getting my weight up, Basedworld Paradise, yesssss

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