Lil' B - Base For Your Face Lyrics

[Flavor Flav sample]
Bass for your face, London!
Everybody in the house make some NOISE! [crowd makes some noise]

[Chorus 2X]
"Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base"
"Base for your face, b-ba-b-base-base-base"
"Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base"
"Base for your face, ba-base" {Thank you, BasedGod!)

[Lil B talks over chorus]
9th Wonder..
Lil B...BasedGod
Base...swag! Yeah
Base for your face, all day
Base for your face, my nigga, it's all...
Base for your face, rain thang, yeah
Base for your face, my nigga, it's all daaaaay

("Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base")
("Base for your face, ba-base")

[Lil B]
Check it, uh..
This is real life from long nights
Niggaz like me I bounce back, it's alright
Base for your face, two times, you don't see no actin
All they do is rhyme words, such typical rappers
That was divined by the struggle, Metro phones
got pictures of my partners that died
People like me cried, the whirlwind came from drugs and guns
We used to call 'em...uh, cocaine numb
(Yeah, baseheads) Uh, niggaz killed at drive-by
The AK-47 took them lil' kids' lives
All these young niggaz, it's like a movie
Puttin dots on your shirt, talkin 'bout Coogi
This is, change, (yes!) please excuse me
I rep Based World, nigga please don't lose me, Lil B


[Lil B talks over Chorus]
Real complex rap
Yeah, yeah I just uhhh, speak
You connect the dots
Real... Lil B
'ey 9th, I'ma need for you to drop this real fast
Drop somethin dope on 'em, swag!

[Jean Grae]
I'm a, rebel rouser, the other rebels that crowd around them
(C'mon) To rebel levels that leveled up into several thousands
Records (Houser) like Afrika, we the (Jungle Brothers)
This is for townships, backpackers and seasoned lovers of music
Lil B's in love with the music
So leave the brother to use it, lead the public to new shit
See the, puppets ain't do it, you keepin up what they viewin
You see the numbers they doin, refeedin us, the three of us
Plus 9th, more than Kanye cuff dykes or cuff mics
It's my nigga Phonte, Based God, dig-above type
(C'mon) Above the boundaries of music, the counter-culture groove it's
(Uh) the kind of combination got you puzzled, called cocooners
We do what we like so hit the common section
Do this for life, so what we got in (Common)? (Resurrection)
I'ma tryna bring everything back
And that includes...

[Lil B]
(Swag!) Remember times I was strugglin off my mindset
Remember, the time will fly, like a caterpillar
Graduate, I ain't even know that I shoulda
Sometimes, and don't hate when you know I coulda (swag!)
Now I'm 'bout to give back to the people
More than ever, livin like now or never
Seem times, people get distracted by the outside hate
Life turn into appetizers (Eat 'em!)
And I tell my niggaz, be a man of your word
I be fakin'...bottom, fuck it, sleepin (Swag!)
Watch your sleep 'cause...
them suckas will trick ya, thinkin about niggaz
...(Swag!) Don't change for nothin'
I go back niggaz still swing J's and sufferin
I'm movin up in the world, gettin humble as well
Stupid motherfuckers can't tell, this real B


[Phonte talks over Chorus]
Yeah... Hey...
It's new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo-Tigallo...
And Little B the Based GOD!
Thank you, Based God
We gon' make 'em mad on this one, my nigga
With 9th Wonder (Waddup)
9th Wonder on the beat
And nigga, I cut yo' shit in half, 'cause I ain't feel like waitin

Uh, I'm back on my shit, pah
Back on my incline, Phontigga raisin the benchmark
The young lions gave me a kick start
So here it is, pyramid schemin on y'all niggas like Quickstar/Quixtar
The drug test flow got you pissed off
So many say the game is contaminated, you niggas is animated
Meaning you not real - fake nigga, you Pixar
A short story, Toy Story 3, where the kids are
Now we have liftoff, so I'ma just stay firin
Phontigallo low, stay flyin
Y'all wannabe niggas stay tryin
But God is my God, don't be ashamed
Swallow your pride just like a gay lion - ROAR!
Came back for a taste, Lil B, Phontigga back on the case
Feelin like, G-Money in my space
"They ain't come back for the cocaine
They came back for the BASE!!"


[Lil B talks over Chorus]
Yeah, shouts outs to everybody that's been holdin me down

[Phonte still imitating G-Money]
Got my jimmy waxed every-DAY last week! Several times a day!

[Lil B ad-libs "Thank you, Based God" continues to fade]

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Lil' B Base For Your Face Comments
  1. brian95

    Fighting/boxing highlights brought me here, with the help of Shazam

  2. CoDaC35

    9th wonder killed this

  3. BᴀᴅGᴜʏ BOOM

    Based for ya face

  4. liquidpebbles

    thank you based god

  5. rodenrren2

    I dont get the gay lion bar, fuck was that about lol

  6. Brian K. Turner

    How long has this been out? Somebody’s comment from a New Jack City upload brought me here.


    This came out in 2011

  7. Jorge Hernandez

    Bar bars!!!

    PHONte killed it

  8. Greg

    Injury Reserve-Three Man Weave brought me here and I’m so grateful for that

  9. Chief GB

    Can’t tell me lil b not real hip hop.


    “ Everything ! .... An that includes .... “

  11. MegaAJay2010

    10/ 10 👊🏾

  12. 소라

    injury reserve anyone?

  13. StayGold PonyBoy

    Thank you for doin the real Hip Hop

  14. AMV Audio

    Lol b was still wack on this shit but big up for the selection G. It's greatly appreciated from out circle mane. Much love

  15. thebasedjournalist

    Jean Grae is such a great emcee i love lil b jean grae and phonte i love hip hop

  16. thebasedjournalist

    The song that made me based before this thought he was just a joke but this song open my eyes

  17. skam713

    I did a remix to this as a thank you to the based God it's call base for your face on my channel I haven't been cursed so I take it based God is pleased

  18. Chandler Herron

  19. its too good its way too good

    "all they do is rhyme words, such typical rappers" is the hardest line ive ever heard. first off, it doesn't even rhyme (actin/rappers) at least in the typical sense, and moreover even if it does the line is good because of the emphasis and the way he says it - not because of the partial rhyme (only proving his point). FURTHER STILL, just rhyming words is a soulless endeavor, and typical rappers just rhyme words while lil b writes gospels. it's like saying "all they do is politics, such typical politicians". it seems like it doesn't make sense until you think about it, like what else would a politician do? but in reality, "doing politics" generally implies a machiavellian intent, so there's a double meaning there. same with lil b's line. it's hard as fuck.

  20. Madison Kunaiti

    New Zealand Thank you base God my brother from another mother the hype for life

  21. vondior

    1 of his good mixtapes

  22. ViperTM


  23. DJcollabs


  24. Yung Passport

    6, 7 years later, I didnt come back for the cocaine, I came back for the BASE!

  25. Abu Aljada

    lil B is one liberated mafuxa wow he can actually spit!

  26. sevi.

    *2 0 1 7*

  27. Juswan


  28. Cedric Lopez


  29. AfroHeadOG

    Who came here from floyd Mayweather highlights

    TuaOurSavior #FinsUp

    King l Mystic me lmao

    Miguel Tovar

    ZATCH BELL! Is it just me or does it actually sound like mayweather is the one saying base for your face?

  30. Axel Schweiß

    Vasyl brought me here when he enters the Matrix 👊

    Sean Dafny

    Fabio Scu wait the boxer? Wtf ?

  31. Chris Hall

    Lil B is from Berkeley, California. Conscious dude for sure.

  32. Ayesha Lowe

    he dressed as Moor if you didn't know...


    Ayesha Lowe big fax bromie stay lit Bloved

  33. Edgar Vasquez

    Phonte!!! 9th! Fuck everyone else.

    Isamon Andretti

    Edgar Vasquez nigga fuck you

  34. Eric Wright

    I'm not a big based God fan but this is simply a classic one to throw in a hater's face!! I think if ppl wasn't closed minded they would see his vision. Hell he was in a group tht was CO sign by short dog & he legend in his own right, plus with a 9th wonder beat & just wonder believing in your genius tht a blessing in itself.. I truly think he jus trolling w/rap b/c if I can tell lot of da bad songs he got ppl joke & poke him for but when something this real/organic comes out nobody say nothing or criticize em. Just shows me tht ppl gravitate towards drama/Bs wht you basically hear in today's music. I guess he just showing da simpleness in music plus this industry! Dis nigga get my respect he not wack he good when he wanna be, just like a light switch he can turn off &dumb down or on & go hard !lol


    Eric Wright fax Bloved, Music is not supposed to be about spotting the hardest bars, mfs get lost in that shit. Lil B displays his vast personality thru his music & most people choose to pay attention to the controversial portion of his music.. what they don't realize is he has more than 2,500 songs & freestyles.. u can't even name another artist with those numbers unless they are a LEGEND. Idk if u heard/are into this type of music but check out this song Am I even a Rapper anymore - Lil B. Truly one of the most prolific artists of this generation. #Based

  35. Nai Xo

    damn, jean's voice is too sexy

  36. DMT Media

    phonte killed that shit🔥🔥🔥

  37. MeteoBlitz

    "thou was divined by the struggle" #tybg

  38. ocean lobster

    feels good to see Positive comments hate seaing negative cooments bout him..thier wrong

  39. Johnny Lockett


  40. Lennon Myers

    Supa Hottt 🔥

  41. alby g

    songs like this make Lil B dope af!

  42. Mizzy Mike

    hey, thats pretty good!

  43. Blafily

    nobody speaking on how phonte killed this!

    Brandon D

    Blafily Because Tigallo kills everything

    Vortex Multimedia

    lmao it's Phonte bro


    @Vortex Multimedia don't cum!

    Desmond Williams

    The G money Line...They didn't come back for the Cocaine, they came back for the base!!!!!!

  44. ApolloTheLeader

    wish they made a video of this

  45. Tay Supreme

    Time flies.. I was a senior in high school when this came out. I'm 23 now .. Just miss listening to this in the hallways of school

    Ty J Ribs

    25 man. I miss it too, but it's cool to be able to say I grew up during the 3rd golden age of hip-hop

    Benjamin Connor

    Tay Supreme i know right ? I turned 25 today and i remember finding the Based life right around 18-19, truly moves my heart

    Benjamin Connor

    BASEDGOD helped save my life and kept me honest

    Tay Supreme

    Benjamin Connor I swear bro

  46. Yves Yuri Bien-Aime

    Damn this was hot... & I don't even feel Lil B like that... AT ALL... but this shit right here... plus Jean & Phonte killed it!

  47. Hotspitta11

    Living like now or never!

  48. spinmyworld

    all they do is rhyme words..such typical rappers

    X Yz


  49. LennyHabits

    9th did his job well on this one!!! #projeangrae

  50. Ghebrehiwet

    Put this on Spotify now!

  51. Lawno

    sometimes it bugs me when people say B's a troll or parody..... like i agree, but it just feels a bit like a under-handed compliment when summed up like that. Lil b a real dude. I think he's really smart. WHile he did figure out a successful lane in the music industry, I think he's genuine and has seen real/hard times in his human experience. and maybe thats why he "trolls" rap. His life experiences matured him, gifted him with the sight to see through rap facades, and allowed him to have fun with life, like every other human should. to this day i'm connecting his dots.

  52. ManusDei

    Thank you based god

  53. Afrotastic540

    ahhh jean grae is so smooth

  54. Al Dali

    Anyone dissing lil b just because he's goofy is lame, he actually did decent on this song

    Alfred Hitchdick

    @Al Dali Check out I'm the hood - lil b

    Sam Endy

    @Al Dali peep "real hip hop 2012" - lil b

    Chris Topher

    The fact that he has a successful style that is so unique is enough reason to respect and love his music

    Chris Topher

    look up "the trap"- lil b blue flame


    All they do is rhyme words, such typical rappers best line in the whole song

  55. Al Dali

    Anyone dissing lil b just because he's goofy is lame, he actually did decent on this song

  56. Hz Beatz


  57. John Connah

    task force doe

  58. fn sutinen

    #RARE   #BASED  shit

  59. Dee

    9th wonder killed this beat!


    he always kills the beat

  60. villainambitions

    Thank you base god.

  61. M. Donovan

    niggas never believe wen i say lil b can actually rap. LIL B IS THE SMARTEST DUMMY in the rap business. hes know dat he has a huge fan base for being trash rapper and he gettin money for. shiitttt i would do it to

    Anthony Dorsey

    Sell out shit....
    Hip-hop dnt need it... if u cant give nothin then...
    keep it kickin

    M. Donovan

    people gotta provide for their selves so i dont blame him but at the same time i understand where u cumin from @Anthony Dorsey 


    Anthony Dorsey u act like B is on the radio.. besides, how can he be a sell out rapper if he never been signed to a record label?

  62. Anthony Evans

     real inspiration so much knowledge in one based artifact, also it's ok to be emotional embrace the holy based.

  63. Chris Reidy

    Phonte and Jean grade make this track worth listening too . Lil B needs to focus on his craft . He saying some shot but it sounds horrible

    Mic Cromez

    You need to focus on your craft lil B is perfect just listen

    Kamel Purnell

    I agree lyrically lil b is decent and has decent tracks I like death of rap and birth of rap personally but his flow and voice need work on his more serious tracks

  64. Chris Reidy

    Phonte and Jean grade make this track worth listening too . Lil B needs to focus on his craft . He saying some shot but it sounds horrible

  65. Vik Dylan

    bitch be spitting sweet lyrics

  66. grant andi

    rap is too easy for the Based God

  67. truemizou

    He said "you niggas is animated meaning you not real fake nigga you pixar, a short story, toy story 3 where the kids are." damn Phonte straight killin' it!

  68. Chad Thundercock

    Jean Grae's voice is like silk

  69. Abdul-Rashid Yakubu

    TYBG!! Jean Grae can really spit too!! Unbelievable

  70. Carl-Éric Charpentier

    Best instrumental ever

  71. ohmygodnoway a

    settle down bateman

  72. spinmyworld

    All they do is rhyme words..such typical rappers..

  73. afroman22100

    I know this is lil b's song but jean grae killed it

  74. Tomas Smith

    He is being true to himself. There is no "Real Lil b" and "Fake Lil b", there is only one Lil b . In some moments he may be sagacious, in others he may be fatuous. His existence is something of a miracle, in that this production really could only be possible with the internet, and in fact he is the reflection of the effects of the internet. Total information exposure. It shows the most beautiful and ugliest parts of humanity. His inconsistent quality of music reflects this duality of man.

  75. ohmygodnoway a

    Its real b. thank you basedgod

  76. Matt Kelley

    Lil B X Little Brother??!!!?!?!?! DOPE!

  77. Dolan Duck

    Most of Lil B's songs are whack, but not this one.

  78. Darius Davis

    Maybe you should write your rhymes from now on, Based God.. Just my 2 cents...

  79. Pres. Comacho

    I agree. Why not just stay true to yourself? If you think the game has gotten fucked up then do something about it. Don't put out bullshit just to make a point. I still don't like Lil B but if the man was more consistent with shit like this I would definitely fucks with him. It's hard to get heads to take you seriously when you playing games.

  80. Pres. Comacho

    Jean Grae is too nice.

  81. lootpack27

    very well put

  82. OSB Cerm

    begging of the song is amazing but the lyrics are terrible

  83. MrBawsT

    Thank You BasedGod. #Rare

  84. BasedFox

    keep killin the game b

  85. Kyle Mccloskey

    this songs makes me wanna castrate myself

  86. blck92gt

    Real shit.

  87. killacam139

    phonte the glue to any track..please!!!!! little brother come back

  88. Sour L

    notice how his other songs get millions of views vsz these type of songs hes just makin a point

  89. Jean-Paul Ponte

    The real shit bruh...BASEDGOD! You own this, keep playin the game breh breh!

  90. Nicky

    I came back here to say TYBG respect pretty bitch

  91. oddysee209

    Hate lil b to death but he was awesome in this track along with jean and phonte and 9th beats always nice

  92. wednesdayswithrhetta

    got my jimmies wet everyday last week! several times >:)



  94. Jay-L TheGod

    These dayz , saying bullshit makes you famous.. That explains why so many underground rappers stay in the underground and rarely come up to be superstars.. Lil B fooled the whole new school movement by acting stupid lol but this track proves how real he is.

  95. BasedFox

    I remember this.It's what opened my eyes to the greatness that is Lil B. I was all stuck up and closed minded and now I am free, thanks to Lil B. <3 TYBG WE LOVE YOU