Lil' B - All One Me Based Freestyle Lyrics

Real niggas don't stop, man, yeah
Niggas got options, man (don't stop)
I ain't playin' with none of these niggas, man (don't stop, don't stop)
Based freestyle (I love you)

Searchin' through my mind, lookin' through the waves
Had to cut the waves, had to get right
Nigga playin' with me, gotta get right
Feelin' like life, Martin Lawrence
Niggas know I got the game and fucked the opponents
Niggas know I got the game and we like a loner, stoner
Fuckin' with these bitches, they know I got it
Won't stop until I fly, I got you
They want you, they love you, they hug you (true)
They see me, they... me, they need me, they believe me (yes)

I got a whole lot of options (options)
Playin' with these bitches and they poppin' (basedgod)
Niggas know I ain't stoppin' (huh?)
Niggas know I ain't droppin'
Based freestyle, this real (real)
This playa get the deal (deal)
I ain't playin' with the deal (deal)
I ain't got no deal, nigga come you so offended? (offended)
Playin' with me, get you done in (done in)
I ain't playin' with the done in (nah)
Niggas know that we just runnin' (runnin')
Runnin' up the fucking check (check)
Runnin' up for respect (respect)
Nigga played, get a check (check)
Nigga play, get checked (checked)
Nigga, nike in this bitch (bitch)
I ain't knockin', no, nigga, no, no, no, no, I ain't knockin' (knockin')
I'm just comin' in this bitch (bitch)

Landlord, nigga play get his land off
I ain't playin', get these bands off (bands off)
Niggas know, just know about me (me)
Based freak nigga, all on me (me, me, me)
Comin' straight from the bottom (bottom), got 'em
Playin', this is real (real)
All fucking day back in the fucking field (field)
Mind so... ayy, ayy, my mind on great
Mind I'm servin', your mind's a... ayy

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