Lightfoot, Gordon - Knotty Pine Lyrics

She's my knotty pine
She leans with the wind, She cries turpentine
Sometimes she nettles me but I don't mind
Only now and then
When her branches lean beneath the snow

She's knotty but nice
Reaching for the sky, she don't like snow 'n ice
To leave things as they stand is my advice
She's been good to me
So I tend to go there when I can

She's my knotty pine
Such a pretty scene, she tries to be kind
She gives birds a home and shelters them
In her coat of green
She's as green as evergreen can be

She's a real delight
When little breezes call to ruffle up her skin
All her sap runs free and sticks to me
Hidden deep within
I will be her slave eternally

She's knotty but wise
She holds her anger in, trees are her disguise
Cones are taking root before my eyes
Find them if you can
Among her boughs she keeps them out of sight

She's my knotty pine
Sunlight in her hair by the serpentine
Though she is independent, I don't mind
Standing over there
Just beyond that maple on the right

She's my knotty pine
She leans with the wind, she crys turpentine
Sometimes she nettles me but I don't mind
Only now and then
When her branches lean beneath the snow

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Lightfoot, Gordon Knotty Pine Comments
  1. Linda Spontak

    would have been so honored to have been there. :S

  2. sally tarbox

    Probably my favourite ever singer, since I first heard Don Quixote on radio in 70s...

  3. Elna Bjelland-Hughes

    Fantastic video _ I love Gordon Lightfoot and all of his songs !💕💕

  4. triumphmanful

    I almost met him after a concert in Toronto at Massey Hall. We went backstage and out to the parking lot. He had just left the stage. He got spooked as I had on a black fedora and raincoat, it was raining . He thought I was a disgruntled husband or boyfriend of a girl he met once, out to get him . So he jumped into a limo really fast. My wife ran up and got his autograph though. He was watching me with a scared look on his face. But my wife told him, oh thats just my husband. He smiled signed her program and left. We always laugh when we think of that moment. He is so great. We love his music !


    So grateful for this man's wonderful music. Thank you Canada for Rush as well!

  6. syncro16se

    Absolutely wonderful ! The songwriter of songwriters.

  7. mike miller

    I've been a fan of this guy since his music and voice. How he ever got involved with Cathy Smith though, I'll never understand. Still love the guy though.

  8. lisa utley

    I just heard "A Painter Passing Through" Almost as if he is talking about himself.I love Gordon Lightfoot but haven't seen him in recent years.

  9. Just think

    only Gordon could write a song like this.  a beautiful genius.

  10. Ashish Misra

    Perhaps the greatest songwriter of all time

    To Tell The Truth

    Indeed YES so good for you ASHISH !

  11. Tess Johnstone

     I grew up listening to GL. I would drive down the roads in the woods of Minnesota,  with the tape on in my old truck. The citizens of Canada have one heck of an icon. I hear that all of Canada adores him. Wonderful song writer.

  12. debb

    Yes, the greatest ever!!!  I have loved this talented singer/songwriter forever!!!!   They don't exist like this anymore.......I use to see him in concert.....

  13. sheri solomon

    ...crying turpentine ......
    right now....

  14. Rob T

    I love the comments here.  He IS the Greatest Songwriter this Beautiful  Country has ever known.  His melodies, lyrics and phrases in his songs with his baritone voice are hard to beat. Gordon Lightfoot is a Canadian Musical Treasure.

    Shirley Strand

    Rob T A treasure to us in The USA, also. ☺️

  15. นายกันตภณ สุวรรณจ่าง


  16. El Chupacabra

    If you don't like people "disrespecting" or "speaking ill" of this man, DO NOT read the comments below, and better yet keep your thoughts to yourself as you never know what some of these people may want to do to you if they read your reply to their comments.

  17. El Chupacabra

    If you don't like people "disrespecting" or "speaking ill" of this man, DO NOT read the comments below, and better yet keep your thoughts to yourself as you never know what some of these people may want to do to you if they read your reply to their comments.

  18. El Chupacabra

    If you don't like people speaking "ill" or negatively of this man, DO NOT read the comments below, and better yet keep your thoughts to yourself as you never know what some of these people may want to do to you if the read your responses.

  19. surrepeight

    People who dis G Lightfoot need to try again and understand. This is one of the greatest singer/songwriters ever to enter into and grace this world. His lyrics are poetry, his melodies come from his mind and his heritage. Get your hands on as much of his discography as you can and listen to him often - from his wonderfully supple voice when he was young, through the bold middle years all the way to the present - still majestic. The more you listen to him, the deeper you realize he is.

  20. George Bennett

    Although this is a 1986 performance, "Knotty Pine" was not on "East Of Midnight. It can be found on 1983's "Salute." Both are fine, underrated albums. His stuff during that period did not get the recognition it deserved. "Shadows" in 1982 may have been his best album, period. That point, however is arguable. As for me though, "Sundown" and "Summertime Dream" are the only two albums as a whole that could be rated better than "Shadows." Foster only worked on one cut on EOM, "Anything For Love."

  21. Pick for Peace!

    This is an astounding song. Intensely lyrical and personal. Delivered with sensitivity and intimacy.

  22. sptvler

    GL is amazing. Still, to this day. Watch the way his fingers move in this vid. I love it. Saw him in concert in the 70's, 80's & just recently. I will always love his voice & the way he plays the guitar. His music has been a constant in my life... and I hope he continues to perform for a long time.

  23. Evelyn6825

    Gosh! I was looking for this song and this album...this is such a wonderful album with many nice songs. I had it many, many years ago....Gordon Lightfoot love the songs

  24. Rob T

    @susang515 EAST OF MIDNIGHT from 1986. The title song is good but the hit that received the most airplay was ANYTHING FOR LOVE. Which is a beautiful song that David Foster and Gord wrote together. Good album (not great) but if you love Gord, you should purchase it.

  25. Rob T

    @VaderMode1 While EAST OF MIDNIGHT is not my favorite Gord Album, you can't help but notice how COOL and SUAVE he looks in his white suit from this album in 1986. He has lost weight, is thin again, and is saying, "Yeah, I am ready and I am back." He worked with DAVID FOSTER on this album and Mr. Foster Gord collaborate very nicely. Two men, both talented, equals success.

  26. Rob T

    @mandospence Yes you are correct. Anyone disrespecting Gord is unkind. This man has been selling out Massey Hall for more than 40 years. No other artist has ever done that at Massey Hall. I feel that if you don't like Gord, that's okay. Just don't listen to him. But please don't respect him. He has written more great songs than most people have had great days in their lives. Thankyou.

  27. captainRHODES357


  28. fgonzalez43

    Of all of his songs, this is my favorite. A superb example of an extended metaphor. He is so good it's scary.

  29. Meli Cardullo

    @mandospence are absolutely right he is the Ultimate best singer songwriter ever to have graced this earth. The only singer I listen to I never tire of hearing his music..and John Denver does not compare to Gordy at all and never will. I am sorry he is the very best! @nylawyer..yes he is

  30. michpackfan

    I'm looking for gordon lightfoot "salute"

  31. nylawyer55

    Let's all understand something... Gord is God. That is all there is to say. There is nobody like him and those who know have been graced by that.


    Not God , but one of God's gifted children. Here to make us smile !

  32. Ze'ev Smason

    @srxsteve Not true...he had Bell's Palsy

  33. rentatrip1

    @mandospence - God Bless the Last True Troubadour - Deepest humble bow to this Man of The Mountains- Legend & Artist & Poet& Statesman of Canada

  34. tecnolover2642

    Totally agree. He's an amazing singer. I think he's actually better overall than Elvis. I think in the folk music world I'd say J. Denver was the best singer of them all though. the Big O ranks among the best in rock/pop for sure.

  35. Robert Kemp

    Gordon just keeps getting better over time!

  36. steve boily

    @NanceH62 i read somewhere that he suffered facial nerve damage due to heavy alcoholism

  37. steve boily


  38. Violet J

    @srxsteve - Oh, sorry, "My Love for You" was posted by TheDesertrodent.

  39. Violet J

    @srxsteve - Your comment about the song Lightfoot sang in "Harry Tracey" is from two years ago, but I wanted to let you know that it's now posted by TheDesertrat on YouTube, in case you hadn't found it. As icepick141 mentioned, it's called "My Love for You." So glad you mentioned it as now I've found a new song to hear GL sing so beautifully.

  40. medicinecrow65

    The album this is from was quite good, a "new" GL if you will that I think many people didn't quite get..

  41. Joe Markley

    Sort of strange video, the white Las Vegas lounge suit and all that rouge, too strange!! And let's face it, compared to all those great GL tunes this one is pretty mediocre. All in all, not good

  42. Telecoaster94music

    a really cool song, if your wondering where to find the chords for this song, just go to gordon's website, and click on lyrics/chords.

  43. imafishgod

    I'm pining for you , my mahogany evergreen ! Your are the the love in my soul from the woods & stems of all time. I love you , my forest of treasures...No -one shall ever cut our passion down..

  44. Ottawarocket

    Hey My Knotty Pine I love you Paula..from your Maple on the right


  45. Roman

    simply professionel ,
    Gorden is the best Songwriter of the World ! !

  46. menzel290563

    I was listening to this song..................arriving Grand Canyon,Arizona .

  47. letsif

    The chord structured with matching voice intonations and lyrics are so harmonious and right.

  48. John Coleman

    Knotty Pine is my favorite Lightfoot tune, and it was a tough choice because there are so many. He personifies Canada...

  49. WhiteWizard44

    Nope, they definitey broke the mold after Gord....just couldn't have two people on the planet that talented....

    He was a guest host awhile back on the "Canadian Idol" show. The contestants did a tribute to him singing "Canadian Railroad Trilogy"......A Youtube member posted it. Type "Lightfoot Canadian Idol" into search browser, it should be your first return if you care to view.

    Fantastic talent by the contestants and a heartwarming tribute....

  50. A. Breaux

    I accidentally pressed the poor comment button by mistake. Sorry. GORDS DA MAN FOR SURE! I saw him in Grand Praire, Tx this month. I could hardly wait. It was over before I knew it. I could have sat there all night. I don't care how he looks or how he sounds, he's still got it. He's like a fine wine....better with age. He looks damn good at 70. I can't wait till he comes round again.


  51. frothydrink

    This guy had another song! Shut up and sing Can you read my mind.

  52. Banjo Spence

    Don't speak ill of Gordon Lightfoot. He's one of the greatest singers and one of the greatest songwriters of all time, independently of each other. Please be respectful. He can perform and record until the end of the world.

  53. John Coleman

    This song epitomizes everything that's grea about Canadian culture and Lightfoot and his deep poetic sense.

  54. Ottawarocket

    Love The NorthShore Knott Pines : )


  55. fek2000

    It is true that Gord's voice is not what it once was. I'd decided to stop going to his concerts a few years ago because of it but what a loss.

    Recently he performed at PSU. I didn't go. Friends who did told me of the near-religious experience of everyone in the auditorium. He stayed around and talked to a group of loyal fans without regard for the clock after the concert.

    We all know what his voice once sounded like. Once we were ALL young.

    He is a diamond. Diamonds are forever.

  56. fek2000

    At the top of his game, to put it mildly--reminding me why I knocked people down in record stores while buying every one of his albums when they first came out.

    Oh, and God bless the YouTube people for this whole idea.

  57. dabluz1125

    Why is this song NOT a classic? I cannot find it anywhere.

  58. Gloria Helderman

    Be still, my heart.

  59. Rigel66

    Gordon is great!

  60. John Coleman

    One of my favorite Lightfoot tunes...captures the essence of Canada.

  61. icepick141

    My Love For You written by Les Pouliot in fact

  62. Paul Madryga

    From a brilliant songwriter comes a brilliant song. This is Lightfoot at his best.

  63. S K

    Dam, that was good.

  64. tuffyroberts

    Great live performence with Gord in his prime

  65. dabluz1125

    Very funny....;=0

  66. viking1au

    Nice song, nice voice. One of the best ever. 'On Ya Gordon!

  67. viking1au

    It's still a great performance from a great artist! He has given much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. steve boily

    did anyone ever listen to the song he sang in the movie Harry Tracey!!! (The hole in the wall gang)!! one of his dearest songs and rare ,hard song to find!!!! lt me know if u do

  69. letsif

    What a beautiful, nuanced performance. Lightfoot's almost indescribably fine voice can transport his lyrics into places that are felt in the soul. Thank you for ALL your music.

  70. IDontBrakeForStacy

    HOT DAMN be easy on the rouge.

  71. dabluz1125

    Great song, really shows off the voice.

  72. Gail S.

    What a treat to have this song on video! Gordon is one of my all time favorite singer songwriters, and we've been fortunate to see him in concert many times. Can I be an honorary Canadian?

  73. yankeeshogun

    I would say that song must have some history in it...

  74. CHBallou


  75. bsteinagel

    It's a Martin dreadnought of some kind. I know that Martin had a limited edition Model D-18GL made to Gordon's specs that they were producing about seven years ago. They probably don't make it anymore, though. They still make their model D-18 guitar with several variations to it, though.

  76. LeilaniRocks

    Man...I just keep watching this one again and again. What guitar is he playing here?

  77. LeilaniRocks

    Wow what a great video. Thanks for this. Sure would love to have this concert on DVD.

  78. skilski2003

    Dary Farrow, a beautiful song. Also, would like to see "Changes", one of my fav Lightfoot songs. Thanks for posting and allowing "us" to view one of Canada's greatest singer/songwriter. Peace from Texas:)

  79. ralle49

    Gordon hat echtes Talent, warum hatte er solange eine Pause gemacht? Weiß das jemand?

  80. Robert Pavlacic

    Wow ... I haven't seen this since the TV broadcast. Thanks.

  81. GeneralSirDouglasMcA

    A great job! I normally don't care for this song on the CD, but he did a wonderful performance on the acoustic guitar. He looked like he was in pain throughout the song, though. What is up with that?...

  82. yankeeshogun

    To leave things as they stand is my advice,
    She's been good to me,
    So I tend to go there when I can...

    Incredible insight to relationships.

  83. icepick141

    contact lightfoot249 he has the VHS

  84. kppost

    This is awesome!

  85. Ahatmose

    Hi icepick ... may I assume you have the whole show ? If you you do, Darcy Farrow and River Road would be nice ... :o) Best Don Barone