Lightfoot, Gordon - Biscuit City Lyrics

I'd like to be in Biscuit City
With my banjo in my hand
I don't need no long vacation
In some foreign land
Cause the sound of my own breathing
Has been turning to a sigh
I wish that I could make the time
To be in Biscuit City by and by
Oh the water is of emerald
And the beach is white as snow
And everyone's got money
And no place to go
In a land of milk and honey
It can really make you smile
And if I had a ticket
I would stay in Biscuit City for a while

All the girls are in bikinis
All the boys are in the buff
With the baby in between and
That makes three of us
And the streets are all so quiet
And the walls are squeaky clean
I think you ain't been nowhere 'til
The town of Biscuit City you have seen

I'd rather be in Biscuit City
With my banjo in my hand
Than take a big vacation
In some foreign land
Cause the sound of my own breathing
has been turning to a sigh
If it were not for misfortune
I would be in Biscuit City by and by
If it were not for misfortune
I would stay in Biscuit City 'til I die

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Lightfoot, Gordon Biscuit City Comments
  1. Patrick Fealy

    you realy know how to ruin a song with pictures Attermad

  2. Linda Spontak

    HEY YOU !!  Where IIIIISSSSSSS Biscuit City??????????

    Linda Spontak

    Hahahahaha attaremad is gonna make me wait wait wait.

    Linda Spontak

    @Linda Spontak
    STILL wating!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brian V

    Hello Linda Spontak
    My guess is, there is no such place;
    it's just a frame of mind.

  3. Linda Spontak

    Better than LIVE, attaremad!! (!!joke)tsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


    Don't tell me about the jokes ... ( ALMOST) I'm a joker .. I can get jokes easily !

  4. J Taylor

    I love this song


    It happens with many of his songs .. you find yourself saying " I love this one and don't know why or how ! "

  5. attaremad

    Crust ... it's not funny ... few words !!??? these are not just few words ... it's the hope inside to see the world as a real better place and the song comes in between to evoke that ! welcome and go to attaremad to subscribe and put your special comment under some hits there !

  6. CrustyCurmudgeon

    This tune has held a special place in my heart since buying the LP back when it was first released. The images drawn from the lyrics have always been especially strong for me. Strongly desirable, that is. I long for that simple and pure place. Almost 40 years on, I can't hear this song without a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye. Funny how a melody and a few words can evoke emotions like nothing else.

  7. attaremad

    Yea I heard it before ... but these videos you're talking about I made since almost a year back and now it has so many valuable comments like yours and I can't delete ... why don't you put your comments after checking the latest videos ! Thanks !

  8. Patrick Fealy

    one picture tells a thousand words
    Gord was young man this I heard
    and wandered in the heartland spinin dreams
    by jingled jangled minstral means
    so tell it once and tell it twice
    one picture man that's my advice

  9. attaremad

    OK ... pick one at a time ! go to attaremad and have fun ! and don't forget your valuable and sensitive comments !

  10. SuperTekZone

    One of my favourite all-time Lightfoot tunes - although I have to admit I have many Lightfoot favourites! So many of 'em, you just can't pick one!

  11. attaremad

    Now you use my new clips which are comparatively reasonable !

  12. Rita Dickson

    What a beautiful song. Thank you.

  13. attaremad

    It is already in my channel ... reach the channel and put the name of the song in the space of SEARCH CHANNEL ! and dont forget 2 HAVE FUN !

  14. attaremad

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  15. Paul MFB Jameson

    i am so grateful for the many songs shared by you and others of gordon.
    i was fortunate to see him in South Florida a few years ago.
    to me, "If You Could Read my Mind" is one of only a handful of perfect songs.
    "The Last Time I Saw Her Face", and "Beautiful" are very emotional to me.
    I will now add a song I heard for the first time due to your post,
    "Summerside of Life".
    If you like his music, perhaps you would let me share with you similar music
    with similar sentiment.

  16. attaremad

    Dig .. for a sensitive comment I dedicate a ( sensitive ) video I will upload right now ! .............. few minutes then check !

  17. James W. Leonard

    That poem has been stuck in my head for so long. For many years when I hear Gordon Lightfoots songs that comes to mind. I needed to get that out so people can see it for a tribute to my favorite singer, song writer. I wrote it under the current 14 karot gold You Tube vidoe posting from Shadows. I need to fine tune it and maybe ad more words when comes to mind.

  18. attaremad

    Dig .. I've been in your channel few minutes back to subscribe and feel your taste !
    Go ahead and check ( attaremad ) my channel and feel the latest from his ( All live ) album 2012 and give your valuable comments !

  19. James W. Leonard

    This has always been a favorite song from the salute album. Gord has always stuck a cord in me everytime he plays his guitar and sings his songs, Weather I am camping somewhere along the Great Lakes or driving down that Carefree Highway. From Sunrise to Sundown. On a sunny day or a Rainy Day, People you can read my mind, I am a fan of the man the singer, song writer, the poet. The Legend Lives on, Gordon Lightfoot...will strike a cord in you. Jim L.

  20. attaremad

    Dear Uncatila ... for you I dedicate the latest video I uploaded few minutes back !! go to attaremad and check the latest but remember I'm trying hard to create something matches everything ( still it is so hard as materials are not that available ! ) !

  21. attaremad

    Believe it or not !! Egyptian !
    Language is A R A B I C !
    Maybe you could enjoy the clip ( يا عريس ) it was a little song ( not really a song ) Egyptian farmars were celebrating their friend's wedding !!
    Any way I have many french clips for ( Marc Aryan ) !!! and these attract many french language nationalities .. almost created a real big fan club for my french videos !!
    H A V E F U N !

  22. itsy sweeney

    :) Where are you?...And what language are the other videos?

  23. attaremad

    YOU ARE MY FAVORIT ( I hope I did a good spelling )

  24. itsy sweeney