Light Up The Sky - I Will Never Lyrics

How many words do I have to say?
How many times did you walk away?
I wanna feel, I wanna feel like I'm your only one
And now I'm lost under all the pressure
Where are you now?
I'm sinking down

And I won't fall in love
Because I just wanna let you know that

I will never, I will never
I'll never ever feel the same
I will never, I will never
I'll never ever win this game
I will never find a love like you again
Cause I wanna feel you one last time

Yeah yeah whoa-oh-oh
You one last time

I'm sick of everything you've done to me
But somehow I can't find a way to let you go

And I won't fall in love
Because I just wanna let you know that

I will never, I will never
I'll never ever feel the same
I will never, I will never
I'll never ever win this game
I will never find a love like you again
Cause I wanna feel you one last time

You know I like, like, like when you look at me
It never stops, never stops cause it's just a dream
You know I like, like, like when you look at me
It never stops, never stops cause it's just a dream

You wanna go go go every time that you see
You see me me me begging down on my knees
So just wait wait wait and listen to me
Just listen to me

Cause I don't wanna feel alone
And when I'm with you my heart just turns to gold
Cause I don't wanna feel alone
So just take me away, take me away
Oh, take me away

I will never, I will never
I will never ever feel the same
I will never, I will never
I will never ever win this game
I will never find a love like you again
Cause I wanna feel you one last time
Cause I wanna feel you one last time

Yeah yeah whoa-oh-oh
You one last time

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Light Up The Sky I Will Never Comments
  1. Enlight Tna

    I’m sick of everything you’ve done to me
    But some how I can’t find a way to let you go

  2. meowkacak

    New pierce the veil 💚

  3. Andris Nikodém


    Ray Luna

    coming my man

  4. P Killjoy

    I really liked this, a fresh sound.

  5. Beatle who2

    You guys are really great! My new favorite band!

  6. Nadia Zubaran

    Que temaso locooooooooo

  7. Precious Jewel

    They were so amazing at the retrograde tour, definitely my new favorite band

  8. Stephany de Sousa

    eu estive aqui

  9. bryan imperial

    damn that vocals!!!!

  10. •Tнє Sσlαя Eclιρѕє•

    I would love to see Tyler Carter collab with this group, i feel their voices would do well together.

  11. Alexander Romanov

    where are you now?!

  12. Denmis Buchanan

    To know End Please !

  13. Denmis Buchanan


    Denmis Buchanan

    I would Love to here this Song Played on the Radio or make a music video Possibly.

  14. Hector Bravo

    amazing song great vocals I really would like to see them live one day

    Ray Luna

    Come to a show this fall on the CTE tour ;)


    #retrogradetour :D So excited!!! Nov. 12th

    Gus Maia

    hey Ray, any thoughts on an european tour any time soon? huge fan from Portugal, keep it up!

  15. kemptondriver

    can anyone tell me what kind of genres they mix?


    foda 😍

  17. Ever

    Can someone recommend something similar to this? Sounds like this, preferably no cursing like in their other songs, but similar? :/


    The "Ground Dweller" album by Hands Like Houses has some resemblance to this


    @curtisngl Haha, I actually got to Light Up The Sky from Hands like Houses. I love them! They have their new album out!


    Same! (or by Rise Records more so) HLH are one of my faves, and I have everything they've released!

  18. Matt Wolfer

    need more screaming


    +Matt Wolfer That cant always make the same kind of music becuz if they do they wont find it fun so they will have a variety of songs on their new album because they make a majority of screaming songs doesnt mean they will have screams in every song.

    Matt Wolfer

    Ok idc needs more screams


    @Matt Wolfer True lol

  19. laprida14

    hermoso *.*

  20. Bozzy

    Knew they would get signed eventually, really looking forward to a full album

  21. Zachary Lange

    Holy pitch corrector.

  22. emo Kid


  23. Brittany Grubb

    Amazing Sound! Love this song

  24. Alyssa Lynch


  25. Evy Floria

    im really tired of all these really talented bands and there cheesy lyrics

  26. Painted Smile

    omg I love this!!!!!!!

  27. Zak Taylor

    is ben from cte brother in this

    Nik Stone

    +Zak Taylor no sir

  28. Travis Larson


  29. Brook Mequanawap

    OH my, love this song <3

  30. kevin jones

    Wtf happened to "the devastated" ep? I like their new stuf but that ep blew me away & now I can't find it anywhere:c

    Ray Luna

    +kevin jones Dude its locked up away now for a while. lol But no worries dude other songs coming soon kinda like it ;)

    Zack Jasper

    kevin jones thanks! haha

  31. Mike Matsui Jr.

    The beginning reminded me of The Strokes-Reptilia

  32. TheFadingHorizon

    Hey guys, we are a local band from Montreal! We are huge fans of bands like Light Up The Sky, I the Mighty and The Color Morale, we released a new album with a track featuring Garret Rapp! It would mean the world to us if we got a listen!

  33. mjt501

    It's only natural for them to be signed to Rise

  34. Ryan Ehring

    the people who made this are my cousins

  35. UberGeweii

    Love this song.

  36. Trenton Worsham

    Sleeping with Paramore :) I dig it though!

    Brian Van B

    +Trenton Worsham Interesting comparison, I like it :)

    Trenton Worsham

    thank you! :D

    Yasmin S-Esen

    Trenton Worsham Exactly what I thought!

    Dylan Hitsman

    Trenton Worsham fuck dude thats perfect 👌😂

  37. Patrick Colbert

    sounds like the cab in a way.

  38. Lina Kouroumani

    the start reminds me of an All Time Low
    besides, this is great

  39. Tyran Winston

    liked the old stuff better.
    "bring on the fucking noissssseeeeeee" :) plus the vocals sound different. new singer?

    Ray Luna

    +Tyran Winston Same singer ;)

    Initial T

    +Ray Luna << THE SINGER!!!!!


    +Ray Luna HOLY SHIT!

  40. Alyssa Blaney

    So glad i found you guys at the CTE concert back in may :) love you guys so much, i know its a bit late but im sooo proud of you!

  41. Heeelion

    basicly generic

  42. Heeelion

    it sucks but it sounds good wish it was more original

  43. David Soez

    I like these fast "diving for" songs,

  44. HalfricanOnline

    Came into this video not expecting anything, I was pleasantly surprised. Keep up the good work y'all.

  45. UnityDeicide

    Good stuff! <3

  46. Rachel Taylor

    Absolutely love this band not to mention the guys in the band are all sweethearts.. So glad to say I live in Washington and have met them all besides Brian.

  47. Mike Dunne

    Is this a new band, cause their kind of good.

    Jonathan Rosario

    they've been around for a while but they had like 2 songs out, now they're with Rise records so you'll hear more from them 😁

  48. Leonardo Lemos


  49. dreamersoldierechelon

    Love this <3

  50. Brader

    This song is great!

  51. Alex

    Lyrically , this song is pretty mediocre I think, but it 's pretty killer in every other field! I want to hear more of these guys and am looking forward too the album

  52. houi

    it sounds like pop goes punk kkkkk (i liked)

  53. EVAN

    the vocal sounds like +SeraphimOfficial

  54. Gendaishaku2

    Sounds like Too Close To Touch.

  55. Slinky

    is it me or the singer used to be in another band?

  56. Esteria Wolf

    its good, I don't understand why the down right hate. there's a difference between hate and constructive criticism

  57. Farobi Ruslan

    Not bad

  58. Philia // Phobia

    I like the sound but the lyrics are pretty generic. They are brand new though so it'll take time. All in all a pretty promising band.

  59. Edger

    screamer won me!!

  60. Robbie Crown

    This sounds very like Miss Fortune :) not complain what so ever :D

  61. shamus248

    Wow, this is great. catchy and great vocals. Another great signing by Rise!

  62. Alex Newlun

    Glad to see these guys got picked up by Rise! Always a good time at your shows growing up in Spokane keep it up!

  63. Castiel Thepizzaman

    +Light Up The Sky ^   So  this is not intended to be a dick move, but my opinion after contemplating and evaluating the entire song. Just thought id mention I was never a big fan of Like Vultures, or Verah Falls either.--------- Just my opinion, but I think it sounds very boy-bandish. The guitar work has a unique sound even though the musicianship as a whole is very mediocre at best.ALTHOUGH,  I will give it to them, they do have a semi-unique sound for a band in the whole "core" sub genre region. But I can't be the only one who thought the lyrical content was a complete joke. I had to look the band up, because I initially thought it was some 13-17 year olds still going through that whole "teen angst, boo hoo my girlfriend broke up with me" stage. I hadn't listened to anything prior to this, because I personally am not a big fan of this sub-genre of metal (there being a few exceptions of course)___________However, I am from Dallas OR. And  even though I find this song/band very mild and easy listening type of music. I can understand the appeal that some people might see. So based off of that I'd still say that they are not a terrible band all around. Just like any other band, they are still trying to find their identity and sound that they love best. I will continue to try and stay updated on them because supporting local bands is what people should do.---------I also might just be hoping they'll eventually have one song with some blast beats and the ability to keep it in triplets here and there. Just to throw their listeners a curve ball.Thanks, just my opinion.

  64. Sarah

    Another time where I'm surprisingly not impressed.... What happened to Night Life and Bring It On 😭

  65. winter

    Way different from their old stuff, kind of bland imo. Congrats on getting signed though.

  66. Al My Pal

    I love that little poppy riff at the beginning!

  67. Dria Monroe

    I thought this band would sound cheap like Upon A Burning Body 😂 but it sounds pretty good cx

  68. Nabil Haque

    i fucking love this song!

  69. TheAlonMower

    I enjoyed everything except the lyrics. Damn.

  70. Peter Tanner

    I'm getting an Alive Like Me/SWS from this. Not too shabby. Stoked they finally got signed, called it years ago

  71. Gustavo Maciel

    I liked this, keep it up the good work guys!

  72. hanzo hattori

    Damn i didnt know these guys got signed 😄 pretty impressed!

  73. Daizha Elie Johnson

    once again rise records gives me another tasty menu filled with delicious bands and a fabulous entray of songs 💖
    so beautiful 💕💕💕

  74. Emily Fearnley

    Still can't believe you guys are signed!! Great song too!

  75. Last but Least

    "this is so generic blah blah blah im upset" So what if it is? At least its still good. I can't really complain its a decent song, very safe but thats pretty kind of expected with a debut reccord nothing wrong with that.

  76. alyssa quiles

    this is badass. Can't wait to hear more from yall :)

  77. The Greater Good Official

    I love when people mistake real vocal ability for auto tune. Cmon guys. Great job LUTS

  78. MrAldukie

    This is ok...but after hearing the old stuff it makes me sad. I really hope you guys go more heavy like the older stuff. Just heard those songs for the first time a few weeks ago and i cant stop listening to them @light up the sky

    Brian Van B

    +MrAldukie Wait til you hear the next one :)


    when will that be??


    "This sounds like auto-tuned Myspace music."

    -my totally unbiased girlfriend

  80. ThiVids

    Good voice/music, but these lyrics aren't for me, too simple.

  81. eliasbjj2011


  82. candy heart

    this is great. A few more songs like this and they'll be my new fav band

  83. andrew foster

    Brian's the fuckin' dude! Good shit!

  84. andrew foster

    Brian's the fuckin' dude! Good shit!

  85. Sam Core

    Not bad,but Nightlife is better

  86. Nicholas Brewster

    proud of one of my bestfriends :)

  87. Hoodie

    I don't like it. It don't hear anything unique or skillful. Not bad just not something to listen to more than once.

  88. chelseamarie xo

    Can't believe they're finally signed. SO proud of these dudes!

  89. WinChester Owl

    42 dislikes that's pathetic how can those 42 people not relate to this song

  90. Robert Torres

    i wish a lot of these bands this label signed would get some radio time i live in cleveland ohio and never here any good new rock music its all shit thats 30 years old or from the 90s i like all that music dont get me wrong but when all you hear is the same shit over and over again or the crappy ass pop music they play or half the rappers that have the voices of crack babies for instance fetty wop or future cant stand it

  91. Matt Howard

    This is soooo good!

  92. Not My Name

    I'm sorry but there's nothing here you couldn't get from a hundred other bands that've been around for an age.

  93. Alberto Castillo

    Been with you guys since your EP so getting a full length is exciting.

  94. roosoo


  95. Antoni Mariscal

    NICE:) how can i download free? i didnt find it in my downloader

  96. Anthony Schorling

    Tyler Carter is that u

  97. crownthe artemis

    I'm so happy that they finally got signed onto Rise, I've listened to their music since they first released Bring It On and seeing them get signed onto a big record label is amazing. I can't wait to see and meet them in person (hopefully on a tour) PLUS take Ray's and Isaac's little cousin to his first concert that will for sure be his cousins concert :)

  98. Don'tCallMeStupid

    You guys got signed to rise? Awesome!