Light Up The Sky - Bring It On Lyrics

Bring on the fucking noise
Why don't you feel the same
My love I can't explain
I will remove the chains of doubt upon my name

Enough is enough
I just had enough
My heart can't take much more of your heart lacking love
I've tried to reason, I'm trying to see
Why can't you imagine a successful me

So let me go
You can't tell me who I'm supposed to be
But I can't find the words to tell you
The only one is me

I let the words rush out and let the pain ignite
The fire inside my heart
That caused a blinding light
I will never be hopeless again

Our destiny is what binds us all
Our hearts become hopeless as we fall
Into a lie called doubt, sing it loud
You're better than life has made you out

So let me go
You can't tell me who I'm supposed to be
But I can't find the words to tell you
The only one is me

Since I know that you won't be here when I fall
Then I know you won't be here when I'm standing tall
Why don't you believe in me
You can never see that I'm the only one
I won't ever let life beat me

You don't approve so let me show you
We're not just playing boys
Bring on the fucking noise

If you ever think I want to be anything like you, take a second to think
Take a second to think

I tried to get you to listen to me
But you never would listen, never would listen, you never would listen
You said to go out and see the world for myself and I have now
And I found what I want, I found what I want

So let me go
You can't tell me who I'm supposed to be
But I can't find the words to tell you
The only one is me

Since I know that you won't be here when I fall
Then I know you won't be here when I'm standing tall
Why don't you believe in me
You can never see that I'm the only one
I won't ever let life beat me

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Light Up The Sky Bring It On Comments
  1. Dylan Wallace

    This is far better than the album version.

  2. C. Chambers


  3. renan rodrigues

    2010 I WILL BE BACK!!

  4. Micheal Barret

    Album version doesn't even touch this one.


    Dude facts. The album version isnt nearly as good

  5. Alpha360 Music

    Me gusta como canta hay,que lindo

    Jose Marmolejo

    lo se es hermoso

  6. 「SOUL'D OUT」

    A N G S T Y

  7. Lil.Miss.Headshot

    Oh my fucking God I luv this song, they remind me of pierce the veil


    Danni Laurens I saw them live a couple weeks ago with crown and blessthefall and they were so fucking good


    PulsempLetsPlays Aww cool, I luv them so much!!!

  8. Alice X


  9. Philipp

    I'm sorry but these are the worst lyrics I've heard in a long time. Pure cringe


    WarFame Productions bye lmao

  10. bollagurl

    never mind this version is better.

  11. Draike DeSchepper

    the rise records version is way worse to me.

  12. TyXX

    I cannot wait for March 18th

  13. TyXX


  14. ichigo kurosaki


  15. cassie dexter


  16. cassie dexter


  17. Tim Sardjoe

    Song isn't available in Holland :c

    Tim Sardjoe

    In de iTunes Store moest er nog achter haha

  18. Bella Whitney

    Can't find this song and band on Spotify....

  19. Jared Sawyer

    so basically crown the empire just not goth

  20. Aaron Towler

    that was fucking awesome

  21. Don'tCallMeStupid

    Congratulations on being signed to Rise guys!

  22. Desiree2649

    dude this guy messaged me on fb telling me about his song 😍 its amazing

  23. Gabino M Perez_B

    my favorited the band yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  24. vacationvale

    my favorite band♡♡

  25. vacationvale

    my favorite band♡♡

  26. NIFTY DRIFTY Gaming

    Thank u for that comfortable sound my ear calls music u ficking dope bitches

    The Fallen Bomberhat

    Dat rage.

  27. Light Up The Sky

    <3 thanks guys! 



  28. Gaming 101

    Could have been a lot better. Really just more of the same, and if I want to hear that I'll go listen to a band I already like. However, take my opinion with a grain of salt, cause I don't really like them much, Dani especially. I live in Spokane and go to the same church as his and Ben's dad, which Dani used to go to. And really, he's kind of a pretentious dick who thinks he's way cooler than he is. I mean, that's the mindset the whole band goes by; act famous if you wanna be famous, that sort of thing, but they are just douches about it. Same kinda thing happened with Bennett, so it's not even so much there music as them I don't like.

    The Fallen Bomberhat

    @Gaming 101 Bruh,You need jesus


    Fair enough, I know some people who act like that but only cause they're a vocalist xD

  29. livingparadox559

    Hey could anyone tell my the font style Light Up The Sky uses as there band name???? Ive been looking for weeks an no luck so anyone id really appreciate it alot

  30. Leah Carlile

    I'm friends with like, two of the members on Facebook. They're so good.



  31. Carlos Hernandez

    I meet them at warped

  32. Zero EffortZz

    2:10-2:30 is my favorite part

  33. KeNFo Motion Pictures

    That breakdown is so badass

  34. bogymenlove

    The bass player and the guitar player are my friends ^^

  35. iAmPhx

    Love this song =))

  36. Benjamin Montgomery

    WOW! That's what's up man!!!!!                             ( . Y . ) 

  37. Shadez Production

    capslock ftw.
    Awesome lyrics, awesome song, great music. I approve!

  38. Joyce Decadence

    they are amazing. why aren't they more popular!?

  39. Jocelyn Vengeance

    This song is amazing

  40. prok lokzii do dinok nazghul35

    that was fuckin sick i lovee it love the lyrics such a flippin good song

  41. Jake Sandd


  42. DrCHAPAmc

    So....they should make more. Yep.

  43. shayle larue

    this blew my mind :3 <3

  44. My Grains

    Crossing my fingers this isn't a one hit wonder band again :x

  45. Jillian Hilt

    just found them and this is great!

  46. Jawsh :3

    Why the FUCK do they not have more songs? They're so good.

    Gonçalo Santos

    i feel the same as you :/

    Shadez Production

    They do have now! :D
    Look on spotify!
    Nightlife its called :D

    max borden

    i know right!?!?! like gimme morrrreee!!!!

    Nik Stone

    +Josh McFadden debut album comes out March 18th

    Jose Marmolejo

    they have more songs but this is the best

  47. Rachel Taylor

    All the guys in the band are sweethearts!!! Amazing in concert too :)

  48. Inamorta FFJ

    I know this of them pm me on fb to check their good stuff.and so I wait and they are way good.keep it up bro

  49. FeelTheFury


    Austin Chavez


    Dylan Wallace

    shit was just ridiculous....

  50. Taylor Bailey

    I love this. ;-;

  51. DeeLeau

    awesome vox :)

  52. Ligatine

    This is pretty sick. The singing is AMAZING. The screaming is good also :)

  53. Blknight16 Gaming

    Love this song alot

  54. Alyssa Pomeroy

    Love love love

  55. Mr.Dr.Antihero

    where can i find this album or more from this band?

    Billy Fishkins

    The devistated Ep

  56. ThePhoenix1860

    these vocals are amazing!:D

  57. Maikeru305

    Got major skills for doing both cleans and screams, mad props

  58. Dustin Swope

    Been with these guys since day one, and I gotta say, It's about damn time they get the recognition they deserve. They're one of the best young talents out there, and I guarantee if you don't already know em, you will VERY soon.

  59. jmedina36

    Kind of sounds like old woe is me

  60. WETrollKIDZ

    This songs great

  61. Prest0n

    Javier is silly, isn't he?!

  62. SplicerBabe

    Type "repeat" before YouTube in the web address bar. :)

  63. Jasmine Pineda

    Not a lot, honestly. I've been a fan of this band before I even knew they were brothers.

  64. Levon777614

    Is there a way to make a song replay over and over continuously without raping the replay button?

  65. BVTV Music

    Thank you! :)

  66. voy bandtv

    How many people are here because Bennet's brother is in this band? *is I spelled his name wrong I'm sorry*

  67. Anton Alexandria

    great music, i favorited

  68. Danny Alford

    Love the bands you are putting up! BVTV ( ak99superstar) good WORK!!!!!

  69. xXshepardsonXx

    I love the drop! So sick!

  70. VuLGurr

    The screams are really fucking rad!

  71. Alisa Elliott

    I fucking love this song!!! Its so Just amazing

  72. kmlpchikaz

    ray, you and your fucking amazing vocals

  73. Stefani Lam

    People are saying they should team up with a female vocalist... I'm down ;D

  74. Matt Gillespie

    Yes finally some locals that are good

  75. Saul Santana

    Beautiful breakdown !

  76. Shadez Production

    For the first, The song, was freaking awesome, best i heard in long time.
    This is really my type of song.
    Second, The video is REALLY good made, the text comes like a half to 1 second before he sings it, that makes it so great because u will be available to read it and hear him sing it. ( it does not go to fast ) And when the ''scream'' or ''growl'' whatever, it goes fast and cool, and that's the way it should.
    So i like and will watch and hear more from this band :)
    Thanks for showing m8 =)

  77. Timo Kalf

    Lol every music video on this channel is exactly the same video lately (lyrics in a font flashing on the screen)

  78. Alexis Lopez

    Omfg I'm in love I can't

  79. Mikkiubbersqiushy30

    I think they should team up with a female vocalist xD

  80. BVTV Music

    Me too! :)

  81. Brittany G

    I like the vocals a lot :)

  82. crimsontide3269

    And 2 37!

  83. crimsontide3269

    2 23 just blew me away!

  84. InwardoRetardo

    The drummer for this band (Daniel) is the brother of the lead guitarist of Crown the Empire (Bennett).

  85. BVTV Music

    They're legit!

  86. Gabe Gonzalez

    Crown the Empire influence? Idk & Idc. Amazing!

  87. Javyair

    How T'F did they make it on this channel !??,?

  88. BVTV Music

    Glad you liked it! :D

  89. BVTV Music

    Definitely. These guys are awesome! :)

  90. Charlie Tran

    epic, just epic.

  91. Matt Davis

    Nice to see you uploading their new song. It definitely deserves exposure.

  92. Qr1x

    simply amazing!