Lido - Dye Lyrics

I would die if you would dye your hair
Baby girl I would die if you would dye your hair
Baby girl I would die if you would dye your hair
Baby girl I would die if you would dye your hair

So don't change
Don't change
Baby don't change
Don't change

I'm serious as ever don't change
Don't change
If you would ever don't change
Don't change
"What does she have that I don't?"
"What does she have that I don't?"
Even if I told you, you would never get it
"What does she have that I don't?"
You would never get it
"What does she have that I don't?"
You would never get it

I would die if you would dye your hair
Baby girl I would die if you would dye your hair
Baby girl I would die if you would dye your hair
Baby girl I would die if you would dye your hair

So don't change
Don't change
Baby don't change
Don't change

I'm serious as ever don't change
Don't change
If you would ever don't change
Don't change

Then you would never get it
You would never get it
You would never get it
Even if I told you, you would never get it
You would never get it
You would never get it again
You would never get it
If I explained it to you, you would never get it
Again girl

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Lido Dye Comments
  1. Keith Kutsanzira

    anyone have any idea what vocoder that could be?


    Lido makes masterpiece music

  3. xoxginaxox

    bahhhh love it!

  4. Moe Inn Zone

    This song <3

  5. Manu

    Très fort !

  6. oBringMeTheDiscoCake

    gosh always amazing, I can't believe I only listened to angel until now!

  7. Jayrofive official

    Lido is a music seeker. We must not learn too. from Japan

  8. Natali Zenteno

    Es fascinante lo que hace

  9. Junebug

    now thats an upper body workout

  10. SuperEnriquedemarco


  11. Batman

    This song reminds me a lot of Kanye West, great stuff

  12. Epicej987


  13. BubbaThe1st

    Why is the version of Dye on the album different than this one?


    Because he likes to changes things up for music videos and live shows. If you look at the MVs for Money or Crazy, they've got some differences to the released versions as well (though they're just small changes compared to Dye).

  14. ADX - T Project

    Owh... Your like master. Amazing musician

  15. Dee Dee

    He didn't want her to change her hair color to what? Like I don't even know what the time line is here when were they even together? It is he the one that she is saying was the heroin addict?

  16. Dess Marvel

    check out this version it is so dope

  17. Jadan Rae

    This dude is insane. I saw him at ACL, because he took someone's place, but he had that entire set up. He's extremely talented.

  18. Omar Nuño

    This Saturday is going to be amazing!! , #CoronaCapital2017 ♥

  19. feelslike

    so talend
    always awesome!!

  20. Tim Otholt

    03:28 Total Feels Here. <3 <3 <3

  21. TheViccoTube

    What did he use for that sound in the intro?

    Julian Crist

    your mom

  22. Someone

    What vocoder is that

  23. Nomvuyo Ndwandwe

    This is everything, my goodness

  24. Ariq Faustino


  25. Ferrol Fernandez

    A bloody genius!!!!xx

  26. BigOlBatz Entertainment

    I wish the world would honestly give more attention to real music like this. And what I love the most about him is how every song has such a deep meaning toward the adventure and demise within a break up not only that he made an intro to every song to explain what the deeper meanings were. Speaking from personal experience I went through a rather dark period in my life because of a break up myself and just when I thought I lost everything there is about myself, I found this song along with his song citi bike. I can't say this for a lot of artists but lido' s music definitely helped me get out of the darkest of times. Thank you lido you inspired me, a fellow artist, To use my music to carry me through it all... I hope you come to Pittsburgh, Pa Soon.

  27. Hannah Johnson


  28. vex

    how are you that musically gifted?

  29. Buddhabear43

    Theres a smiley face near his collar on the left.
    Just sayin.

  30. stacey ace

    I'm memorized by the amount of skill involved in this video

  31. atwarwithsatan27

    lol wtf hahahahahah

  32. Random Creativity

    Wow! This guys is great!

  33. chil3nopulento

    Just, wow

  34. 강민희

    so chillin love you

  35. OKEIFLOU 19

    DIOSSSS!!! Brooo EXCELENT !! in a couples moth this video is on fireee! MUSIC 2023

  36. Kia Bagha

    lido got vids? more like lido got hot...

  37. Garshne

    Lido, I really felt something last night at Shelter! You killed it on the drums and the visuals were amazing! You've got a lot of new fans!

  38. Maya Smith

    Everyone talking about his great performing, Jack Garratt is awesome too you should look him up

  39. Zachary Elpin

    such a great song!

  40. LAIRE

    most underrated artist of the 21st century

  41. Vandiiis

    Want to so you live again. The last two albums was sick live... this one must be amazing!!!! :O

  42. Wolfear

    a masterpiece.

  43. WhatTheFestival

    SO good! <3 <3

  44. lydia nabilah

    he too OP

  45. pslopez7

    anyone know the name of those vocal effects at the beginning?

    Jakob Zakosek

    pslopez7 it's a vocal processor with a vocoder, not sure what hardware exactly but it sounds like the same preset he used for his performance with the orchestra


    thx dude

  46. BigOlBatz Entertainment

    I have never seen somebody with so much talent be so underutilized with in the music industry. I'm an artist myself and gave it up a long time ago just because of things like this. good music being overlooked because of an image that they are trying to sell. I literally just stumbled across him in the past couple of days and have done nothing but listen to his whole album this man deserves a lot more credit and it also helps that I relate to the whole album seeing as how I'm going through a major break up just like he was

    pal nes

    He did produce two of the three leading singles from Chance the Rappers' Coloring Book; Angels and Same Drugs. :)

  47. Kevin Ford

    This dude made an entire song to guilt trip his girl into not dyeing her hair.



    Kevin Ford lol

    Adrienne&Michael Brand

    *ex-girl... ;)

    yeets yeets

    it’s a metaphor

  48. remixedv

    Nice vid. Talented man.

  49. Menend

    this is amazing... for real

  50. Orgues Odin

    We would believe!! it looks like a live...super

  51. 4Klassix Beats


  52. Udyan Ojha

    lido Awesome LOVE FROM INDIA

  53. Dragana Trifunovic

    You are a genius.

  54. Jorge P

    Anyone one knows what he's hitting in 2:34? After he hits the cymbal. I'm just curious cause I like the sound. :)

  55. Jorge Simon

    Absolutely beautiful

  56. ICEJ

    megan bAtoon sent me here

  57. Genius Rebel

    what your using in your hair? It looks great!!!
    the clip it's great too :)

  58. Duncan Passey

    I figured this to be the album's weakest spot. this version is a brilliant rework.

  59. kaomochi

    Wish I could see him live but I'm in Texas :/

  60. Rodrigo Colina.

    I love him. #Venezuela

  61. Luna 96


  62. mischeyi

    your music is sooo underrated!

  63. Josh Beech

    LIDO LIDO LIDO! WTF thats so gooooood - please come to England!So much respect from me.

  64. Jm De Ocampo

    Seriously so underrated

  65. Somz M

    Real Talented Artist,awesome

  66. EPAL

    holy shit

  67. M. G

    omgg this is off the website where you can create a light show based off ur songs soo amazing

  68. JRMVN


  69. maaangus


  70. SEPHiRODMusic

    You was not far from me in Paris when filming this and i didn't know it :((

    Waiting for the Tell Me How To Feel music video now <3

  71. ThomasFred

    Straight up FIRE!!

  72. Noah Kenton Music

    Raw yet refined brilliance

  73. Joey Vong

    Proving that he's a legend once again

  74. Samuel Simionato

    Just waiting for Lido to get huge =]

  75. sichka _

    Seriously he needs more recognition


    No doubt!


    Had this track on loop for the last week. Just so incredible. He's insane to watch live as well.

    BigOlBatz Entertainment

    Rizky Achsa you are telling the truth brother

    Potato Marsh


  76. RivalMhob

    Best audio, lyrics, video... In short <3 Perfect

  77. angelina ballerina

    amazing <3

  78. Kyoshinja

    This fool just redefined music videos with a live performance... wow. So much respect.

  79. Andrea Makamba

    When he can play more than one instrument 😍

  80. Andrei Comaroni

    holy fucking shit

  81. Talesh Patel

    amazing cinematography ..

  82. JenCatTV

    holy shit

  83. AC Based

    yooooooo can someone teach me or direct me to the tutorial on how to create a vocal effect in my daw like the one he has on his voice in the gd mf music video

    Dom Lyttle

    AC Based look up vocoding

  84. hownaice

    Who disliked this😑

    Roberta Nagy

    NAIRDA i did it sucks


    This does not suck.

  85. nomskyy

    lido is so damn talented!

  86. mrlx1064

    Still waiting for the Citi Bike music video..

    Ole Magnus Tjøstheim

    yeeees ples with jaden and towkio!


    At Middlelands his monitors showed a video of Towkio drinking some Henessy rapping his verse to Citi Bike. It was amazing

  87. Nash YaBoy

    This is so fucking good! truly one of the best music videos and what seems like live performance ever.

    PeaNuT BuTTer

    The Mexican Potato yo, his live performances are even better than this! He goes from the piano in the middle to the drums on the right to the electric pianos and looping stuff and voice stuff on the left all throughout one song. It's so sick!

  88. Kylan Clegg

    lol I like music

  89. George Kroustallis

    Video terrible but Lido litty as always

  90. Nathalia Benevides

    get you a man who can do all

  91. Elthibeault


  92. Hailey Brooks


  93. Doppelgänger P

    Those drum skills tho

    PeaNuT BuTTer

    Doppelgänger P you should see him live! I saw him on the 4th and it was AMAZING!


    +PeaNuT BuTTer saw him live last night at Shelter before Porter and Madeon came on, and he KILLED. IT. on the drums.


    Garshne Were you at the Melbourne one? It was such an amazing night.




    adammccormick95 hello fellow Melb lido was amazing

  94. Andrea Vides


  95. Andrea Vides


  96. Hp banger