Lido - Catharsis Lyrics

[Halsey:] How do you want me to say it?
[Lido:] However you wanna say it
[Halsey:] Do you want me to say it to you or to the mic?
[Lido:] Say it to me
[Halsey:] You sure?


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Lido Catharsis Comments
  1. turtle shellz

    This sound like Robert glasper a little ❤❤

  2. Nathan Craig

    Dang the LoFi undertones with the chill wavy electro is a crazy combination

  3. Lebo Rapuleng

    I want the slow version

  4. marianne

    Lido's such an underrated music producer, he's very talented 💙💙

  5. sauce

    Slowly growing like bo en.

    I love it.

    Liz S

    bo en is amazing too

  6. Leah -

    can someone tell me pls what are they saying at the beginning?

    Noah Robles

    Halsey: How do you want me to say it?
    Lido: However you want to say it.
    Halsey: Do you want me to say it to you or say it to the mic?
    Lido: Say it to me...
    Halsey: You sure?

  7. Slim 2

    lido's music never disappoints

  8. oksophia

    Here I am once again for this is my new favourite song, even thought now I find it slightly sad

  9. Duong Buikhanh

    You guys watching Life 2017 ? Omg when i listen this song, i am thinking about this film. Don't know why i feel both of these is the same.

  10. mauvepuppet

    gggod this song, especially the start, it always brings me back to when i saw him opening for shelter. his set was so good aaah

    link main

    holy shit same! i saw him in australia

  11. Waleed Us

    please sabsikraib I nd laik takes

  12. ivan bessard

    i love Lido

  13. Bill Benjamon

    Respect ! Respect....

  14. Erik Enlund

    Music needed this #THIS

  15. Devon

    gives me chills

  16. ••••

    Oh god help me Halsey's voice i can't

  17. Taha AB

    This is a reinvenetion of Music !

  18. Mylee S

    this is like 100% about halsey. it sounded like her voice at the beginning of the somg

    Eliza Pham

    Its her voice.

  19. Daniel Williams

    I got a new perception after watching the short clip of yours 😦 I just understand it more now, I see the deeper side of it i know what its like bro 💔

    Daniel Williams

    really can't wait till the others come out


    its been out for a week or so

  20. Ian Ellsworth

    haven't heard anything like this since faded

    Ian Ellsworth

    its also very different than faded though so im sorry i compared them

    Daniel Williams

    you best be sorry 😒

  21. Utkarsh

    100th like.

  22. Jordan Benjamin

    was that Halsey?


    I think they are dating

    Chiti Monteverde Sánchez

    Aurestone they were

    Shad Alrwily

    Aurestone they was dating

  23. otiagomarques


  24. ellie wp

    i love the meaning of the title so much

  25. Nylon Sheep

    What other songs have saxaphone in the background like that? It reminds me of a song but I just can't place it!

    Michael Herrera

    Kendrick Lamar - TPAB

    Nylon Sheep

    Michael Herrera yeah I was thinking of Untitled Unmastered

    Devin Carballo

    songs by logic

    Lahmard13 Sauls

    darude - sandstorm . definitely what you're thinking about


    Jojos bizarre adventures songs

  26. mydearaurora

    the intro is so intimate <3


    not really


    +tardcakez why not?

    Fannie A

    tardcakez the intro is literally the girl that this album is about talking to him what do you MEAN it's not intimate


    right!? it's make me felt like i was eavesdropping


    catharsis+ the beginning of the end... this was meant to sound somewhat intimate, although it was prolly completely uncomfortable and nerve wrecking

  27. Steve Moraco

    First lol