Libertines, The - Can't Stand Me Now Lyrics

An ending fitting for the start
You twist and tore our love apart
Your light fingers threw the dark
That shattered the lamp and into darkness cast us

No, you've got it the wrong way round
You shut me up, and blamed it on the brown
Cornered the boy kicked out at the world
The world kicked back a lot fuckin' harder now

If you want to try
If you want to try
There's no worse you could do
Uh oh oh

I know you lie
I know you lie
I'm still in love with you
Uh oh oh

Can't take me anywhere (I'll take you anywhere)
Can't take me anywhere, (Wouldn't take you anywhere)
I'll take you anywhere you want to go

Oh, you can't stand me, no you can't stand me
No, you can't stand me, no you can't stand me
No, you can't stand me, no you can't stand me
No, you can't stand me, no you can't stand me now

Have we enough to keep it together?
Or do we just keep on pretending
And hope our luck is never ending now
You tried to pull the wool I wasn't feeling too clever
And you take all that they're lending
Until you need amending now

If you want to try
If you want to try
There's no worse you could do
Uh oh oh

I know you lie
All you do is make me cry
All these words they ain't true

I can't take me anywhere, I can take you anywhere
You can't take me anywhere, I will take you anywhere
I'll take you anywhere you want to go

Oh, you can't stand me, no you can't stand me
No, you can't stand me, no you can't stand me
No, you can't stand me, no you can't stand me
No, you can't stand me, no you can't stand me

No oh oh
You can't stand me now
Oh oh oh

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Libertines, The Can't Stand Me Now Comments
  1. Robert Melia

    Classic track. ✌🏼️

  2. Wayne White

    Rent boy and nothing but pete Doherty what a cunt as for there music and his side kicks it's a joke who in the ryt fckg mind would want to be in these company polease!.....🤣

  3. Gino WildFire.

    Here is da leyends¡ 😎

  4. Szaam

    You really can't get much more British than this song

  5. leanne mcgrady

    December 2019 ???

    Cristhian Reyes

    2 days before christmas

  6. The Liam Hype Multiverse

    Takes me back high five

  7. esther gunes

    ian curtis est visiblement sorti de sa dépression mortelle

  8. Budi Alimuddin

    Drums Like a U2

  9. ian robby

    This song never get old

  10. Sydney Sure

    Lincoln engine shed

  11. James Cordey

    I've got his jaguars spare tyre . Long story!

    Libertine 13


  12. steve wilson

    i looove [email protected]

  13. O C

    Libertine days... full of hope

  14. pressure drop

    Walking to work one day 6.30 lots of fans sleeping outside the concert hall out all night Scottish winter Pete didn’t show up that night hall full of fans FANS Pete paying fans laying on a floor in Govan full of smack I hear

  15. Johnny Davies

    Do what ever drugs you want and have a good time but don’t let them get hold you and if you can’t do that don’t play the game there 100%

  16. Mago traco

    Bueno, ahora estoy en mi cama saltando mientras juego Apex. Vino a visitar mi tio Vladimir. Siempre que viene me deja un buen regalo o propina jugosa. Así que si sumamos al momento esta canción, pues es historia escribiéndose sola. Un salu2, disfruten de The Libertines, propaguen esta canción como un virus en esas mentes tan humanas y endebles. Compartan lo bueno!

  17. Gino WildFire.


  18. burakmertozclk

    Too real..

  19. Jan Berrios

    Accidentally found this band looking for the 2004 film of similar name. Worth it

  20. sqwidink1

    Flat Stanley

  21. archive303

    Shittiest band ever, wankers on drugs and they think they were relevant!!

    Stephen Fealy

    An ending fitting for the start.... You twat!!

  22. Emma Wilding

    When band members fall out, accept it and write a track out of respect. Good call I'd say. Honest, just like the Libertines always were.

  23. JLSXXX

    The best band ever


    are you twelve.

  24. Jessey Saenz Blas

    lml buena rola

  25. Maryu Ledan

    2019 sept 13 Philippines. I Love this band

  26. Sara Scarpati

    Is there anyone else who dislikes the group, but likes the song? Just curious

  27. Alberto Di Loretto

    This is real Indie Music, that Banjo folk american shit is not indie

  28. rgb stm

    Ouvir a primeira vez essa música logo que lançou o clipe na mtv

  29. Claudia Almaguer

    Fifteen years, who in 2019?💘

  30. Jonathan Dunseath

    There was such a promising future for this band. But, heroin f*cked it up.

  31. steve wilson

    Libertines..what a crash on society...looooved it

  32. JLSXXX

    Loved em forever

  33. abcabc aaa

    when uk indie was great

  34. Rattlehead

    Saw Carl Barat yesterday on a dj set here on México. I had opportunity to take a picture and exchange some words with him such a badass and humble guy. Im looking forward to see the whole band together one day.

  35. Renata Tapia

    i love the libertines 😆😆😘😘😘😘😍😁😁😁

  36. Gabriel Barile

    This reminds me my ex so hard

  37. Bill Rana

    Intro reminds me of the Jam

  38. matwalk1975

    YEah man still rocks as a tune !!!!!!

  39. David Pierotti

    great we fine song

  40. Derek McCormack

    I love you.

  41. Raymond Campbell

    Seriously the liberties could have been one of the greatest british bands ever 1st 2 albums are awesome but crack & heroin stopped all that


    Sad but true :(

  42. Alex Smith

    2019 anyone?

  43. Lair of the Mastermind

    Best Songwriting partnership since the beatles

  44. EasyManMexican

    2019 desde México ya quisiera que viniera The Libertines :3

    Música en Español Y Más

    Vendrá doherty

    Uqbar Aleph

    @Música en Español Y Más cuándo?

  45. Nohemí Herrera

    2019 <3

  46. Rebecca Howe

    2019 woohoo

  47. demogorgon music ltd


  48. Jamie Kelly

    This is like me and my m8. Argue all weekend and joke about it on the Monday. Best buddies since nursery school and we nearly 40 now

  49. Bill Rana

    No fan of theirs but some of it reminds me of the best band from these shores....The Jam imo

  50. Norfolk Numpty

    Amazing band but u r twat

  51. Parida Pla


  52. JT Reacts N Shii

    Rugby 05 was part of my amazing childhood

  53. Marvin Price

    The guitar is making a lovely sound

  54. Murilo Santos Silva Santos

    Gostei !🤩

  55. Murilo Santos Silva Santos

    Eu tenho esse vinil kkk!😎

  56. yostka Docie

    I love it and it works well. J’ai envie d’aller au lit avec toi

  57. Rubén Hurtado

    2019... 2020... 9999 .. Anyone?

  58. Kernow Kid ت中木؛ ه CORNWALL IS A COUNTRY


  59. Kernow Kid ت中木؛ ه CORNWALL IS A COUNTRY

    About... Kate.

  60. Mark Barrett

    Fuckin get in..!!!!!!

  61. Ranger X

    Have we enough to keep it togetherrrrrrrr

  62. Mark McLaughlan

    The best song of the 00s.

  63. mr pele

    Wow, I forgot how brilliant they were.

  64. superdeluxesmell

    I don’t get it. How can so many drugs produce something so bland?

  65. Gabi Schaffer

    Pete is pretty better than blur

  66. ChubbyChecker182

    Had this on a free CD (songs of the year thingy with Uncut or one of them magazines).... Best free CD ever had Nick Cave There She Goes My Beautiful World on it and a few other crackers

  67. Flame Lad

    Life's short. Avoid work, avoid relationships, avoid toxic people, don't give a fuck about consequences.. get smashed, stoned, get into fights, sing your lungs out, repeat. Peace.


    2019 sons

  69. Aitor Llamazares

    Cornered the boy kicked out at the world
    The world kicked back a lot fuckin' harder now

  70. Miss Tery


  71. Cat Lover

    Pete Doherty is a boil on the butt of humanity

  72. Utch Punk

    Wank. Bunch of fucking wankers

  73. Anurag Sawant

    It's 2019 already, can't stand it already

  74. Freddie Graves

    Where have the boys in bands gone ?

  75. Del

    2019 still listening fucking class..British Indie at its finest

  76. Why Media

    2019 and still a F*#king Cracking Tune

  77. Vanda Colgate

    2019 still love this

  78. Fleurs Sv


  79. Виталий Ярошевич

    in 2k19 I listen as the first time!

  80. Fernanda Martins

    there's no comments from this year, so I thought I should

  81. Felipe 'Tao Pai Pai'

    perdi minha virgindade com essa musica

  82. Aaron James

    2019 still a banger

  83. Dante O'Malley

    As good as the Strokes?

  84. John Marley

    Garage Rock muito bom um Abraço do Brasil

  85. TheSHEDfriends you love this watch this x