Lewis Watson - Home Lyrics

From the east where I found you my friend
I will walk till my feet tell me no
I won't talk for fear of the cold
Flooding in

And it always gets hard in the end
When you've lost everything that you own
You won't lose me, I can't leave you alone
I'm a lucky man

Take me home
I need home
Our tangled bones

When the skies turn grey with regret
And the snows brought me to my knees
Don't beg me, I am begging you please
I'm not giving up

Take me home
I need home
Our tangled bones

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Lewis Watson Home Comments
  1. Milena val.

    i want every bit of these lyrics tattooed on my body

  2. Mia Joy

    Heard this song on a British Airways flight playlist and had to write down the lyrics to search for it later on. Love it.

    Lewis Watson

    that means a great deal to me, thank you so much ! x

  3. Alpha Nova

    Whoever disliked this are morons he's so cute and sweet as gold

  4. Clara J

    I found this beautiful thing on Spotify and I'm in love with it. Bravo, Lewis! I also love how you write your name in all lowercase.

  5. Rhydian Jones

    Lewis we can make a home 😍 x.

  6. Lee Kohler

    Dear Lewis, I met you today in Chicago when you played for my company. You gave us CDs and vinyl, you signed mine. It was very nice meeting you. I played your CD in my car on my way home. My god, please keep doing what you do. I have listened to your disc about 4 times in one day. I went home and played it for a very discerning friend of mine. He begged me to give it to him. You have already given so much to the world at a young age. Keep it up, do not ever compromise. Follow your heart, and thank you so much for giving me your CD today. I have a feeling I'll be proud to own it for years.

    Lewis Watson

    +Lee Kohler wowee, my hero lee. thank you so much ! hope to see you again soon x

  7. mark jansen

    If you ever need a drummer..

  8. mark jansen

    This is amazing

  9. Lía Frantinez

    No me arrepiento de haberte conocidooo, mi amoreeee ahre

  10. Mark Green

    Who is the drummer in this video?

  11. Julie Ogh

    Great job! Mon petit ami et moi adorons tes musiques, il est totalement fan !! aha! Excuse moi, de cette langue, nous t'écoutons de France

  12. Brianna Ruth Audrey

    I swear I've heard this song before but I can't seem to remember when and where dammit


    You blow my mind with every song


    Yas Queen!

  15. Livie Gee

    How has it already been almost a year.....

  16. Loli

    obssessed with your music

  17. Clique As Frick |-/

    I honestly can't wait for the day I get to see you in concert

  18. life sucks

    This is amazing

  19. Lisa Brinkman

    Sounds great Lewis, i wish i could do a duet with you someday.

  20. Gerald

    I like your acoustic type songs better. I'd support you all the way though. Keep making music Lew. :)

  21. Colter//Cole Ray

    wow! I friend just told me to look up one of his older songs (What About Today) and now I'm so in love! my ears have been blessed. he's come so far awh 👍🏼❤️❤️😊

  22. Gaby

    i can't i just wow okay yeah this is a thing okay im dead, im alive??? the notes??? the hair?? my life???

  23. kylie celeste

    loving this new sound lewis

  24. Shannon M


  25. Shannon M

    love the more rocky vibe, I wish I could just have this song in the background while I go about my day

  26. Dann Cartman

    please!!! we need you in Mexico!!!

  27. Jaline Steinhauer

    Incredible as always!! Sounds awesome and I have yet to hear a song I dislike by Lewis <3 I doubt I ever will!

  28. Emmy Rodgers

    YASS! This is sooo amazing! I love it <3

  29. LBandCOOLJ

    Such a tune. Been listening to this for weeks now on repeat. Hopefully this'll go big soon! Keep it up

  30. circusforfive

    I'm so gay for you

  31. Melanie Moarry

    Please release your album already, from what I've heard from your snapchat story, it's gonna be incredible. LOVE YOU


    +Melanie Moarry What's his sc?

  32. Sara Stalder

    when he first started singing and went down to those super low tones, I already started to get goosebumps, and then the part from 0:25-0:29 gave me chills straight through to my bones. I'm obsessed with this

  33. Mayzie Flowers

    love the new song Lewis xxx

  34. Ellie & Nikon

    still loving this xxx

  35. Kal Shmipken

    Hell yeah, Lewis. Feelin it

  36. JinnieThePooh

    Saw you perform yesterday in Amsterdam at the Oh Wonder concert, and man... I absolutely fell in love with your voice ♡

  37. Natalie Schneberger

    This tune is so impeccably refreshing compared to what you did on the morning!! Well done Lewis!!!! Much love from Texas!! ❤🔥❤👌

  38. Lucy Adams

    absolutely love this!

  39. Faith Silva

    Wish I could Like this multiple times because I just am so happy with this song and simple video.

  40. Emilia Gauna

    brilliant x

  41. Jerry Langenhoven

    Awesome song.

  42. Just Gabrielle

    This is SO good. You go Lew!

  43. Annie Neish

    I love this! Also, my friends birthday is coming up and I was wondering if you could maybe wish her a happy birthday? She loves your music and it would mean a lot. Ohhh, and her names lucy.Thanks! X

  44. Ariel TV [El Jincho]

    Love the new sound lew! Your playing has jump LOADS. I'm very excited to work this has a cover!

  45. Estera T

    i'm in love <3
    kisses from poland <3

  46. Camila Rodriguez

    You'll never guess how I got here! Michelle (your mum? step mum) sent me to your page! she brags about you all the time! very proud of you! You guys have a great sound, definitely something I can choreograph to, (that's what happens when dancers listen to music) keep up the good work I look forward to hearing more music!

  47. Arthur Ribeiro

    Cadê os brasileiros que curtem o lewis?Já deveria existir um grupo de fãs brasileiros desse artista super talentoso.

    untiled desx

    Arthur Ribeiro acho que somos os únicos.

  48. Lunasterre van Heck

    Have been listening to this song everyday since it came out :') thank you Lewis

  49. spoorthi vittaladevuni

    this is so amazing omg

  50. Toni Catherine

    So, Lewis Watson and Birdy are releasing their new sounds lately. Couldn't get better than this. :D

  51. Robin

    lovely as always x

  52. KIN

    You can never go wrong, with your music, Mr Watson. This is beautiful.

  53. Gracie

    This is incredible

  54. kamilla parker

    I enjoyed the drums along with the bass presence accompanying your voice. It was upbeat and faster, so a little different from what you've already put out. Looking forward to the next album!

  55. lillelolli12

    So simple, so brilliant!

  56. kerrcurr

    Lewis, the new music is sounding wonderful, I can't wait to hear more! Also you were amazing on Monday supporting Gabrielle, just wish you'd duetted Droplets :)

  57. Jonathan Delgado


  58. Pieces OnTheGround

    Omfg I'm loving this so much, you're developed a new style and it's amazing

  59. Danipecas Pecas

    absolutely stunning Lew ! Great work as usual. Always supporting you. xx much peace and love from France

  60. Sydney Druckman

    Lewis this is amazing! Your music has progressed so much! Please come back to LA soon, we miss you!

    -Syd (aka ukulele girl)

  61. Clémence Molinas

    still not over how good this is, lewy, absolute dude x

  62. Julia Dopson

    this is amazing xx

  63. Manu ‘

    brazil loves u

  64. ainaa hakimah

    Can you get pregnant because of this


    I had triplets

    Zoe Nikles

    +mickyh93 I had quadruplets...

    just grace

    i had quintuplets

  65. keely terpening

    loving this new song.... great job lewis :)

  66. hell0serena

    la la la love

  67. sydney x

    im glad you're back lew. been waiting for so long <3

  68. Cleyton Santanna

    Brazil is already loving you ❤

    untiled desx

    Cleyton Santana br escutando ele. Kkk não sou único

    Nathan Queija Gonçalves

    VAI BR!!!!

    Thayná Sathler

    Com certeza! Desde 2012 ou antes, nem lembro. 🤣 Só queria um show dele aqui pra ver ele live

  69. TaraaCaseyy

    yes lew

  70. Gabrielle

    seriously can't get enough of this song!

  71. Adam Underwood

    It's been a while since I found a song that I want to have on repeat all day! Absolute tune (Y)!!

  72. Praptolium

    This video was really, really well directed.

  73. Amber Lloyd

    Absolutely fantastic new sound Lewis! In love 😍

  74. valentina hodge

    algún día viajare de Chile a verte. 😭😭😭

    Dann Cartman

    haces escala en México y nos vamos juntos!

  75. Xande Alex

    lewis Back <3

  76. Ivy Hatter

    yes! Now to buy it!

  77. Jayden Shuster

    this is so great!! i dig the instrumentals!!

  78. radkid06

    I've been following this guy since his first release. It makes me smile wide to see him with a band, and coming out with such great sounds like this. It's been wonderful to see him progress, wow!

  79. Nabilah Nurhijah


  80. Wendy

    love it ♡ hope you perform at la so i can go

  81. Amy Mae

    Love this, hope you play it tonight <3

  82. king funk

    i'm so impressed and into the new sound lewis wowowow i'm just so amazed

  83. Natasha G

    So incredible. Really loving this

  84. Kylee Achey

    love this

  85. Larry Sitompul

    Come to Perth!!

  86. Emily Jane

    Yes yes yesssss


    cover it!

  87. JakesAdventures

    Loving the style of this song!

  88. Elise Arsenault

    The answer is yes, Lew. We love it and you're doing it right. We'll support this innovativeness, and new adventure thick with sound.. We're with you.

    Psalm 105:4, friend. You're loved.

  89. Michelle Steiner

    Great new sound, Lewis! Love it!

  90. Emily Fox

    love love love love love this song

  91. A J

    I took my dad to see you live in Melbourne once & we were just saying how we wish you had more music. So unfair for you to have this much talent.

  92. Ruby M

    i love you, lewis and friends. x

  93. InfinitelyMegan

    😍😍 love this evolution of Lewis' sound, giving me death cab for cutie vibes at the beginning.

  94. jen

    so amazing you're killing it! x

  95. cx45830